Is that already a crisis or the new dimension of a situation that has always existed?

“Cross Catholic Philippines kick with Muslim Syrians. A palatinian doctor stopping consultation. In Sister Nicolina from Croatia, Marcello, Funf-year-old son of an Albanian and a palastic, found a substitute domain. Soon, on the sports field of the monastery container for 80 people are standing and here so many escape lives like seminarists live. For many years, the Order priest has sent to the world. Now comes the world to the Order.”

Thus, the Suddong newspaper describes a current situation in the monastery Sankt Augustin near Bonn, a monastery of Steyler missionaries. Missioning, say the monks, do not want them, but help the refugees. Six children currently have six children with their parents from Afghanistan, Albania, Macedonia, Syria, Iraq and Mongolia, as a whole, 20 people are guests.

Update: After 20 years of burger war in Sri Lanka since 2002 the ceasefire – that’s not just good news

Were it 60.000 or 100.000 people who had to live their lives in Sri Lanka in the last two decades? There were times, there were exact numbers important. Times in which the public in the banne of the Body counts was standing. Today, the victims are an abstract coarse, as well as the battlefield they came to. The conflict has been on ice for two years, the watches have stopped. The natural disaster, which has been brought to Christmas 2004 in the first place Sri Lanka, has worsened this situation. Not just more than 10.000 death victims had to be added. Especially the rigid has reached a new degree. Experts skate that alone the consequences of “Flood”(ZDF) 10 years of recovery.

The frozen paradise

Tourist attraction: The beaches of Sri Lanka