Peace between israel and palastina is possible

Peace between Israel and Palestine is possible

Capital of Israel and Palastina? View of Jerusalem. Photo: Evangelical Youth Styria / CC by 2.0

There are opportunities. The previous Middle East policy was and is too visionless. A comment

Israel celebrates its 70th anniversary. Of the "Jewish state", whose vision Theodor Herzl published in 1896 was 1948 realitat. Jews, scattered and persecuted in 2000 years over the whole world, have one again "Home". The country is today the only functioning democracy in the Middle East. But Israel also has a future?

Prasident Netanyahu celebrates Israel's military strong and explained these days: "We can defend ourselves. This is our sovereignty."

But military strong for the pioneering of a country is enough? Where is the righteousness to the palatinians? 700.000 Palasticians were sold in 1948 or had to flee. Israel's hatchback was 70 years ago Palastinas disaster par excellence. To date, Israel is a state at cost Palastinas. But how can peace be possible?

In the settlement is also a chance

The settlement of more and more Israelis on Palastinian territory in the West Bank is today the main priority, which stands in the way of permanent peace. But that's exactly where there is a chance.

The Israeli settlers were able to become the art minority in Palastina. Just as many palatinians are the art minority in Israel. Both minorities have to receive special state protection. Jerusalem can be the common capital of Palastina and Israel.

For a while, the United Nations had to protect the minorities on both sides, if necessary also military. The respective minority rights had to be ensured by international appointment, and both sides had to be open for low-fideled border corrections.

Pure utopia? Not possible? How was it in Europe after 1945?

Again, peace seemed to be initially impossible after two world wars with 60 million dead. But the economic cooperation was the basis and the incentive for prosperity and political cooperation.

Palastina and Israel and their respective minorities were also able to cooperate and invite other Arab Landers to a Middle East Community – with the aim of working together peace and prosperity. According to the model of the European Union, a new economic miracle.

In the beginning, of course, confidence-forming steps had to be taken, similar to the overwind of the Cold War. The first step towards the adjacent between Poland and Germany went the Catholic Bishops of both Landers as they said to each other: "We awarded and we ask for forgiveness."

This creates real peace. The goal must be the adults of the entire region.

A new thinking!

The three Abrahamite religions were able to play a central role. They are all based on the values love, peace and mercy. Strong political and spiritual personality had to sustainably, according to which millions of people of all religions in the entire Middle East, had to be believed, believed, believed, believed, as honorably like Mikhail Gorbachev, who had the courage to the first abrupt step forward before the over-the-three years. Maybe a woman like Angela Merkel.

Also Kluge politicians and religious drivers in Saudi Arabia and Iran hope for this vision. And a growing, creative toast peace could be the key for world peace.

The previous Middle East policy was and is too visionless. Especially the importance of religions for peace was reviewed by the United States in all negotiations. The story after 1945, however, teaches that even the point of the deepest conflict can be the beginning of the pay. Peace is always possible always possible. To claim the opposite, is ideology and miserable.

Prerequisite for a success is a new one, another thinking – a thinking "from the end".

As a model, the Old Testamentian history was served by the payroll between the two enemy broods of Jacob and Esau: four thousand years ago these two met "Ornate" after decades of dispute. Jacob had cheated Esau and Esau wanted him dead. But when Jacob asked for a nightly dream Esau in a demutory forgiveness, Esau was deep and said: "Welcome, my brother. Our country is rough enough for us both."

Peace always starts with a dream of peace. Even Israelis and Palastians can recognize today that they can "Country rough enough for us both" is. Both should confess this before the United Nations and ask each other for forgiveness. It will be crucial whether one has the courage for the first step. This first step in a new direction is fundamental.

Since 2006 there were three wars between Israel and the palace nursern and up-to-date riots around the Gaza Strip. Israeli soldiers have shot 32 Palasticians in the last three weeks. So no peaceful future looks like. The permanent crew in the West Bank is not a solution.

But there are always alternatives. Especially the military stronger can go the first step. Peace is also possible between Israel and Palastina. This first step could do Minister Prosident Netanyahu and explain before the Uno: "In 1948 we did the palatinians wrong. We ask for forgiveness. But please understand that even Jews after 2.000 years of persecution again want a home. We awarded and we ask for forgiveness. The land is enough for us both."

Without a dream of peace there is no.

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