Evo Morales has clearly won the referendum, but also four of the opposition governors were confirmed in the office

According to previous results, there is no doubt that the Prasident Bolivia and his vice-prassident were confirmed in the Office. At the referendum (struggle for percentages and symbols), despite boycotto calls, according to the National Electoral Council (CNE), about 80% of the voters participated. Of these, so say different surveys, have voted between 57 and 66% for that Evo Morales stays in office. He has slightly surpassed by the hurde of 53.7 percent by him himself. As expected, four oppositional governors have also been confirmed, three governors probably missed the absolute majority of 50% plus a voice. The abnormal provinces have clearly encouraged their discourse after defeat.

According to the results of the electoral surveys, which were carried out directly after the election, it was quick to clear that Evo Morales has been confirmed in his office. He even emerges significantly from the referendum. He himself had laid up the hurde. He wanted to receive at least the 53.7 of the votes, with which he was chosen to office in December 2005 (repeated neoliberalism). In the opposite case he wanted to start new elections.

While generally the number of divorces decreases, the ages are always obter, a reason could be the growing life expectancy

In Germany, the Federal Statistical Office has set the statistical office in the short break that the marriages in front of a divorce hold a little more long, by an average of 14 years and 7 months ([link to 6/154713]). After a peak in 2003, the number of divorces have been slightly and continuously backed up, in 2012, 2012 by 4.5 percent in 2012.

In the Great Britain, the development is similar. There was the highest state of the divorces in 1996, 2003 there was again a peak, since spouses do not like to separate so much. May be that the crisis affects here, shelling are often a financial adventure.

One million pensioners go to a mini-job

That’s 35 percent more than 2005, which “well-deserved retirement” can not be done without employment

The pension will probably become less and less what she was once, the money after geta working life to be added to his retirement outside of the working life. After the answer of the Federal Government to a question of Matthias W. Birkwald, MDB for the Left Party, almost a million people went to a 65-year-old-breasted employment in 2015.

Birkwald calls the job-bearing pensioners as “Pensioner Mini Jobber” and ames that you “not out of spab, but because the pension is not enough to live”, work. Of course, that is not said. From the numbers submitted by the Federal Government from the Statistics of the Federal Agency for Work for Work, the pension or worried people frighted and whatever they work. Without further it can not be enough that all these make this out of financial distress because the pension is not enough.

658 suicide attacks were 2007, four-fifths of it in Afghanistan and Iraq

The US government sees a successful strategy in the troops in Iraq since last year, which reduced violence in Iraq. Since last year, the violence has become dramatically less, said Defense Minister Robert M said. Gates in front of a Congress Committee. The number of totete civilians was by 70 percent. However, more discontinued and struggle have been carried out in recent times and has risen the number of suicide proposals in Iraq and worldwide last year.

Suicide mattes worldwide have completed 658 Connection in the last year. At the heart of Iraq and in Afghanistan, where there was 542 connectivity. The numbers published by the Washington Post are from “US government experts” and prove that more than twice as many suicide proposals took place than in each of the last 25 years. 86 percent of the 1 carriage since 1983.849 suicide proposals have happened in the last seven years, most in the last four years. A total of suicide stopped since 1983 21.350 people killed and 50.000 injured.

Artificial life is an old dream of people, but the research has only with considerations John von Neumanns. In the course of space travel, he designed the model of a cellular machine that became a role model for further development. Some indications of the story of the KL gives Florian Rotzer.

While it has become the project of artificial intelligence of silent, another fascination has spread. Cyberspace attracts and scares the entrance into the data room, in the virtual worlds, which you can now see not only on a screen, but in which you can go into the mirror with his body like Alice in the mirror. But already a new research direction in connection with the computer comes up, but actually challenging is as the simulation of the cognition and the perception world. Despised by the Ki-Patabsten long, begins for a few years – parallel to the theory of neuronal Darwinism in brain research – the scoop of artificial life to moult. She does not “above” in the simulation of the evolutionary historical spade cognition, in the manipulation of symbols and in the construction of complicated control systems, but it goes from “below” out, d.H. From simple, coincidence and principle of self-organization. The first successes of this strategy can be seen that the parallel computers and the so-called neuronal networks, with whom one believes that they believe promising to come to the cognitive, come from the approach of this research direction. Thus, for example, William Daniel Hillis, one of the pioneers of artificial life, developed the so-called combat machine, a very fast computer where over 60000 processors work in parallel. In addition to genetic engineering, stimulation of neurons and cerebral transplantation, a further taboo is torn: the degree of new forms of life in the ocological niches of the digital memory seems to have been possible.

A for many unpleasant, for some pleasantly exciting light of this artificial life has already detected in very reduced form some computers, which are populated by the so-called computer viruses and occasionally paralyzed. In the artificial, but further expanding biotope of networking computers spread out and reproduce themselves. You may not be waiting for a long time that such computer viruses will soon be produced, which exist in mutants and thus encounter attacks of the owners by changing their information chains. Then the race between parasites and hosts became a similar momentum, as it happens in nature. Here, too, life has developed from simple living things and the microorganisms are still more than 90% of the organisms. Biologists suspect that the DNS life from sound, ie a silicon-containing compound, by a “genetic power” developed. Today, we may be at the beginning of another power of power in which the DNS life can be allowed again a life in silicon and maybe at some point could be solved by him. But similar as with interventions in the biological code, the consequences can not be predicted in the manipulation of the digital codes of artificial life. Where evolutionary processes, ie learning events, whether in the artificial or biological life, use, developments become complex and withdraw in the long term control.