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The neofascist scene in Germany has been partly controlled by state institutions for decades, the "donor" Politicians now advise the crisis

The prohibition of neofascist "National Democratic Party Germany" (NPD is smucked in a long distance. This is a consequence of the deep entanglement of the catch protection in the structures of the ready-to-catching organization. For nearly four decades, the Corporation member of the NPD, which today has worked 66 -0th Wolfgang Frenz, for the North Rhine-Westfal. The core of the scandal is that anti-Semitic and penalty writings of the "Penetration" be quoted in the NPD prohibition request. The total document is thus so logging in in the present form as the "Uprising of the donors" unbelieved.

"I have nothing to say", Buge Federal Interior Minister Otto Schily on Thursday, the question of a journalist on the entanglement of the strand protection with the National Democratic Party in passing. On Friday he apologized under the impression of the massive criticism, however, for the for the "Mishap", The FDP General Secretar Guido Westerwelle as one of the "very coarse scandals of post-war history" designated.

At the end of the week, the amption has hiked that several high-ranking members of the Neofascist Party from the Federal Office for Future Protection are paid or were paid. The news magazine mirror reports on the appeal to the "German press agency" and the Frankfurter Rundschau of "Up to four NPD functionaries in North Rhine-Westphalia", which should hold a double function. Also pay the NRW state chairman of the party, Udo Holtmann.

The Federal Interior Minister has quickly been brought to the realitat from his initial berth attitude. Although a jerkiness of the strong man of the Federal Government at the beginning of the Bundestag election campaign is unlikely, but the opposition will put everything to contribute to the scandal in its entire scope in the political conflicts of the coming months.

Schily had to be prefabricated: Already in May last year, the history of the nationwide scandal was to be experienced at the state level, in Thuringen. At that time, the daylight came to the daylight that the persistence protection was in a similar manner with the NPD. The Thuringer General brought on the natural light that the NPD state chairman Tino Brandt had received six-digit fees from the state. In an appeal of the Thuringer Landtag, it also suspected that the regional management wars of the party also knew the agent’s Brandt’s agencies and could supply the strike protection with targeted misinformation.

The now known fall of the NPD and string protection man Frez is little spectacular because it is one "recruited from the scene" Employees are, says Schily. The Minister of the Interior is trying, "Informant" and "V-people" to separate. The former is recruited, last introduced.

But in fact, not only is the boundary between the preamble protection and neofashists hardly to be identified, the Federal Office for Festival Protection has also included the other string institutions information – intensively or not -. This is caused by the judges of the Federal Scarf Court, whose work in terms of NPD ban is now deprived of any basis.

That catching protection the "Freedom-democratic basic order" has significantly messed up, the indoor political spokesman of the Grunen in the Bundestag, Volker Beck, may not admit directly. "However, we will now have a profound debate on the work of intelligence", So the Green Members in conversation with "Telepolis" on Saturday. Beck plads for the establishment of a "Commission to reform the intelligence services", To avoid comparable fauxpas in the future. The confidence agreement between executive and justice is sustainably pushed, so Beck. On the other hand, the Federal Interior Minister for "mishap" yes apologized, even if the events "incorrect" may be. Representatives of the government coalition are clearly striking these days, the scandal wobs to smooth.

Other voices come from the ranks of the opposition. Of course, Otto Schily, who wants to learn from the mistakes in the middle of a past week, lay down his office, says the CDU vice Wolfgang Bosbach. Finally, the SchiSy’s process Rudolf Seiter has drawn this consequence after the police scandal in Bad little ones. At that time, a muteading member of the RAF was shot below until today unclear circumstances by a police officer.

Also the domestic spokeswoman of the PDS, Ulla Jelpke, calls for far-reaching consequences. At the coming meeting of the interior committee of the Bundestag, the government is no longer behind "Lapse" or "Mystery" can hide, so Jelpke. "The catch protection is so tightly entangled with the right-wing extremist scene that I not only represent the prohibition of the NPD, but also to the resolution of this anti-democratic facility system", said the Bundestag administrator opposite "Telepolis". It has been shown that from the Federal Office for string protection not only a danger for vital democracy, even the money will be more conceivable. The PDS Group for a long time for a long time requires a demand of research projects to right-wing extremism and observation centers: "Only in this way can we effectively oppose the threat of right effectively". Now, according to Jelpke, the question of clear, "What the state and what the Neofaschist" may be. Then you have to move directly to the preparation of a new application against the NPD.

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