Great britain does not leave europe, but the “german-eu”

Great Britain does not leave Europe, but the'deutsch-eu'

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Comment: The Left is perceived in the EU question as a party of the status quo. It is possible to develop an alternative to the right Brexit

Now the Brexit has been completed. A few weeks ago commentators in German media were sure that he was never coming. That’s why the young Wahlers and hisister women have not allowed the Brexit referendum away and woke up after the outcome. That they were done to correct the result.

This was the calculation in almost all media in Germany. Only the uprising of the youth against Brexit remained in the British elections in December.

According to the result, sometimes that the Brexit really comes and a country like coe-britain makes it serious with the intention of leaving the block of Germany dominated by Germany. For, although the published opinion otherwise suggested, coincidence, of course, do not leave Europe, which in the context of the continental shift in long periods of time is conceivable goods, but the EU block dominated by Germany.

This is the reason why the reporting on Brexit is so emotional and one-sided in Germany. You could experience that again in the last days. There were almost exhausted people in the United Kingdom in Germany radio, which have become almost ill by the idea that they are no longer burger of an EU state.

Then Boris Johnson was already compared to Hitler and some of the activist of the group "Women for Europe", Juliet Loge, already with the idea that the British can return to the EU again. There is natural ideal thinking of media and protagonists who are so much with the matter "German-EU" meaning that they can not imagine that British State Burgers can rely out of free from leaving this block.

Then is quite freely asserted, the Brexit goods above all a right decision and the reason for EU resignation was racism and the rejection of labor migration from the EU.

Right Brexit – Linker Brexit

Now it is undeniable that there was this reason.

As well as the other voting defeats of the EU in France and the Netherlands duties from rights and left. But it is wrong to value the right reason as the dominant or the only reason for the decision of the Brexitfurwurwer. So it makes it particularly easy in Germany, because you do not want to admit that there can also be good and reasonable reason to sweep the EU dominated by Germany the jerking.

So you could be simplified by a right and a left Brexit. Only the latter was hardly before the Brexit report. The Left Party also spoke after the Brexit decision very undifferentiated by "a black day for the European idea". Now you had to ask what this European idea is actually and whether it is not a black day for the "German-EU" acts that is confused with the European idea.

The Left then also writes later that the direction of the EU must undertake. Here, the question arises why the left does not put the Brexit vote in the context of the false direction of the EU. At least that was the reason for the "left brexit". There, the EU’s economic Liberal DNA was put into the center of the criticism, which is not through one "left majority" can be put into force in the EU Parliament.

Thus, activists of the left animals of the Labor Party have argued, which are rightly pointing out that the party within the EU has not been able to implement their ambitious Social Democratic Economic and Social Program, even if they had a jewelmandate.

The expulsion of many democratic and social rights of the Greek population after the election of the Syriza party 2015 through the EU Troika is still present. Unlike many left in Germany, which then with Verve the undemocratic practice of EU Troika and their Mastermind Wolfgang Schael denounced. Therefore, it is all the more sophisticated why these vehement critics saw no connection to the Brexit decision one year later.

Finally, the left Brexit commutations have criticized as the EU Troika, including the responsible politician of their own country, by surrounding Greece. Is not it very lacking that one comes from the left point of view to the conclusion of leaving such a club to quickly?

Follow the left failure

The failure of the left has follow. It is now perceived as a defender of the real-exciting EU. That most left people always emphasize that they want to change the direction of the EU, then no longer falls up. A year-long left EU criticism is just forgotten.

This leads to the fact that the AFD and other rights can celebrate the Brexit and the LINKE also appears in questions about the EU as a force of the status quo. This has long-term fatal real consequences than changes in the party composition of the EU Parliament after Brexit. By eliminating the British deputies Linke, Liberals, Grune and Social Democrats lose seats and the conservative and right parties are easy.

Have lost approval of EU critics?

The question of how the left opens to the EU is therefore relevant because it is up to date. It’s not just about the lengthy negotiations between the Great Britain and the EU, which are still many conflicts.

The EU has little interest that a Great Britain is a success model outside the EU. Because then the population in other countries could come to the idea that they without the "German-EU" live better.

Therefore, EU-friendly commentators as Mantra repeat that after Brexit the EU criticism in other countries has become smaller. It is a location on the left, developing an alternative to the right Brexit, the coincidence makes an investor paradise, and also an alternative to real-exciting "German-EU" were.

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