600 Pages against islam skin

600 pages against Islam skin

According to Wikipedia "A sign that transports negative interpretations of Islam and Muslims in the worldview of Islamophobia, which serve to legitimize for their rejection". Image: Hijabis4ever / CC BY-SA 3.0

How rough the problem of Islamophobia is really, has not been recorded so far anywhere. European scientists now want to change

They had tried everything. For a long time before the start of construction, the Ahmadiyya municipality had been received on local authorities. With burger assemblies her representatives had tried to reduce reservations from residents. With public actions, the community that is considered liberal anyway, for a reform-oriented, peaceful Islam. It used nothing: At the beginning of the year, there was still a dead pig next to the mosque site. Not for the first time: Already in November 2013, unknowns had sparked on the same place Funf pork pace on a wooden.

Islamophobic surprisons like this in the Leipziger district of Gohlis are not only increasing in Germany. But how roughly the problem of Islamophobia in Europe is really, nobody could say so exactly. The European Islamophobia Report, which was presented at the beginning of the month before the European Parliament in Brussel, should now change. 37 Scientists give in 25 countries reports an insight into the exhibition of Islaminness in Europe and recommendations on how politics and society should deal with the problem.

"There was a number of good reports on Islamophobia in the past, but only sporadic and few countries concerning", says Farid Hafez. Together with his colleague ENES Bayraklı from the Turkish-German University in Istanbul, the political scientist has initiated by the University of Salzburg the Landerubergfording study. The report, which is now published by today, should "create a new basis for discussion about Islaminity in Europe."

It does not need Muslims for Muslimfinness

Above all due to the so-called escape breeding crisis and terrorist connection in France, surprises and spread of stereotypes against Muslims had increased, write the creators of the study. Thus, as a result of the Connector on Charlie Hebdo Islamfeindliche attacks in France had. In many countries, opinion polls showed that there is now a majority of the population Muslims hostile to hours.

But not only in countries with rough Muslim minorities such as France is Islamphiny a problem. Even in countries where the proportion of Muslim population is negligible, Islamous groups and parties had to get massively inflow.

Thus, in Hungary, the commutals of the right-wing Fidesz-Party Antal Rogan warned against one "United European caliphat" and the former Kulturstaatskretar Laszlo L. Simon called Christians to get more children to counteract the supposed antifainting. Hungary has a Muslim population share of not even half a percent.

Also in Lander such as Lithuania, Poland or Slovenia is Islamophobia "Successful tool to mobilize people", Fest the scientists. Muslims were not only perceived as a criminal and violence, as the realitat corresponds, but their numbers also clearly met. One of the most important findings of the report is therefore: For Antimuslim racism, no Muslims are needed. From phenomenon islamophobia, fewer jerks love themselves on Muslims than on Islamophobe, the report.

In most countries, Islam-like crimes are not recorded separately

Also for Germany, the report lists numerous cases of Islaminity. These ranges from Pegida raising over the knife attack on the Kolner Oberburgermeisterkandadin Henriette Reger to the dissemination of Islamophobic cliches in German media as a result of the above-up in the Kolner Silvesternacht.

But also concrete attacks on Muslims and their facilities had increased. 416 Politically motivated attacks against Muslim prayer rooms and mosques paid the Federal Ministry of the Interior from the beginning of 2001 to Marz 2016. The dark figure, which complains of Islamic association and anti-racism initiatives, however, was much high.

On one of the causes of the discrepancy also the creators of the European Islamophobia Report points to:

One of the most difficult aspects, aspects of the development of islamophobia, is the continuing absence of reliable and flat-covering data from Islamphobic faith in Germany.

The reason: In Germany as well as in many other European countries, Islam-like offenses such as the attack on the mosque in Leipzig are not even collected police. The demand of scientists to the politics to at least register Islam-like crimes, shows that not only rights stranded punishers, but also to help to contribute to the problem.

That also has the Ahmadiyya community learned. While pork heads landed in front of her mosque, it did not need to be 100 kilometers away from Islam-like residents to stop building a mosque. The attempt of the community, in the Sachsian municipality of Chemnitz, to build a mosque, was blocked by the local city council.

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