“The proof of the absolute efficiency of video monitoring”

French Big Brother TV "Loft Story" Fallow the neofashist

During German-speaking countries the Endemol Container format "Big Brother" No longer flickers about the screen is in France "Loft Story" A TV show with the same basic pattern continues to broadcast. The concept of permanent video monitoring is bleeding the fantasies of the Neofascist Party Mouvement National Republicain MNR.

It may be due to the summery acid cucumber time or the purpose of a party threatened by social rights. The fact is that Franck Timmermans, General Secretar of the Neofascist Party MNR – a cleavage of the historical front National – on 22. June with a press declaration only and alone on the topic "Loft Story" to the openity. Not any interpersonal messengeries have called the Moralapostel of the most populous rights on the plan – on the contrary. "After several weeks charisma of ‘Loft Story’, the time has come for a balance sheet", is introductory on the official paper Timmermans. The MRN General Secretar shows itself "fully satisfied from this concept". The reason for the program is the proof of the efficiency of permanent video monitoring in view of the temptation of delinquent behavior. But not enough. Also commendable is that everyone can intervene directly into action by means of telephone and online voting. A means of the political class of the population.

The Lobhudelei Timmermans is reasonably surprising in view of a devastating opinion "Loft Story" of the MRN chairman Bruno Megret middle May. In a speech in honor of the French national hero Jeanne d’Arc Geisselte Megret "Loft Story" as an expression of the value decay. Although this reaction pattern fits in the picture of the most populous rights, the assessment of "Loft Story" as perfect control scenario in the French reality. In Lyon, for example, have been a so-called since this year "sensitive" Lodging and parts of the city center with video cameras monitor. The pictures are also accessible to the municipal and national police. The relevant bill was kept firmly that the recordings must be deleted ten days after sighting.

Made strong for the monitoring project last April in particular the legal parties, but also parts of the governmental socialists. There was a single one of a communist deputies. Also a neighboring community of Lyon has been establishing neuralgic points of video cameras since 1997. But in the land of burger and human rights, resistance to the monitoring planes stimulates. The initiative "Non a Big Brother" is regularly prasent with actions in the Lyonian city center and conceals the cameras with transparent. So first in mid-June during a nationwide action week against video monitoring.

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