Bourgeois “watching chains”

In France, Angelsachsian surveillance starts to collect

That known from the USA "Neighborhood Watch" Will the WACKER GALLN TO THE "Voisins Vigilants" (watchful neighbors). For just over 2 years, 46 French communities of all political couleurs, communist inclusive, almost unnoticed from the broad publicity, some of their neighborhoods with these volunteers and well-minded anonymous "watchful neighbors" are protected from crimes of all kinds. So some defensive neighborhoods suggest the flashball gun in the face of suspicious individuals.

The "Voisins Vigilants" are mainly in the south of France, at the rich Côte d’Azur, but recently also in the north. All are equipped with a direct wire to the municipal police and gendarmerie in order to instantly beat alarm in "striking occurrences" in their neighborhood. A circumstance that is welfare immediately at the place entrance is signaled: "Watchful neighbors, always in conjunction with the gendarmerie and community police" is there to read. In addition, practical glue can be attached to the stylized "watchful eye" on the mailbox, entrance stations and starred signs of genuine burgers.

The idea for the use of this neighborly self-defense in France comes from a nice Englishfride, which wanted to know your villa on the Mediterranean also during their absences. Numerous breeding in their rich neighborhood called the lady on the plan and in no time so-called bourgeoic "alerts" were launched in their French resort. In the Great Britain, the Neighborhood Watch has been used since the 80s. Canada has simultaneously introduced this security concept brand "do it yourself".

Pioneering are US burgers who have already achieved in the spades of 60-es and a headlist case of multiple rape and murder of an Italo-American, the "Neighborhood Watch" method. Above all, the unemployment of dozens of eyewitnesses who did not even call the police shocked the American public at that time at that time. A witness had even shot his radio louder so as not to have the screams of the victim horen. Justification of the Apathic Witnesses: They did not want to be attracted to this "story". "Thirty-Eight Motherfuckers", as the author Harlan Ellison brought the responsiveness of this New York to the point.

Such lack of civil courage should now be balanced with the "Neighborhood-Watch". The "heartless anonymity" of the Grobstadte and Western societies in general apply to areas in order to leave people in emergencies no longer released their fate. With the "Neighborhood Chains" CONNE conformed to the so-called "Bystander-Effect". A socio-psychological theory that says that the more people to work a crime evenes, the more they were committed in their deedsiness. Whether "Neighborhood Watch" programs can really remedy remedy.

The "Voisins Vigilants" reduce the crime ratio

The French advocates of the neighborhood protection are consistent with the Felsenfest of which break in their rich municipalities and to prevent aggression or at least to comprehend. For, unlike the US or Great Britain, the French "watchful neighbors" think that coarse dates are too anonymous to make the so-called "watching chains". Neighbors had to know each other to be able to protect each other. So the method is currently practiced only in small towns and above all rich municipalities.

Under no circumstances had this bourgeoic near-range security "Made in France" to do something with denunciation or "Big Brother". The neighborly "solidarity chains" were wonderful in the edge areas of the communities wonderfully video monitoring, as in the description: http: // www.vein.FR / Voisins Vigilants of the Côte d’Azur City Vence to read. Eight peripheral quarters of the city had introduced this human security system as proud to report: "The statistics prove it. 13% less burglaries every year since the introduction of this concept in the community."

How does it work exactly this so highly praised security concept: those burgers who are called to have a watchful eye on their neighborhood, collect a "Voisin Speaker" (Reference) for her together with the burger master, the municipal council, the police and gendarmerie for her quarter. Mostly, of course, the most active overview of the neighborly community is crowned to the "auxiliary sheriff". Oh pardon! You can not formulate that. The police brigade of the Parfumstadt Grasse reports that they are in contact with 41 such "Referens", which partly reprints hundreds of watchful neighbors.

Paranoid holiday mood for the rich of this world

Each suspicious person or car, occupied hauser and unauthorized "installations" in the neighborhood are taken from these networks of vigilant eyes under the magnifying glass, and if it seems necessary, reported to the reference neighbor, which in turn contacted the "official" safety forceps. A retiree and watchful neighbor describes the conservative daily newspaper "Le Figaro" the functioning of this security community following:

We’ve, of course, have all our telephone numbers, let us know each other from our holiday planes and absences and the present time this. We know the school hours of our children and the names of expected guests. Each of us has learned to take care of the house of others.

The newspaper even reports that in some such areas, the breeding broken by 60% were broken up. The system seems so successful that the gendarmerie has extended it to the entire "Department of the Alpes Maritimes (Côte d’Azur). The watchful eyes of the "Voisins Vigilants" should calm the 11 million tourists. And above all, however, the rich residents, such as Z.B. the Konig of Belgium, the Emir of the Katar and Silvio Berlusconi, who has to succeed in this paranoid climate.

The ubiquitous posters with the watchful eye feel only this "friendly" holiday mood on the Mediterranean. In any case, the police who seem to understand the cooperation with the "Voisins Vigilants" as a welcome acceptance to the population: "In return for the information we receive from the watchful neighbors, we provide you with the descriptions of suspected vehicles or Persons so that you can alert us immediately if you get those face ", like a police director of a community police on the Mediterranean.

The role of the "watchful neighbors", however, is strictly restricted to the observation and message to the safety force: "You can not form something like a civil patrol and even less, directly intervene on initiative. They are something like our deputy eyes ", as a police capital describes the method of" Figaro ". The watchful neighbors of the Côte d’Azur are naturally none with a vulgarian burgermiliz. Such fruits should be left to the "decay" north and his "sensitive quarter". At the noble Mediterranean custody, the burglar hunt is confidently civilized.

Mutual neighbors

For the section of the Human Rights League LDH (Ligue des Droits de l’Homme) of the Mediterranean Toulon, these "Voisins Vigilants" are short in "Dangerous Dangerous". The human rights protections will probably have to do all the hands full, should this neighborly self-help system extend all over France. The Directorate-General of Gendarmerie has already created new burger participation protocols for 5 communities in the Sudwest of Paris, for over 15 in the southeast and 7 in the north of the country.

But the model of "voisins vigilants" in coarse dates and the sedimentary suburban districts, in which a law of "omertà" predominance, to its limits, as the newspaper notes. In any case, the Ministry of the Interior intends to use this self-protection model in close range safety.

A civil self-protection, which was to be expected, is not always sang and tallless about the bean, as an incident in Marz last year in Montreuil points to the periphery of Paris. Brave family father went to hunt for a padophil on the run, whose phantom image was passed on to mobile phone.

As one of the men guessed the wanted perpetrator to recognize, he stretched it without torching long, with his "Flashball pistol" low. This will then be lavishly lavish from amerated passers-by with fuffetes and fumes. Then only the police were reliably. The whole sad theater ended at 30 days sick leave for the suspicions. Blodert, then a completely different person was arrested from the police. It remains unclear how the phantom image of a person sought after by the police was in the hands of the defensive neighbors. The LDH criticizes the fact that such "subletal" weapons, in free trade. As a reminder: The "harmless" rubber chess weapon had a few months late, just if in Montreuil, a young man tasted an eye (see rubber ball hail). Only this time were the official safety force on the printer.

That now "watchful neighbors" are used, so dubbing self-justice, gives all the occasion to worry. The French must already have the prevailing police welfare cure (see explicitly repressive) and the associated explosion of presuming arrests. In the future, an army of self-proclaimed help supplies ensures even more "intermediate trap"? Untimid collateral damage in the name of safety?

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