Titanic conspiracy and a great peep show

YouTube and Co. ­ Our weekly telepolis video check

That on the downfall of the Titanic did not quite kosher, we have already guessed that for a long time. But now a young man has finally dragged the whole truth about this dubious ship disaster on the light of the openness. And published on his website documents and a film that reveal the true background of this alleged accident.

And what is about, the enthusiaste makes clear in the first socks on his side:

This Site Is Dedicated To Exposing The Truth About The Government’s Involvement in The Sinking of the Titanic. Specificy, That They Did It (and by "they" I Mean JEWS).

Titanic conspiracy and a great peep show

Yes, the government and of course the Jews therefore have to blame at the deadlock. Especially convincing is in this context the video, which is already more than 600.000 people looked at YouTube. Who does not the film rang as proof, the enthusiast of the enthusiasts still presents other impact-elegant arguments. Only two of many examples:

Even Though Some Of The World’s Richest And Most Famous Passengers On The Ship, Not a Single Video What Made Of The Titanic Sinking.

Abraham Lincoln This The Exact Same Day The Titanic Sinks, Except 47 Years Prior! The Titanic Had The Capacity To Carry 3,547 Passengers Aboard! They both have 47!!!!

Meanwhile, the enthusiast of government agencies is already terrorized. Yes, you just got him in the meantime (and that very clever!) Internet access is locked:

This Evidence Is So Hot That The Government Shut Off My Internet Access When I Discovered IT. I Called The Cable Company And They Said That They Turned Off My Internet Access for Not Paying My Bill. So IT What Just A Coincidence That The Government Turned Off My Internet At The Exact Same Moment The Cable Company Did? Nice Try Government.

Titanic conspiracy and a great peep show

State terror, as he stands in the book and how we have to experience him now in view of the G8 summit with us and suffer. That’s why we gaze as a relaxation once a serving of sushi and then quickly an energetic facial massage.

Titanic conspiracy and a great peep show

So, now we let Klaus quickly explain how to become a terrorist watcher. And suitable for this purpose we buried the police of Toronto at YouTube, which recently uses this platform for their searches. How to read was well with success.

But there are not only criminals, but also a lot of crowded in this world. For example, the crowt of Tehran or the croped little thick thickness in North Korea, which has broken the world in fear and horror, once again, when he has eaten German giant cannons. This thick crowded has actually been painted with his own artist blood ­ quite joyful. There is the movie at YouTube, but unfortunately only registered users.

Finally, something really already and something, which is not really enough here, but still a lot of spab makes: The Flickr Peepshow, the pictures showed, which are currently being uploaded to Flickr. A brilliant idea.

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