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Once again, a Greek General Strike Day ended in Athens with massive tranengas use on the part of the police, as well as striving battle with rioting, muted chaotic

As always, most peaceful demonstrators came to damage at the strain battle. For most observers, the weight explosion came surprising, because until shortly after 13 o’clock nothing pointed out. Much rather seemed the demonstration in both Athens and other beads like Thessaloniki first rather liably run away.

Where just half a million in Athens last year "Emergency" had gathered to protest, only scatzed 100 lost this year.000 Greeks to demonstrate their anger on the renewed social balancing. The Protesters joined the party leader of the left Syriza, Alexis Tsipras.

Randale as on announcement

Until 13:30 clock it remained quiet yesterday in Athens. Image: w. AsWetsopoulos

Subjectively, those who gathered in the odd cafes appeared to be almost numerous. The impression trough, because most of the cafes of solidarity, as well as most handlers, also striked. At least in Patras, some coffee householders also had the strike out of their customers in mind. They distribute free coffee to passers-by. Thus, they wanted to give the water to the burger-friendly actionism the strikers who held their business despite strike, the water.

In Athens, on the other hand, there were traveling barbecues and some eyed cafes. Strasting musicians completed the picture of a sunny, first peaceful strikeunting. The client marching in the Cafe in the Cafe showed as well as the demonstrators Emport over the more and more sufficient shooters. You can not understand that the austerity package is steadily further inflated. So far, the planned shorts in loving and salary have grown to 9.5 billion euros, about three percent of the country’s economic performance,. From the 11.2 billion euros planned in February, almost 15 billion euros have now become new savings. One end is not foreseen.

It found how it corresponds to the tradition of the ever-shared left, two strike demonstrations instead. The first was carried out by the Communist Union Pame completely peaceful and tightly organized. At the second parts of the Syriza and other opposition parties collected, but also the ruling NEA Dimokratia. E fell on that the union boss of the GSEE, Giannis Panagopoulos, lacked. He stayed at an international trade union congress in Spain.

Randale as on announcement

Strahmusiker on the edge of the demonstration. Image: w. AsWetsopoulos

The demonstration refuser among the Greeks greeted their passivity with a kind of resignation. You see no point in demonstrating peacefully and still stifle regularly in Tranengas. In fact, this occurred again. As a research showed on site, the escalation began that a small group muted at the central Syntagma square the demonstrators store. The chaotes were first arrested by orders of GSEE and the Energy Union GenoP. Nevertheless, the deployment police tranengas and blending grenades hailed on the peaceful part of the demonstrators.

The MAT policemen known for their brutalatat are losing the assembly – such as avalanche without any warning – under massive violence. As a result, it came to the usual strain battles between muted and policemen until the afternoon. As always, as always, the police also put a long-term enforced grenade. Characteristic of the effect of the expired tranengasgranates is that the active ingredient is not as aerosol into the breathing air, but rather lays as a fine powder on the asphalt. In each windstob, the particulate matter is whirled up and thus makes the passing of the affected straws without breathing mask even after completion of randals for impossible.

Nevertheless, numerous journalists and burgers were arrested at least prematrus due to wearing such a mask, which violated against the mapping ban. By evening, there were more than 110 arrests and unattended reports resulting more than 30 arrests. If you traveled with a camera in your hands without press card, was sharply controlled by the police and, if necessary, picked up.

Of the police, a dozen injured was reported. Thus, only those who come directly from the strike via rescue service to the hospital.

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