The shell study describes the youth as optimistic and pragmatic, a different youth study describes them as “anxiously and monster”

How studies and above all interpretations can differ. After the shell study, most of the respondents are optimistic about 12-25-year-old adolescents if they do not come from difficult social ratios. They are ready for performance, ambitious and have the desire for a family, likely to live at home and prefer to think positively, but above all pragmatic (with pragmatism to the gluck).

Only last week another study was published, which paints another picture, even if there are many cutting edges. The Youth Study of the Market Research Institute Rheingold ames that young people perceive a lifeworld between 18 and 24 years “Through a tremendous fruitness and stable preres” marked. The youth faith, you can not rely on anything left and therefore “anxiously and monster”. This basic uncertainty, which is also the own family (divorces, single parents and unconditional father), leave the youth to one “Generation Biedermeier” become, although it first looks different, also pragmatic and ambitious:

The American Museum of Natural History shows ‘The Genomic Revolution’

The American Museum of Natural History shows ‘The Genomic Revolution’. Where the general public is clarified, the Ubergange are lifting to art. However, the genomic worldview is not questioned.

Interactive artwork by Camille UterBack: changed head of an exhibition visit

Present and future of crosslinked reason – Part 4

In the first part of these small article series it was about the will (the free will in the net) . Why this for the understanding of crosslinked reason, as we encounter them today, was important in the third part (reason of the community) has become visible: without will it does not make sense to speak of reason, reason is the tool, with which the will is looking for a path to his invention, especially when this path is not obvious and trivial.

In the second part of the series (is the network “extended mind”?) It was about which the reason of the individual is cross-linked from the head into the aus world and involved in the mind. This creates the crosslinked reason. In the modern world, this reason, driven by the logical-rational manner of the rationality, which passes through the victory train of natural sciences and technologies to predominance. Networks of people, so communities, parties, organizations and companies, will themselves become reasonable workers that explore their own will and develop their own reason and find ways to achieve their goals.

Most of the laws are still missing and the security measures are low

In the Internet age, more and more people use the computer to make your opinion air. Whether the crash of the US espionage aircraft on China, the bombardement in Afghanistan, the invasion of Iraq or the Palastina conflict, global political events are occasion “direct” and “personally” interlock. You send viruses into the virtual world, protested with DOS attacks, chops and crackes the computer’s supposed opponent. Occasionally, the political cooperates with the personal financial interest.

Many companies, however, usually give prestigegrunds to the damage suffered either or only partially. Many do not know how to calculate him at all precise. In the US, the This-year-old report of the Computer Security Institute and the FBIS based on data that could be collected at 530 companies. Overall, this report has a damage of around 202 million dollars, with almost a third of them, 66 million dollars, alone on the account of “DOS”-Attacks goes. What ultimately ultimately the total damage of all companies approached in the US “Cyberattacks” is, pure speculation remains: 2 billion, 20 billion, 200 billion?

With Elrob, the performance show for militar robot, the struggle for resources for robotics achieves a new level

From 16. to 18. Mai took place in the Bundeswehrbungsbelande near Hammelburg under the title Elrob (European Land-Robot Trial) the first performance show for ground-studded militar robots. It was no competition, the organizers were not to emphasize mude. In fact, neither placements were determined, nor pricing. Nevertheless, Elrob has good prospects to become one of the most significant European robotics events.

War machine or game of play?

The 2.8 tons of heaviness “Gecko” From the Bavarian company Base Ten Systems, the large participant was the performance show. The robot vehicle can be satellite up to 1.500 kilometers away are controlled

African climate protection

EU CO2 changes in 2014. Image: eurostat

The Energy and Climate Week Show: From Zive emissions, Gabriel’s failure, high-flying energy and athiopia climate-friendly development

For a variety of a good news in terms of climate protection: In the European Union, the emissions of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2) in the past year are raised at least fun percent.

Energia, the Russian company for space technology, wants to build its own Russian space station

Now, since it goes with the proof of me, and none of the desperately sought-after financial rescue programs have scored, yesterday, RSC Energia announced to build a new Russian space station. The company was in the Soviet time for the construction of the Sputniks or just responsible for me, which it has also operated since the beginning of last years together with the company Mircorp, which should be the aging space station for commercial applications. Most wanted to go to the borse (with the me of the borse), but then the final decision of the government and the Russian space worker came to abandon the station at the end of February on the Pacific.

Energia is also involved in the Russian part of the International Space Station, manufactures communication satellites or cooperates with Boeing (USA), Kvaerner (Norway) and NPO Yuzhnoye (Ukraine) at the start of coagracks of the sea. You probably only want to test the environment once by the envision, because in the notification of the Russian news agency ITAR-TASS on Wednesday, there is no speech of financing plans. No wonder, because from financing, was also decided to give me up to me, especially since the prere from abroad became more and more stronger, the commitments received as part of the structure of the International Space Station.