Internal conflicts in the ruling party delayed vote

A controversial new press law for Zimbabwe has now been adopted with two-week delay. It sets the domestic press under the supervision of a newly to be created State Press Commission and makes it punishable as a journalist to become tatig without being accredited to this. Foreign correspondents may only be active in Zimbabwe in order to report on a specific event and also requires the Commission’s approval.

The law empathize effectively a toggle ordinance, criticized Basildon Peta, Chairman of the Journalist Union. Especially in terms of the 9. and 10. Marz Subsidial election will be the work of independent media even more difficult. The law "Information and protection of privacy" is the last of three laws that were introduced from the ruling party ZANU-PF at the beginning of January (Comrade Mugabe at the end of the way?To). While two safety-related laws were adopted by the majority party in a hurry, there were delays at the press law. Press reports indicated an internal conflict in the Zanu-PF party in the previous week. At several consecutive days, not enough Zanu-PF mems were published to get a majority. Yesterday, Thursday, the law was said goodbye with minimal changes, some of the most draconious determinations were easily fused.

The provider isis rudds back – filter attempt was allegedly not agreed with the manager

The discussion of the blocking of four from the district government Dusseldorf to one "Blacklist" Set web addresses gradually to Farce. After the Central Standard Provider Isis, yesterday’s wedding on Wednesday, surrendered to a reporting form of the Rheinical Media Supervision (grid lock for Fritzchen Doof), the company has the lock for its 55 with a few mouse clicks.000 customers canceled today again.

"We had to turn on the approach", explains Thomas Werz, Head of Union of Isis, opposite Telepolis. The whole action is under "false sign" run and attributable to a sole go by the company’s chief technician. "The decision was not coordinated with the manager", say Werz and mumbles something of "Pr-disaster" as "Cupper for the company". Actually, Isis did not have it "Act" and prove in all publicly that the blocking requested by Dusseldorf is technically not feasible.

French Big Brother TV "Loft Story" Fallow the neofashist

During German-speaking countries the Endemol Container format "Big Brother" No longer flickers about the screen is in France "Loft Story" A TV show with the same basic pattern continues to broadcast. The concept of permanent video monitoring is bleeding the fantasies of the Neofascist Party Mouvement National Republicain MNR.

It may be due to the summery acid cucumber time or the purpose of a party threatened by social rights. The fact is that Franck Timmermans, General Secretar of the Neofascist Party MNR – a cleavage of the historical front National – on 22. June with a press declaration only and alone on the topic "Loft Story" to the openity. Not any interpersonal messengeries have called the Moralapostel of the most populous rights on the plan – on the contrary. "After several weeks charisma of ‘Loft Story’, the time has come for a balance sheet", is introductory on the official paper Timmermans. The MRN General Secretar shows itself "fully satisfied from this concept". The reason for the program is the proof of the efficiency of permanent video monitoring in view of the temptation of delinquent behavior. But not enough. Also commendable is that everyone can intervene directly into action by means of telephone and online voting. A means of the political class of the population.

Lifelong persistent doping effect?

Effect of steroids on muscles of mice. Image: Jo C. Bruusgaard / Universitat Oslo

Anabolic steroids could not only work during taking, but also long after the body performance strong

Norwegian scientists have discovered in trying on moms, as they write in the Journal of Physiology, that even after deducting the doping agent, the muscles of the mouse grew again when trained again.

Great Britain does not leave Europe, but the'deutsch-eu'

Symbol image: Eddie Howell / Unsplash

Comment: The Left is perceived in the EU question as a party of the status quo. It is possible to develop an alternative to the right Brexit

Now the Brexit has been completed. A few weeks ago commentators in German media were sure that he was never coming. That’s why the young Wahlers and hisister women have not allowed the Brexit referendum away and woke up after the outcome. That they were done to correct the result.

The neofascist scene in Germany has been partly controlled by state institutions for decades, the "donor" Politicians now advise the crisis

The prohibition of neofascist "National Democratic Party Germany" (NPD is smucked in a long distance. This is a consequence of the deep entanglement of the catch protection in the structures of the ready-to-catching organization. For nearly four decades, the Corporation member of the NPD, which today has worked 66 -0th Wolfgang Frenz, for the North Rhine-Westfal. The core of the scandal is that anti-Semitic and penalty writings of the "Penetration" be quoted in the NPD prohibition request. The total document is thus so logging in in the present form as the "Uprising of the donors" unbelieved.

"I have nothing to say", Buge Federal Interior Minister Otto Schily on Thursday, the question of a journalist on the entanglement of the strand protection with the National Democratic Party in passing. On Friday he apologized under the impression of the massive criticism, however, for the for the "Mishap", The FDP General Secretar Guido Westerwelle as one of the "very coarse scandals of post-war history" designated.

600 pages against Islam skin

According to Wikipedia "A sign that transports negative interpretations of Islam and Muslims in the worldview of Islamophobia, which serve to legitimize for their rejection". Image: Hijabis4ever / CC BY-SA 3.0

How rough the problem of Islamophobia is really, has not been recorded so far anywhere. European scientists now want to change

They had tried everything. For a long time before the start of construction, the Ahmadiyya municipality had been received on local authorities. With burger assemblies her representatives had tried to reduce reservations from residents. With public actions, the community that is considered liberal anyway, for a reform-oriented, peaceful Islam. It used nothing: At the beginning of the year, there was still a dead pig next to the mosque site. Not for the first time: Already in November 2013, unknowns had sparked on the same place Funf pork pace on a wooden.

Grandma will not run over

Grandma or child? Image: erincj338 / cc-by-sa-2.0

At present on autonomous vehicles is almost always asked if in the case of the trap the driverless car was rather over the old woman than the little child overriding. Monoton cars can make ethical decisions? Should you?

Last year, more than 26 are in Europe.000 people declined in traffic accident. There was still 135.000 seriously injured. While in the EU, 51 traffic lessons per 1 million inhabitants are to be lamented, Germany cuts a little better with 43 death trap. However, the first place in traffic safety occupy the Swedes with only 27 dead per million inhabitants. One of the main in the importation of driving assistance systems is to sustainably lower the number of traffic definitions. The company Volvo speaks, for example, from future cars in which no passenger can speak more than the active and passive safety of the vehicle will provide sufficient protection for all occupants.

70 years FRG - anything but peaceful start

Brandenburg Gate, 1961. Photo: Federal archive, picture 145-P061246 / O.Nerve. / CC-BY-SA 3.0

Comment: The Federal Republic was trimmed by the first moment on heavy industry and war preparation

You can imagine the following? Our federal government appears to a well-illuminated ceremony, with internationally auspicious audience. Under general applause of the guests present in solid wardrobe, the Federal Government is expressed "Her serious determination to maintain the demilitarization of the Federal territory and to endeavor with all agents that are in their power that the reprocesses of armed crowds of any kind is considered."

Hyphens in titles of articles Damage of scientific reputation

Scientists want to have found that the important ranking after citation and the journal Impact Factor is faulty

You should think that programs, be kept Ki-confessed or not to create a ranking ranking for some criteria. But there are always uncaughted influence in the game, which can remain unnoticed for a long time. With KI programs has recently been clear that the data selection can play a distorting role that leads to strange results.

But this can also happen elsewhere with computer programs, as Unlangst Zhi Quan Zhou, T.H. TSE and Matt Witheridge for the ranking important in science have found out. The citation of articles and the Journal Impact Factor (JIF) is recognized here, which is to measure how influential or important is a scientific journal. How often articles are quoted in science journals, is considered to be the importance of authors, the article, the Universities and the Journals.