Fubball strike when the top tax rate comes

France and second-class Fubball clubs think about it, to leave game days fail, if the government is through the 75 percent tax deduct for contributions over an annual income of one million

The top tax rate of 75 percent, with whose Environment of the French Prasident Hollande over the country’s borders over the country’s gross vortex, emport – and the escape of the actor and Winzers Gerard Depardieu into Russian exile – has been misleading, is misunderstood because the matter is often displayed distorted , Clear the French Embassy in Berlin. The French Fubball Clubs, who play in the first league, is enough, but what they already understood: that they have to pay more. You now think about strikes. Game days should be failed. Attention for your grade is certainly. But not if the Fubball Audience is on your side.

No, the diplomatic representation in Berlin, which will be 75 percent not raised to the entire income. The tax is calculated after step tariffs staggered, som is the income between 150.000 and a million euros taxed with a set of 45%, which is below with other tax rates, 41%, 30%, 14%, 5.5%, for income up to 5.963 will not require a tax. In the case of a taxable income of EUR 1 000 000, the tax rate was no more than a maximum of 43% of the total invokes, ie in the European framework, one gives you to consider.

If someone deserves, such as Fubballer of the first league, more than a million euros more than one million euros, the amount that is preval to be taxed for two years with a set of 75%. Hollande wants to import this as a pleasant solidarity levy to help the state in the crisis on her legs. Critics doubt whether thereby resulting really relevant solidarity contributions. According to embassy information about 1.500 households were affected, but in view of the unequal distribution of income, some coquent chests could open for the state, so the hope of the government. In the next week comes the topic in front of the National Assembly.

Its engagement of the Professional and Second League Teams Associated with the First and Second League, to a meeting of the Executive Committee and counted that the solidarity contribution from the pockets of 115 players and eight coaches from 14 clubs to about 44 million Summing.

What in the face of the deficit of the already inflicted with 80 million euros "French Fubballs" (In fact, some indebted coal clubs were meant) to further economic weakness with bad consequences was: less funds for new obligations, resulting in a less attractive Fubball, a worse negotiation base with television landscape, less revenue.

Above all, the clubs from the second league was difficult to meet, say the bosses of the firstligaclubs. You cane, the immediate and indirectly 25.000 jobs dependent on the well-being of the clubs. For the industry, acting skill in the presentation of pain, as one of FubballUserves wife. That a gross club like Paris St. Germain is financially well equipped by the rich Emirate Qatar, and two years of solidarity contribution was well survived, is in the away, that will not be mentioned further.

The need by the outending law is in the foreground – and the will to clearly face themselves, such as the prasident of the UCPF, Pierre Louvel, opposed to a French newspaper. In this context, you can see a strike, the failure of a game day, a boycott, so he gave as a potential scenario to protocol, with fairly concrete data, the 11.Matchday of the first league and the 12th of the second league. Both take place in the next few weeks.

The message spread rapidly and louvel relativized his boycott threat. Nothing was still decided, over the opponent’s law. You will decide at a general meeting in the next week first "scenario" Claim.

The next week will also show how the special tax will be discussed in Parliament. And the Fubball Clubs can reappear based on the reaction to the hint of a strike, whether they had the majority of fans on their side. It is not self-reliable. The Arger about that players earn too much anyway is available at any time as the comments in the newspaper reports today show. But maybe it may be possible that this is counteracted by another feel when popular and very good players change abroad.

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