Recherche creates relevance

Media Criticism for Corona Journalism (Part 7)

According to the qualitaire criteria correctness, perfectness, opinion diversity, representativeness and objectivitat, it is relevant and research in the penultimate part of the series.


The first and all the decisive question in reporting is the relevance. That sounds so self-ared that the relevance question is rarely criticized in media criticism. Media research has also developed a surprisingly no convincing method of relevance resources. Thus, the large project in German-speaking countries, the Swiss Yearbook Quality of the Media, Dogmatically sets:

Corona Politics: Why Eye MAB is now important

Medical and health experts call for an end to the threats against burger, regular new analyzes and sweeping protection of vulnerable groups

The Conference of Chancellor, Ministerial Presentations and Ministerial Presents in mid-October to deal with the SARS COV-2 / Covid-19 epidemic – has the result protocol to assess the assessment – for worrying incorrect developments. These undesirable developments relate to epidemiology, pravention concept and socio-political implications. In the previous thesespapiers, which were strictly analytically structured, our authors group has worked out that:

  1. The SARS COV-2 / COVID-19 epidemic is continued by asymptomatic Trag and not to be detected by linear concepts;
  2. For this reason, the epidemic is not to be eradicated, but spreading homogeneously in the absence of vaccination and therapy in the population, whereby it comes in addition to fermentation expansion;
  3. Frequency information on the basis of reasonary samples with external caution and it must be the most urgent task of reliable with cohort studies, to get representative data and to use clinical data for assessment (mortality of hospitalized patients, use of intensive capacity etc.);
  4. Test methods are to be validated primarily with regard to the infectiousness (specific specification problem of the PCR);
  5. General praventions and tracking of infections play an important role, but ultimately the success of the pravention can only be achieved through target-group-oriented measures, which mainly have the protection of vulnerable groups of persons;
  6. The pravention measures are not at the expense of humanitate and the person was grabbed;
  7. the principles of risk communication must be observed;
  8. Dimgaims of the fundamental rights must be justified at any time with regard to their reliability, and;
  9. A mixing of health protection and interventions that can reflect the superimpyandial action (eg.B. Location determination by Corona app, intervention in the private sector to control "Visit") Under no circumstances is.

Encouragement, avert and escape in false salvation

In the decisions of the above conference, there is no further development of the understanding of the peculiarities of this epidemic and for the requirements for control parameters as well as the communication of their results. Instead, the impression that the responsible persons on the ever-like procedures insisted and mails even strengthened, in their effectiveness and acceptance it must give it a scientific point of view.

Corona: Majority against Trump's handling of the crisis

US prasident remains: fewer tests "no joke"; The number of new infections achieve records in some states. Survey shows ahead of Joe Biden

Trump has to stretch further, he is in the middle of a catch-up hunt. His competitor biders is far from the electoral. 50 percent were voted for him, opposite 36 percent, which want to vote for the counter owner. The Survey of the New York Times is up to date, she has been performed last week, 1.337 Registered Wahler participated.

But the economy

That more young welfare, blacks who have been deciding with the high school graduates and also the women’s majority of the democratic candidate, and the counterpart is roughly killed, to gain under these new mussels, is not surprise. But the economy! There are trump’s opportunities. In this field, he trusts 50 percent of respondents more than bidents. With him, the consents to the topic of economy achieve only 45 percent.

Corona panic only for unbelievers?

Image: Wassilis Aswestopoulos

According to the church, there should be no contagion of infectance at the sacrifice, government also adopts sharp occlusions

In the medial wind shadow of the escape lady drama on the Greek eastern border, there are excitement around the Corona virus, as in the world world,. On Saturday, the Sender Skai reported a lightning survey that was afraid of an escape crisis in Greeks, but only 42 percent were worried about the Corona virus. On Sunday evening, 73 cases were known.