Network lock can be removed again

The provider isis rudds back – filter attempt was allegedly not agreed with the manager

The discussion of the blocking of four from the district government Dusseldorf to one "Blacklist" Set web addresses gradually to Farce. After the Central Standard Provider Isis, yesterday’s wedding on Wednesday, surrendered to a reporting form of the Rheinical Media Supervision (grid lock for Fritzchen Doof), the company has the lock for its 55 with a few mouse clicks.000 customers canceled today again.

"We had to turn on the approach", explains Thomas Werz, Head of Union of Isis, opposite Telepolis. The whole action is under "false sign" run and attributable to a sole go by the company’s chief technician. "The decision was not coordinated with the manager", say Werz and mumbles something of "Pr-disaster" as "Cupper for the company". Actually, Isis did not have it "Act" and prove in all publicly that the blocking requested by Dusseldorf is technically not feasible.

In the dispute over the delivered webzensur "Let’s continue on a political solution", Is the solution according to WERZ now again. From the district government, the boss of Isis had been confirmed that there is currently no legal compulsion to filter out the US pages of the media-waxed content-illegal content. One hope to find in a working group for all involved acceptable regulations.

Yesterday, the Chaos Computer Club was sentenced to the pre-prere of the duseldorfer provider and before "massive restrictions of the burger in the exudation of their freedom of expression" warned.

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