Italian scientists have developed a method to the consumption of Speed, Cocaine, Heroin and Cannabis "Almost in real time" to measure what they made in Milan, Lugano and London

The scientists from the Institute Mario Negre in Milan have made a sensational find for two years ago when they analyzed the water of the Po and found out that the Italian’s catchment area apparently becomes a lot more cocaine than you so far had accepted, by name 4 kilograms. Ahnetic results came a study by the Nurnberger Institute for Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Research (IBMP). Then the Germans on coke drives off, in Mannheim or Koln seemingly worse than in Berlin.

The results were surprisingly (sometimes down, but at the top, but always: cocaine). However, the Meb method in question, in which the concentration of the cocaine degradation product excreted with the urine detects benzoylecgonin in the water and is attributable to the cocaine amount occupied therefrom. In addition to other factors, it must also be incorporated, which was already destroyed by clear systems at benzoyleconin.

Bavaria: The corpse cellar of Wonderland

Markus Soder on the CDU party day 2019 in Leipzig. Image: Olaf Kosinsky (Kosinsky.EU) / CC BY-SA-3.0

Bayern-saga: How to fade your own success – Part 12

Sodder: Followers Stoiber?

When looking at the success story of Bavaria, it was possible for their failures in the inexorable dead end of every capitalist growth once: "Whenever something went, came the Soder and then broken it completely".

Organizer 3Com promises one "digital mirror" in real time, novel combination of technologies and overcoming the digital gap

It is above all a promotional, but however an interesting premiere. While the ICANN the first worldwide elections in the smallest circle of interested Internet users play under occasional breakdowns, 3Com has taught together with other companies, a worldwide survey of people online and offline over God and the world under the title Planet Project.

From 15. to 18. In November 2000, millions of people from all over the world should answer some questions in the first worldwide interactive survey, from which they can see what it means to live at the beginning of a new millennium. The questions range from topics such as politics, health or religion to the self-image, sexuality or child education. To each of the eight modules, including what "Sleep and dream" or "law and order" find, there are 20 questions, for example "If you have changed your breed if you knew you can not make it anymore?", "Have you ever had a dream you have experienced in real life?" or "How often do you and your spouse print your mutual affection?"

Pharmaceutical cocktails ELBABWART

Sample removal venues along the Elbe and the magnification of its side rivets. Fig.: Chemosphere 2004

Medicines are omnipresent in the Elbe and their tributaries

In Germany are about. 3000 Pharmaceutical Praparates for Medical Application. The year sale moves in the thousand ton area. But what is from these drugs after taking when their healing effects have long been subsided?