Threatens the amazon an olzatastrophe?

Hugo Chavez ‘pipeline from Venezuela to Brazil is okologically and economically controversial

Politically left oriented, but not explicit communist heads of government on the American continents usually have little opportunities because the US is intervention. Hugo Chavez in Venezuela is one of the few positive exceptions. But even with him are not all projects as big as they sound.

In the spring of this year was cheered: Hugo Chavez, the Prasident Venezuelas, wanted to bring cheap energy to the entire Sud American continent and a pipeline of good 10.000 km long crossed across the rainforest to cross the Amazon (pipeline for Sudamerika) to transport the Venezuelan natural gas into the metropolises of Brazil and Argentina and connect, among other things, Caracas in Venezuela with Buenos Aires in Argentina. Uruguay, Bolivia and Paraguay should also be connected to these energy screens. An economic miracle in these poor countries has been hoped.

Threatens the Amazon a Olzatastrophe?

First planning for the route of the transamazonic pipeline

But soon warning voices were reported. For example, a former Board of State Olgeselle Venezuelas wrote to Washington Post that this monster project has some unplanned principal problems. Thus, 90% of Venezuelan natural gas reserves in Olfeldern are not exploited separately from the OL without making it impossible to get the OL from the ground, because then the demolition is missing. Already from the opposite natural gas required in Venezuela, 40% had to be pumped back into the Olfelder to get them and what can be demanded due to natural gas in the next decade, enough to cover the need in the country itself.

The price for the pipeline is far too high: experts are now considering that he is in the range of 25 to 30 billion US dollars, initial estimates of Brazilian official layers already at 20 to 24 billion US dollars. Already this value was made of the gas priceless; It was much more economical to transport it as a flux with the ship, especially as both the gas fields and consumers are at the sea.

But the big problem is the risk of the environment: the tass that was beaten by the rainforest to lay the pipeline, has already been hazardous by their existence the unique ok system of the Amazon. Also found that with every strain that is beaten by the Amazon jungle, people follow people who further cut down the rainforest and do other disaster. And then, of course, the question of the consequences of an explosion came by sabotage or tried gas theft.

Since it is now clear that the pipeline is not to operate with natural gas alone, the transport of OL and gasoline is now considered how the New Scientist reports in its current edition. Claudio Maretti From WWF, therefore, refers to the planned pipeline as an absolute insonuity: besides the problem of beating news through the rainforest, the ocological consequences of a leak catastrophic and pipeline were tiled by remote landscapes to become leak, due to lack of maintenance and sloppiness like in Russia as well as sabotage and theft.

Although the Orinoco Olghurtel in the nearby El Tigre in Venezuela has the world-growing olreserves of opposite Estimally scurred 1.3 trillion barrels, but the Friends of the Earth skaters that the pipeline alone 45.000 km2 rainforest falling victim. Even if it is not built in the end, the envision has already made bad consequences, as shown in the past with other such coarse projects, because settlers in the near the route and peel down the rainforest, in the amption, later at the Supply of the construction workers can earn.

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