The SPD wants to offer co-determination against money payment

The SPD tip has ordered a concept paper at the Berlin Political Professor Oskar Niedermayer and picked up, which is currently for sensation. Niedermayer recommends that the party definitely recommend chancellor and burger masters and federal and state-owned candidates for a future through lists, on which persons without a party book signed. Whether the recommendation is implemented, the traditional bodies should continue to decide.

Model is less the American system of secret preambles and public caucuses than that of the French Parti Socialiste (PS), in which the participants will have to pay a stop and to confess to the goals of the party. At the SPD, this emotion should be 10 euros, which is why Niedermaayer himself does not expect that "Hundreds of thousands" participate in the procedure.

MUSSen forums will be programmed soon?

Multiple there were now patents around the Smileys, the emoticons, without which communication on the Internet is no longer imaginable today. Partly as a joke, partly also meant seriously. The latest patent, which ames the electronically enamelled sauce, is sometimes misunderstood, but has an impact on existing Internet services.

Whether the British Telecom wanted to have patented the hyperlink – and thus failed if an unknown witzbold wanted to ask via spam Internet user for the use of the @ on their keyboard to checkout, whether that desperate Despair Inc. As a satire money for the use of the brand registered as a brand "Frowning" wanted to see (Mignugen is a trademark), or whether every everyone everyone is allowed to love royalty-free (me© love you®): In the case of brand and patent law everything seems possible to be possible and you dare to meet him every nonsense.

Alarm status in Spain required: Sanchez on a frugal soil

Image: ralf stretch

Once again, the Spanish head of government of Sanchez with the right Ciudadanos party is pierced and therefore sustainably impressed the left-hand supports that make a government formation

Two weeks ago, the Spanish Socialist Prime Minister built on the support of the right Ciudadanos Party (CS) to be able to extend the alarm condition. Again, he turned to the Neoliberal Party and confirmed what was already addressed at this point: that it is a strategic reorientation of the government and the right CS that will be widely located out of the alarm condition.

The ghosts that called me: Luigi's Mansion 3

On the Nintendo Switch Luigi goes on ghost hunt for the third time, and the hotel is significantly gross than the Spukhauser in the first and second part.

The invitation to the luxury hotel was too true. Luigi, Mario, Peach and three toads are looking forward to a relaxing holiday that unfortunately expects them as little as at the time on the dream island in "Super Mario Sunshine". The evil is less surprising for the players than for the heroes at night and in the ghostly shape of Konig Buu Huu. The familiar opponent Luigis wants to banish friends for all times in Gemalden.

Only the fearful Luigi escapes the attack and takes heavy courage the fight with the spirits to free his friends. For Gluck is Professor I. Gidd not far: The inventor of the ghost vacuum Hear-u builds his portable laboratory in the underground car park of the hotel and supplies Luigi with information and usual objects.

With a rough coalition, there could be a runtime extension of AKWs, so again a look at the arguments of the atom lobby

The coalition negotiations go dragend. There comes the dispute over the arrangement of the maturities of the nuclear power plants just correct to bring the whole card house to collapse in addition to the difficult personal details. But also the unions are embarrassed with their latest statement, because they lightbirdly follow the arguments of the industry instead of representing their own positions.

The exit from the nuclear energy is a long-worn and well-groomed favorite child of the green. That was not just one of their basic ideas, but is ultimately one of the few presentable successes of their seven-year coalition. They have made the exit from nuclear power with a lot of effort and zaha negotiations with the energy companies and their own coalition partner and in return for many other demands of an ecological development small.

Affare Mollath: New report should "Need to continue the accommodation" evaluate

On Monday, the free Wahlers in the Bavarian Landtag presented an opinion of the renowned Hamburg lawyer Gerhard Strate, in which this treatment of the tax criminal value Gustl Mollaths of the 9. December 2003 by the prosecutor Nurnberg-Furth legislative examined. In this procedure, on 19. February 2004 An adjustment for adjustment according to § 152 (2) of the Criminal Procedure Code, which strikes that "No adequate [n] actual indications" have been available for traceable offenses, because the display replacement only "unconcrete information" make and "flat-rate" The suspicion was carried out, "that black money is spent in coarse extent to Switzerland".

Strategies pays up in his opinion that Mollath is not only the names and addresses of 39 witnesses and suspicious investors in his criminal complaint. There are also company names and deck names of black money accounts. The display reimer does not only describe concrete tapaulps, but also gives the investigators tips on which they could get more information. From this "Detailedness and internal ulterence of presentation", as well as the fact that Mollath did not wrote the criminal charges anonymous, but under his own name, results for Strate "credibility" and "Credibility", which the prosecutor’s office has already increased through simple internet researchers in the Swiss Trading Office since 2002, or by telephone calls at the Hypo-Club Bank.

Foreign graduates can easily ame

While the rough coalition with the highest hypothetical ie of launched escaped passenger machines speak in a crisis, important and sometimes, highest sensory decisions fall in the background.

At the Kabinettslausur of Meseberg in August, access to the labor market was also a topic. In addition to the abolition of priority conveyation (below more) for certain engineers from the ten Eastern European EU states, it was also relevant for all foreigners who have completed a degree at a German university. In the first messages it bothered that they can work without priority three years in their profession.

Sweden politicians want to prevent the course in a cashless society

Old banknotes. Image: www.Riksbank.sep

In many countries, cashless payment methods have risen, but also the circulation of cash. Sweden, however, is aiming for a rapid disappearance of munzes and seem

The Committee on Payments and Market Infrastructures of BIS (Bank for International Settlements) Consted Unleggest in a report that the use of cash cards and their number between 2000 and 2016 has risen. The cash cards were used for ever smaller payments. They are used most in Australia, Sudkorea, Sweden and the USA, with the smallest payments in Russia, Brazil and Sudkorea. In Germany, money cards are used comparatively little and the payment height is the slightest.

On the party day, it became clear that the neo-Nazis will not be clear with the money and with the left

Three teachings must be drawn from the party congress of the NPD in Bamberg: Neonazi can not deal with money. Without the brown "black block" Can not win the party in the West flower pace. Compared to other neofascist groups in Europe, the German ultracolds seem determined to remain a political care.

A party congress is usually a ritualized event without real debates on content. Most of the most interesting are often the application, which are put back, but recovered, what is not said and personnel ies that say something about the general direction.

Ex-criminal policeman Josef Wilfling over crime in Germany

Josef Wilfling is former member of the Muncher’s murder commission and was among other things for the declaration of murders to Walter Sedlmayr and Rudolf Mooshammer. In his second book omely – why everyone can become a morder, he again shows the description of various murder trap again that the contaminated in the midst of society.

Mr. Wilfling, her book carries the subtitle "Why everyone can become the morder". Can you explore us? – And why will not everyone become the morder?