Animal flour in the feeding trough?

Umpacked meat in the shelves of a gross food chain, water in ham and untenable hygienic relevant in German battlethofen. The food industry, and especially the meat industry, not only ensures headlines with wage dumping in your employees.

The BSE danger is neither banned – nor are the causes sufficiently explored (prions in kidney, pancreatic drum and liver). Nevertheless, the industry already scarrows with the Hooves and tries to soften the EU decisions. In the Bundestag you get protective help from the CDU / CSU and FDP.

Receive performance receiving a 150 euro coupon, but you have to buy a thousand race of the highest energy efficiency class

The Federal Environment Ministry subsidizes the program of electricity-saving check plus, which was launched by the Federal Association of Energy and Climate Protection Agencies (EAD) and the German Caritas Association, the receptionist of unemployment benefit II, social assistance or housing allowance with a voucher worth 150 euros to move one to buy new refrigerator. The funds used to the national climate protection initiative should ensure that in the next two years 16.000 Gerate are exchanged.

Anyone who relates unemployment benefit II, social assistance or housing allowance and lives in one of 150 German participants (which he can see on the electricity-saving check website), which must be used for the use of the 150 Euro voucher of around 800 "Power-saving" invite to his household. Among other things, the examination of whether the existing device still works, whether it is age as ten years and whether it can be saved by the Neugent’s eye-catching at least 200 kWh electricity a year. In addition, the new device must not be gross than the old one – so you want "Avoid bumerang or rebound effects".

Swiss Parlando

Switzerland happy to be confused. Screenshot: Tom Appleton

In Switzerland, I was probably pladied for the state broadcasts – in Germany I was not so sure

The only time when I applied to a radio job in Germany (Deutsche Wave, Koln, Department of English-Language Programs), was asked if I was not randomly FDP member? According to the rules of the radio proportion, there is now a human being a person with such a party shareholder. For such a person there is still a job.

Brussel: The blocking minority tipped against the demands of the improvement protection rights for music recordings

Brussel is a good place for lobbyynomics. This is also reflected in the relocation of monopoly rights for music recordings. Protection rights are covered in EU bodies in the sense of the industry. It’s only a matter of time. As is to be experienced from secure sources, the so-called McCreevy Directive, which requires a subsequent relocation of the improvement protection rights for music recordings from 50 to 95 years, no more barrier minority in the way.

The background to the Directive is a proposal of the then internal market commissioner Charles McCreevy from 2008. In it, an artist-friendly thought is recruited to demand performance rights.

Above all, more young people use the possibilities for the circumvention of controls and block significantly stronger than earlier

A study by the Cybernormal research group at the Lunds Universitet after the Swedes respond to a stronger control of the internet so that they become a customer at VPN providers. Total benefit from the nine and a half million Sweden now around the 700.000 VPN offers. 200.000 of which are between 15 and 25 years old. Compared with 2009, the proportion of this age group, which serves this technical instrument for data protection and to the circumvention of locks, increased by 40 percent.

The sociologist Måns Svensson, under whose management the investigation was carried out, sees the reason for this development supervision laws, which were decided by the EU and the Swedish Government. A special role games the FileSharing.

Why is the cerebral cortex in children rich parents thicker than in children of poor parents?

Underlying Bashing is En Vogue in Germany. Intelligence research on the other hand has a heavy stand. Many see it an ideology for justification of social inequality. But the society becomes really fairer if one simply does not take out genetic differences? Some suggests that exactly the opposite is the case.

The intelligence research frees up in Germany a suspicious existence. New insights come big parties from the Anglo-Sachsian countries. "Rich children have coarse brains" The online edition of the FAZ briefly posted a report on a recent study from the USA.

Lech Kaczynski from the right party law and justice (PIS) is new Polish prasident

Once again, the demoscopes belong to the losers. In all surveys, before the second round of the Polish prasident elections, the Liberal Conservative Donald Tusk was slightly in place in front of the National Conservative Lech Kaczynski. Others predicted a head on head race between the two candidates from the right party spectrum. But now Kaczynski has clearly won the elections with only 45.53 percent with 54.47 percent against Donald Tusk.

Lech Kaczynski

Swiss weekly keeps hair-going security by the server of the Davos prominent meeting

Many so-called "Hacks" Turn out for more closely look as a rough passability. But in no other case the discrepancy could be coarse than in the case of the World Economic Forum in Davos. The wellty police facility of the Swiss post-war history shielded the VIPs from the economy and politics of demonstrators AB (Telepolis reported), but the data of more than 100 stored on the web server.000 World Economic Forum Promis.

This found a Swiss newspaper, which is now based on coarse releases independent and self-government-operated weekly, now based on court files. Under the headline "Stupidity – a cruel, global god" Describes the Woz, like a hacker-collective name name "Virtual MonkeyWrench" at email addresses, passwords, scheduling, flights, telephone and credit card numbers of Aber thousand VIPs, including such shielded personnel of international politics such as Clinton, Arafat, Peres and not less on their privacy "Business administration", could get. The hackers had made their success in a few weeks ago by adopting the Sunday newspaper a selection of their prey on CD Rome.

How to expect the world already – a comment

Since the result of the membership survey is present, the SPD functionaries are cheering: 66 percent for the Groko. What more do you want? A clear two-third majority. In the end, the sense of responsibility has also won the members.

But how did you expect the blob? Just slowly to write. Voted goods 463.722 SPD members. That’s 100 percent. Of those have 378.437 Your Votum submitted: That’s 81.6 percent. Of this again 362.933 GULTIG. These are only 78.26 percent.

Because of an interview he had given to Iraqi television, the former star reporter of CNN was now fired by the US station MSNBC, for which he had reported from Baghdad

Anger stults in the right, on the usual skill of the USA. In the midst of the US has a "Language tube of the enemy" reported. Of the "Usal idiot" Peter Arnett, who reported the Iraq from Baghdad in the first war and thus provided for a thorough success for CNN, was now an interview of Iraqi state television, in which he paid that the first attack plan of the Allies failed.

Peter Arnett received the Pulitzer Prize during his reporting during the Vietnam War. For his reports and pictures from the Al-Rashid Hotel in Baghdad – he was the only Western reporter in 1991 – he was known worldwide, but he did not make himself popular with the US government at that time because he also has the victims of the Attacks reported, for example, the bombing of a factory for the production of baby milk, which was designated by the US militar but as a factory for the production of biological weapons.