Threatens france an atomic blackout?

Threaten France a nuclear-blackout?

AKW Fessenheim. Image: Florival FR / CC-BY-SA-3.0

The scandal for folded security certificates now leads to the nuclear supervisor block 2 in Fessenheim

That the nuclear power plant in Fessenheim is not yet definitely switched off and further a tremendous risk for the population in Alsace, for Freiburg and in Northern Switzerland, is already a scandal.

The many problems of the oldest French nuclear power plant are known on all sides. They range to the fact that the nuclear power plant does not even cope with a water damage and therefore once again advised to control (Fessenheim should be switched off after fatal passes). But now the fact that the state power plant builder AREVA, which is already bankrupt and smashed, has been defined in the blacksmith Creusot Forge, made that even the lenient nuclear supervision has arranged the shutdown of block 2 in Fessenheim. As the "AutoRite de Sûrete Nucleaire" (ASN) has been communicated, because of the irregularities, the prouvenient certificate for a steam generator in block 2 was lifted. "We are currently unable to certify the operational ability of the installed steam generator", explained Julien Collet, Deputy Director of the ASN, the news agency AFP. In a written ASN communication, the generator does not comply with the technical documentation, which the authorities were once transferred. The operator EDF had the reactor on the 13th. June shut down and have used the ASN two days after the first analyzes to the detected irregularities. The suspension of the prudency certificate has the "Decommissioning of the steam generator" As a result and thus as a consequence also the reactor, it is called in the ASN explanation.

The blacksmithing in the lower ring of the steam generator was incorrect in the documents supplied by the AREVA forge forge forge. Actually, therefore, the generator had never received a hitherto, explained the ASN. Now AREVA must prove that your product fulfills the prescribed standards. Anomalic carbon concentrations were detected, which can be more affected by the resistance of affected components particularly in an emergency.

Even Collet therefore draws a parallel to the new EPR reactor in Flamanville, whose costs are always further exploding and whose completion is still not foreseeable. Because about the "Anomalies" At the prere reserved there came the scandal around the folded security certificates only to light (Flamanville: "Anomalies" At the reactor prere retention). In Fessenheim the problem is similar to "At the EPR reactor container" In Flamanville, said Collet. Also at the steam generator, there was probably in certain areas too high carbon concentrations. From the material behavior is known that high carbon components make the steel hard, but also sproffer.

Unlike in the case of prere retention in Flamanville, the steam generator is even an interchangeable part. He was only installed in 2011 for 150 million in Fessenheim. The real problem is not Fessenheim, which should actually be switched off after the promise of Hollande government. Most recently, the shutdown was again proclaimed during the year after the year after became known that a reactor 2014 was even more advanced. But even with it is no longer expected, because the operator EDF had to submit a request to EDF in June, which has not been known so far. Fessenheim nuclear power plant is kept on the net because you do not get Flamanville on the net, where you have a virtually unclear problem with the prere retention.

But that’s not the only rough atom problem. Because it is now also known that in the French nuclear power plants, the even nuclear power plant operators for "economically intelligible" Keep anomalies found in documents with several components. In 18 atomic particles, doubtful steam generators were installed. This applies to ASN information for Blayais 1, Bugey 4, Chinon 1 and 2, Civaux 1 and 2, Dampierre, 2, 3 and 4, Gravelines 2 and 4, Saint-Laurent-Des-Eaux 1 and 2 and all four blocks tricastin. Surprisingly, the ASN also turned out block 1 in Fessenheim, while block 2 was switched off.

It is not very difficult to imagine what it was meant for the French power supply when 18 of 58 migrins had to be switched off with a respective power between 900 and 1450 megawatts. A foretaste got the country in February 2012. There are probably more Meiler affected because the ASN list only creates problems with steam generators. However, the ASN had at the checking of 10.000 documents discovered that at 400 of Areva false information had been made, 50 components from Creusot were still installed in reactors.

The French power supply, which has attracted 80% of the nuclear power for decades of energy policy since decades, was allowed to collapse if at least 19 reactors were switched off due to safety ies. Hollande does not even dare to turn off the two Meiler in Fessenheim because he cares about the country’s security of supply. So it may be suspected that the ASN will continue to be very indulgent. So far, the nuclear supervision has not even seen a reason to shut down Fessenheim, though the water damage showed that important security facilities did not work anymore. Incidentally, this fatal problem also relates to various Meiler, which must be renewed from a non-indebted EDF (French atomic reactors with fatal problems).

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