Notes of the former German Columbia astronauts Ulrich Walter to the shuttle crash and the consequences

Dr. Ulrich Walter (49) was the last German science astronaut together with his colleague Hans Schlegel, who with the on the 1. February stunned NASA spatial trip Columbia under the D2 mission (26.4.-6.5.1993) in the orbit. His flight, which vintage in April this year for the tenth time, the physicist is still in good memory. The more Walter is affected by the Columbia mischief. In an interview aubert the ex-astronaut, the from the 1. April Waser for Space Technology at the Technical University of Munchen will take to the Columbia catastrophe and the future prospects of manned space travel.

Your Columbia mission STS-55 is in April for the tenth time. Become a bottle of sparkling wine to the celebration of the day or let the whole review on a thoughtful way?

After the sharpest immigration law in the US has entered into force in Colorado, the lack of “Illegal migrants” as cheap workers in agriculture

The US wants to reduce the stream of migrants from Mexico with the construction of other safety fences, electronic monitoring, drones, the National Guard and more border guards. Controversial is still how to proceed with up to 15 million illegal migrants who have come into the country. The Bush government represents the economic activity under the prere of the economy, which wants to secure the cheap workforce, the politics, immigrants who have work, and pay a penalty, a temporary residence and work permit and after a few years also an exporter overlook. The controls in Germany should be stanned at the same time and the deportations are accelerated. So it should be found a compromise between a (unrealistic) mass displacement and a (politically non-enforceable) amnesty for all.

Model for a border fence plant. Image: Phil gingrey

German policies and intelligence services help with the handling of the contested protests in Copenhagen

In the run-up to the Climate Conference COP15 in Copenhagen, the Danish police have made extensive preparations for handling the expected protests. The initiated measures correspond in the procedure as it has become amphalized under European policies since the G8 summit in Genoa / Italy and was standardized in a manual.

In addition to the partial suspension of the Schengen Agreement approved by the EU Commission for re-implementation of border controls, the Danische Police has requested administrative assistance in neighboring countries, including Germany. An answer of the Federal Government to a small request of the Left Party provides information about German participation.

There was something over-driven to claim that friends of astronomy since 60.000 years have been waiting for this day. But after all, at the 27th. August a spectacle, which could last observe the Neanderthaler

On the 27th. August Mars and sun stand straight against the earthly sky to form the so-called Mars opposition. This constellation comes about every two years, but this time the red planet reaches the near his sun’s tight spot, is then “only” still 55.76 million kilometers from the earth and should be particularly good because of the new moon.

Since June, the Mars can already be observed from the earth from the earth, but in the days around his robbery approach, the chances of taking the planetary neighbor to take a closer look into it. The Association of Star Friends E.V. (VDS), an association of Uber 4.000 Amateur astronomers, has the 23. August therefore explained to the first Germany-wide astronomet day. Around 200 observatory, institutes, planetaries and private individuals are involved in him.

The virus, the global economy and the climate

Image: Vlad Busuioc / Unsplash

Some remarks on the interaction of inner and outer barriers of the capitalist world system given the increasing panic

Finally, breathe freely, dangle the soul, come to rest – Corona is thank you? Under the lapping of human suffering and social panic, which has caused the dangerous pandemic for many decades, the decommissioning of production capacity seems to have led to a substantial reduction in greenhouse gas outbreaks of greenhouse gases.

Of the “Columbia”-Examination Report certificates the NASA management catastrophic misconduct

The many details, which after the crash of the spaces “Columbia” were in portion of the openness, suggested that the space workers NASA was played a restless role in the final report of the 13-headed inquiry commission.

Pictures: NASA

Science Fiction and Africa

Okorafor, NNEDI: Lagoon (Cover)

The continent is coarse, consists of a variety of countries, traditions, cultures and political systems – yet in Europe and North America “Africa” Almost as a magpond all-encompassing vocabulary.

In relation to the science fiction culture of interest here, Africa is an overview of the various ambitions scattered over the continent in this literature and film direction. Especially since the ideas of afrofuturism bear a significantly Pan-African train. The African SF culture coincides with the afrofuturism, which on the one hand is a political movement, on the other hand pop cultural asthetics.

As the agency for work was supported

Promise with the Loben to create pleasure workplaces in the field of advertising design, a Troisdorfer Kaufmann elicited the employment agency authorizations for so-called “Exercise measures”. For the entrepreneur a fine thing: his new workers did not cost him a cent.

Up to two months, the Federal Agency paid for work the unemployment benefit, so to speak as a wage replacement, as well as a travel allowance of 36 or. 40 cents per kilometer to the “Workers for the test”. In this way “procured” The company Prodemis in Troisdorf alone this year over Traft persons. For zero Euro. The case became known only now because former employees now informed the media. The reason – three of them received an employment contract beyond the trial period subsidized by the employment office, but no money. It also became known that the company was at least March 2004 in 2004 at the employment office – nowhere registered, neither in the commercial register nor at the state-of-the-art Gewerbeamt in Troisdorf. Nevertheless, the employment office mediated nationwide “Employee” for this “company”.