70 Years frg – anything but peaceful start

70 years FRG - anything but peaceful start

Brandenburg Gate, 1961. Photo: Federal archive, picture 145-P061246 / O.Nerve. / CC-BY-SA 3.0

Comment: The Federal Republic was trimmed by the first moment on heavy industry and war preparation

You can imagine the following? Our federal government appears to a well-illuminated ceremony, with internationally auspicious audience. Under general applause of the guests present in solid wardrobe, the Federal Government is expressed "Her serious determination to maintain the demilitarization of the Federal territory and to endeavor with all agents that are in their power that the reprocesses of armed crowds of any kind is considered."

In this conflict expression, the Petersberger agreement comes from 22. November 1949 therefore. The wiring goals contracted there had the Federal Government under Doctor Konrad Adenauer with the Allied Westmachten, which then controlled Germany controlled, contractually agreed.

Do not worry. paper is patient. We can also rely on our politicians to distinguish very well between popular wishful thinking and actually completed real policy. This brief absorbance clarification went on 23. May 1949 the Basic of the Federal Republic of Germany. For the surrender of the Nazi Dirishment, the Soviet Union, Great Britain, Soviet Union and France had recovered the Governments for Germany since the surrender of the Nazi region in May 1945 by the Allied Control Council.

A legend and two theses

Then the Soviet Union was excreted from that Control Council. The west did not lead, without the Soviet Union just to inform, for her occupation zones, the new German marks as a separate preservation and raised the cleavage of Germany to a completed fact. The Soviets blocked the West Berliner in the blockade of 1948 for a year as a helpless retaliation – and had themselves isolated themselves and made a general spirit.

Now the west could say: see – with the Soviets you can not talk reasonable anyway. So dear the legend to sell, a cleavage of Germany has become unprecedievably in the face of Soviet Attitude. "Sorry, You Had Your Chance!"

Again, said: a legend. Two theses thrown into the room: On the one hand, very powerful industrial and bankers in the United States of America had already invested massively in Germany before the Second World War. If East Germany had already fallen to the Communists, their own investment objects had to be maintained at least in a West German organ to capitalist regulations and further expanded. Thesis two: The USA has been awarded since 1945, but since 1946, Germany as a strategic outdoor post of its aggressive to the east of the military strategy.

Thesis One: The Honorable Kilgore Investigation Committee in the US Senate set Lapidar in 1945, "that since 1918 gross steps have been taken to prepare Germany economically and industrially on a war".1

And not alone from German industrialists, bankers, politicians and militars. These had nothing to move for himself. Because Germany had empty trouser bags after the astronomical reparational requirements of the winning. Popular capital syringes from banks in the USA coated since the conclusion of the DAWES Treaty the Weimar Republic.

Emphasis on heavy industry

With gentle prere, the US bankers made sure that the German economy was reorganized in impact-elegant coarse groups and cartels. Convention is the merger of seven chemical companies to the IG colors. With one blow, Germany has gotten over gigantic global player, but financially controlled by Wall Street.

This emphasis on the heavy industry passed past the vital interests of the population hair sharp and made no economic sense for himself: industrial cyclopics were never busy in the Weimar Republic also only benefit. This was another one with the Nazi dictatorship. Hitler’s massive call, financed by a crypto food with name MEFO fund, finally brought the full utilization of heavy industry – at the expense of other industries and with the result of a smashing of the middle-class and small format economy, which is massively powered by the Nazis.2

Contrary to different myths is to be recorded: The German corporations were closely related with corresponding corporations from the USA. IG colors was through worldwide area languages and patent replacement (Z.B. the 200393 Howard Ringer Agreement) with Standard Oil already grew into a single world corporation.

You can cure the entire heavy industry of the Third Reich: Except for a few exceptions such as Siemens, the US economy was Omniprasent in the German third-party. In addition, with the Bank for International Settlements Biz, based in the Swiss Basel, has been a supranational instrument to direct capital flows from now on planning. Very much to the Arger of the then Prasident of the USA, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Fight of two lines in the US power center of the USA

The same tried to create the unrestrained aspirations of US corporations brakes to launch a policy for the usual people. Here you can confidently speak of a fight of two lines in the US power center: here the charismatic prassident of all US burger, with trustbusters like Henry Morgenthau, Harry Dexter White or Thurman Arnold.

There a group of American entrepreneurs and bankers who have either sympathized or at least willing to support everyone with the Nazis, to support everyone who was required for the beneficial own business history. Here you could get the Gebruder John Foster and all Dulles from the law firm Sullivan Call Cromwell. Or Averell Harriman, whose private bank Brown Brothers Harriman made glorious business with Mussolini, Hitler or Stalin.

Documents about this latter power fraction suggest that you are almost on a victory of Hitler and a defeat of the hated Left Linkspopulists around Roosevelt.4 For when the war began, some US corporations urged urgently took care of preferential conditions to the Nazis, but not to the crowds of the USA.

A particularly reprehensible role in this context once again played the bank for international payment balance. In their Executive Board, the representatives of all central banks of the then significant economy nations, friend and enemy, commercially available, and provided that all member stations in each phase of the Second World War remained payment already, which could continue to drove the war and thus no country for bankruptcy from this profitable war Get off.

Only the USA was not represented with its Central Bank, the Federal Reserve, in BIS, but by a consortium of private banks under the manner of the world’s most powerful bank, JP Morgan. The BIS provided that Gold, which had been offered by the Nazi aggressors from the countries they understood, was offered on the international gold market, so that the Nazi area with foreign currency could acquire militarily relevant ammunition and rusts.

The gold of murdered KZ-sticking lures was melted here and transformed in foreign exchange. It was no problem for US bankers that the Nazis had achieved a voice weight of two-thirds at the peak of their power through the annexation of other countries and their central banks in BIS.5

When the Nazi area finally on the 8. May 1945, for the four victorious US, France, Great Britain and the Soviet Union, was actually realized that these powerful conglomerates, which had so cynically deserved the death of fundy million people, should be smashed. So it seemed at least. The post-war order of Bretton Woods or the decisions of the winners in Potsdam, yes also the directive JCS 1067 of US militar administration spoke a clear language in this sense.

The states as a full extension of the mutual wading should win the upper hand. And not intransparent power conglomerates and networks that passed through the common good over their manobs. The bank for international payment balance should be smashed. So it looked at the government under Roosevelt.

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