Once again, a Greek General Strike Day ended in Athens with massive tranengas use on the part of the police, as well as striving battle with rioting, muted chaotic

As always, most peaceful demonstrators came to damage at the strain battle. For most observers, the weight explosion came surprising, because until shortly after 13 o’clock nothing pointed out. Much rather seemed the demonstration in both Athens and other beads like Thessaloniki first rather liably run away.

Where just half a million in Athens last year "Emergency" had gathered to protest, only scatzed 100 lost this year.000 Greeks to demonstrate their anger on the renewed social balancing. The Protesters joined the party leader of the left Syriza, Alexis Tsipras.

"war of the Worlds" Bundled the insistence of our age

"war of the Worlds", Steven Spielberg’s between $ 130 and $ 200 million expensive H.G. Wells filming, is a Spielberg, as he is in the book, and at the same time pure regressive zeitgeist. He shows chaste and conservative "America Under Attack" and is paid by the legitimate return of social arkyism. His figures are heroes of jerking: Tom Cruise in the main role is not a camphor, but a walker, but one who murdered at the crucial moment even an innocent than this threatens to be threatened to danger for his daughter. So bundled "war of the Worlds" sent the insistence of the age: before attacks of the terrorists, before the decline of the power of the West and still: before the nuclear war. And in front of technology such as biology in one: the aliens are cold, amoral-intelligent combat machines, at the same time superior nature. The pictures are sometimes impressive, the root tone surprising Duster, the overall impression tricky disparate, while placing in places, ultimately but over long routes Zah and boring.

Uncompromisingly bose and moral

Is it just coincidence that just the most successful director of the world, Steven Spielberg has never paid a love story? That he does not want to report much to women, that his adults are always rough boys who have to get themselves with their vadres or equal children? What our popular culture at Spielberg’s fabrics so fascinated, which has not really been asked – but it could cooperate with the absence of a man’s hero-bastard femininity, and insofar as to the waiver of the compulsion to grow up.

Threaten France a nuclear-blackout?

AKW Fessenheim. Image: Florival FR / CC-BY-SA-3.0

The scandal for folded security certificates now leads to the nuclear supervisor block 2 in Fessenheim

That the nuclear power plant in Fessenheim is not yet definitely switched off and further a tremendous risk for the population in Alsace, for Freiburg and in Northern Switzerland, is already a scandal.

In France, Angelsachsian surveillance starts to collect

That known from the USA "Neighborhood Watch" Will the WACKER GALLN TO THE "Voisins Vigilants" (watchful neighbors). For just over 2 years, 46 French communities of all political couleurs, communist inclusive, almost unnoticed from the broad publicity, some of their neighborhoods with these volunteers and well-minded anonymous "watchful neighbors" are protected from crimes of all kinds. So some defensive neighborhoods suggest the flashball gun in the face of suspicious individuals.

The "Voisins Vigilants" are mainly in the south of France, at the rich Côte d’Azur, but recently also in the north. All are equipped with a direct wire to the municipal police and gendarmerie in order to instantly beat alarm in "striking occurrences" in their neighborhood. A circumstance that is welfare immediately at the place entrance is signaled: "Watchful neighbors, always in conjunction with the gendarmerie and community police" is there to read. In addition, practical glue can be attached to the stylized "watchful eye" on the mailbox, entrance stations and starred signs of genuine burgers.

YouTube and Co. ­ Our weekly telepolis video check

That on the downfall of the Titanic did not quite kosher, we have already guessed that for a long time. But now a young man has finally dragged the whole truth about this dubious ship disaster on the light of the openness. And published on his website documents and a film that reveal the true background of this alleged accident.

And what is about, the enthusiaste makes clear in the first socks on his side:

France and second-class Fubball clubs think about it, to leave game days fail, if the government is through the 75 percent tax deduct for contributions over an annual income of one million

The top tax rate of 75 percent, with whose Environment of the French Prasident Hollande over the country’s borders over the country’s gross vortex, emport – and the escape of the actor and Winzers Gerard Depardieu into Russian exile – has been misleading, is misunderstood because the matter is often displayed distorted , Clear the French Embassy in Berlin. The French Fubball Clubs, who play in the first league, is enough, but what they already understood: that they have to pay more. You now think about strikes. Game days should be failed. Attention for your grade is certainly. But not if the Fubball Audience is on your side.

No, the diplomatic representation in Berlin, which will be 75 percent not raised to the entire income. The tax is calculated after step tariffs staggered, som is the income between 150.000 and a million euros taxed with a set of 45%, which is below with other tax rates, 41%, 30%, 14%, 5.5%, for income up to 5.963 will not require a tax. In the case of a taxable income of EUR 1 000 000, the tax rate was no more than a maximum of 43% of the total invokes, ie in the European framework, one gives you to consider.

Hubble telescope looks up 13 billion years back to the early days of the universe and discovers the first galactic building blocks

The galaxies, the world’s islands in the cosmic ocean, the matter oases in the Westenmeer, which we currently watch Via Telescope were at the beginning of their existence strikingly smaller. They were created from many small galactic components. The oldest of this made the NASA-ESA Space Telescope Hubble for four years ago in the course of a systematic screening of a selected sky cutout. Now some old pictures were taken more closely in the magnifying glass and confirmed with the orbital sharpener telescope. The image of the openity presents image shows galaxies ‘en miniature’, which says and write almost 13 billion years old.

Excellent is the success story of Hubble Deep Fields, which initiated the Space Telescope Science Institute (STSCI) in 1993, when one was already considered with a hitherto, but unprecedented idea has been presented in practice.

Hugo Chavez ‘pipeline from Venezuela to Brazil is okologically and economically controversial

Politically left oriented, but not explicit communist heads of government on the American continents usually have little opportunities because the US is intervention. Hugo Chavez in Venezuela is one of the few positive exceptions. But even with him are not all projects as big as they sound.

In the spring of this year was cheered: Hugo Chavez, the Prasident Venezuelas, wanted to bring cheap energy to the entire Sud American continent and a pipeline of good 10.000 km long crossed across the rainforest to cross the Amazon (pipeline for Sudamerika) to transport the Venezuelan natural gas into the metropolises of Brazil and Argentina and connect, among other things, Caracas in Venezuela with Buenos Aires in Argentina. Uruguay, Bolivia and Paraguay should also be connected to these energy screens. An economic miracle in these poor countries has been hoped.

Highest caution is offered

In response to my short stucco for inequality, a reader (thanks for that!) The editorial from the mirror of 11. Marz sent. The staffed, the wonder, also with the inequality – I had already believed that the editor-in-chief have phoned. Also in the article Marcel Fratzscher is excellent to speak. In the incorporation, the article confirmed exactly what I suspected.

The whole reasoning runs according to the motto: After the policy wanted and unbelievable "successful" Inequality has created millions of jobs, we now have to lubricate the people very fast thick fabrics ointment on the wound, so it stops the flap. Speaking in the mirror: "The Hartz reforms were right to bring millions of unemployed in jobs. Now it should be about transforming many precare mini jobs and fragile workmanship again in regular business constraints, with merit beyond the minimum wage."

Peace between Israel and Palestine is possible

Capital of Israel and Palastina? View of Jerusalem. Photo: Evangelical Youth Styria / CC by 2.0

There are opportunities. The previous Middle East policy was and is too visionless. A comment

Israel celebrates its 70th anniversary. Of the "Jewish state", whose vision Theodor Herzl published in 1896 was 1948 realitat. Jews, scattered and persecuted in 2000 years over the whole world, have one again "Home". The country is today the only functioning democracy in the Middle East. But Israel also has a future?