Seymour Hersh over the “Plan B” The Israelis in the Kurdish areas

The rough man of American journalism, Seymour M. Hersh (cf. Rumsfeld and the super-resistant Pentagon department), has again unpacked something, which adds a new variable to the complex force game in the post-war dirak: According to Hersh information, Israeli intelligence services and militars are to be quiet in Iraqi Kurdistan, as well as in Kurdish parts of Iran and Syria secret operations Imploting in a coarse mabboat.

Already in July last year, Israeli secretions had warned Americans, the 900 kilometer border between Iran and Iraq “every price” close close; Otherwise, Iranian side continued to get into the country from the Iraqi opponents of Allied troops for the Iraqi opponents. The crew soon became opposed to a threading resistance: more bombing and more assassination.

Legacy in Norway

Research reactor Halden. Image: Finnwikino / IFE / CC BY-SA-3.0

The cause of a radioactive cloud over Europe, known in January seems to be no interest

At the end of January, the public has been informed with various reports on a radioactive cloud. It contains JOD 131 at low concentration and distribute themselves throughout Europe, such as radiation volumes in Finland, then in France, Spain and finally also shown in Germany.

Artificial life or universal language?

The French artist Louis BEC has been experimenting practically and theoretically with the perspectives of artificial life for years. For him, it is not primary about the creation of digital life or intelligent robots, but about the invention of a universal language for communication between people, animals and machines. In his work, he examines the spectrum of the forms of communication – and artists becomes a poetic science or science to empirical art in simulated worlds.

Louis BEC

For the Israeli army, the Hezbollah is surprisingly well-deserted and trained, which the shooting of the drone only confirmed

Seen from afar, it is amazing that a technical and numeric far-to-day coating is not within a few weeks and also with massive support from the air a few thousand campers should be back or defeated. It is called to explain the astonishing success that Hezbollah has rusted with modern, Iran and Syria weapons, especially with tank defense weapons, are well-trained, hiding over a good infrastructure, hide, Tunnels or bunkers free and tactically passed. On the one hand, they are considered a guerrilla troupe, on the other hand as modern combat units. In addition, they do not hide themselves in coarse bats where uptairs in the mass of civilians are best covered, but operate in villages, small bads and inevitable countries.

Alone for that, because Hezbollah still is still able to fire hundreds of missiles during all losses that they have suffered every day, regardless of the resulting random consequences of staying at the openness, rose to see the reputation the radicallamic organization and, above all, that of your commutator Nasrallah in coarse parts of the Muslim world to a kind of hero worship. That is, therefore, that the nearby east, in addition to Chechnya, Afghanistan and Iraq, became the zone, which is allegedly the West and the Muslim East as once at times of crusaders, and each fight for her survival.

Artichoke, MK Ultra and our daily media brainwashes

On the 10th.April 1953 the freshly baked CIA director held all W. Dulles his famous Brain-Warfare speech. This speech is today considered the starting signal for the most ambitious well-known research program for mastering the human brain in history, carried out under the Agide of the CIA. Dulles concluded the battle for the head of the people who should be beating with the Soviets, and for which it urgently develops the funds for psychological war. His words were not empty threat.

50 years Brain Warfare

On the 28th. November 1953, the newspaper from Frederick, Maryland reported that Frank Olson has fallen from a hotel room in New York or forty. Image: Eric Olson

Iraq: Ahmed Tschalabi, former darling of the Pentagon, is dismantled

He was the “Oberpandenfuhrer”. As soon as the word of Puppet regime In Iraq fell, everyone knew who meant in particular: Ahmed Tschalabi, Government Councilor and Chairman of the Inc (Iraqi National Congress). Unpopular in Iraqi population Galabi was considered protege of the Pentagon. Until you love him on Thursday.

With the Iranian President Mohammed Khatami in December 2003