China: Lawyer and pleasure geek arrested at burglary from love

The hard or even underwaste of a revered lady is unsolicited, is a good recipe, not to get to her heart, but to the prison. Also additionally scrubbed the ground or repair the computer, only conditionally protects against punishment.

The fact that you are not repaired from love TVs, cars or computers, young men learn relatively early: they will be in this way to the Kummeronkel, the not only the whole family and also the circle of circle of the donated broken devices, but also getting all alleged, that the good has to suspend your lover. By the itself, the geek does not come to this position. A few years later, he usually comes behind it that this is still better than the position of the lover, whose vulnerabilities now know all the repair of the young lady.

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Monscribe of the month: April 2018

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Federal Government wants to raise back-acting campaigns received in the GDR by west television

According to the planning of the Federal Government, the Burgers of the former GDR are to be asked for the consumption of cinema movies to checkout, which were broadcast from West TV before 1990. From political reasons, the GEZ was not possible at that time to effectively collect bonds on the territory of the GDR. Since now the MDR and the RBB had built up effective GEZ structures in the accession area, it is now time to reduce the accumulated cheeks. Although the western public broadcasting houses for their productions are considered by a subsequent burden, as radiation in the east has expressed the political will and thus the program application. However, a compensation of the private film industry claim is only for the broadcast in West Germany.

The GDR burgers who receive west television and have looked for free movies for free, must now reckon with a wave of recoveries. Whoever turned his antenna against the west and had been owned by radio receiving apparatus, have made themselves payable, so the joint paper of CDU and FDP. Corresponding assesses should provide a corresponding evaluation of the database of the Federal Representative for the documents of the State Security Service of the former German Democratic Republic (BSTU). There, the antenna position was collected over decades. The obligation to pay is also for the frequent trap in which FDJ functionaries are self-accustomed the so-called "Oxhead antennas" had turned back to their Mischburger. As with the conventional GEZ suspension, it rose to draw and consisted of trading obligations in private households that a restriction similarly as the defect of a broadcasting reception apparatus can be resolved again at any time.

Amri: What's the Federal Criminal Police Office?

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The safety associations accumulate the examination outlook – secretive for inspiration accomplices

What wife the Federal Criminal Police Office on the background of the truck attack from the bondsplatz in Berlin, the on 19. December 2016 two people fell victim? For the first time, the AMRI examination committee of the House of Representatives had invited an investigator of the federal federal federal federal federal federal federal doctors as witnesses. His interrogation has in the eyes of the committee chairman Burkard Dregger (CDU), however "no knowledge" provided. Different committee members looked at the press of the press on the edge of the last committee meeting.