That'geisterschiff' der fluchtlingsdebatte

Of full boats and other facts, allegedly obliged to national self-confidence

Anyone who criticizes the escape of the German government is often the allegation, he is a world-frayer moralist and Spinner, who overlook the banal fact that not all else of this world can come to Germany. The boat is full, then the striking buzzword, with which the alleged realists want to make clear that the admission of further escape or migrants does not go, Germany is already overwhelmed and therefore to reject such claims as an illusionar or irresponsible. The state minister Horst Seehofer prints out the same facts of some fellow:

It must finally stop that the impression is awakened, only those who are for unlimited recording have a heart, and who advocates for clever, superscript, for limiting and control of migration, is a heartless inhum. I can say that for the entire federal government: we have a wide heart, but we have no unlimited possibilities to record escapeons. We have opted for a recording of a responsible number of particular protection, namely families with children, decided.

Preparations for the G8 summit in July 2009 on the Sardinian island La Maddalena

Already in the summer of 2008, Silvio Berlusconi had established the US militar usepoint expired by his process of Prodi, 2008 on the Sardinian island of La Maddalena as a venue for the G8 summit 2009. Previously, he had tried by all means to relocate the meeting to the representative Naples. He instructed the concern that the necessary, extensive structural conversion measures of the former militar systems could not be completed in time for the summit.

Strategy of tension: Berlusconi sings for G8

The main town of La Maddalena on the island of the same name. Image:

Elite universities and faith communities in the US are not only rough donations collectors, they also like to give something back. In the Prasidential election campaign 2004, the sympathy points have so far been clearly distributed

Donkeys are stupid, so the vernacular. But elephants are credible? For the gross tension of the donors in the US Prassidal election campaign 2004, the meaning of the coat of arms of the Groben American parties is rather adequacy. In any case, the rich elite universities and their relatives do not want to scare off the allegedly underexposed coat of arms of the Democrats. They donated flammy for a whole group of top candidates, with the preamble of John Kerry as the most recovering outlet. The republican elephants are preferred by religious groups and faith communities, with George W. Bush Traditionally in Personnel Union as an exercising prasident and top candidate, the application to the United States Office.

So far, as classic supports of the respective side were mainly weapons lobby and industry as well as trade unions and environmental associations. Recently, however, other groups occur: Universitar excellences and religious associations hope through donations on the representation of their interests. Nevertheless, parties financed with without public funds are dependent on these donations. The educational sector expects higher government donations, for example in the form of education loans and scholarships: millions are paid out to the students and spread the universities in the form of studders. The high of these and other grants for universities will be in "Higher Education Act" Regulated, who should be updated this year.

Climate change and capitalism:'nicht mehr blind dem markt vertrauen'

Interview with the "grunn" Financial investor Jochen Wermuth about the maws against the "Exterior of humanity"

Jochen Wermuth is known for investment in ocological and climate-friendly companies ("The most radical oko in the bundle", Manager magazine). He donated significant sums for the green and he advised the Federal Government in the context of the "Fund for financing nuclear disposal" (Kenfo). Telepolis spoke with him.

Mr. Wermuth, we are in Berlin-Mitte. How do you find the air here?


If the AFD is actually already on the descending AST, as discussed in the face of falling survey values? A comment

The weekly time the time asked on the 30. January, whether the AFD has already crossed its zenith. The clashes between CDU and CSU are finished, with Angela Merkel stalk a central enemy figure of the new right, the escape crisis is no longer the dominant topic. In addition, there was any examination of the AFD by catching protection "moderate" Stretching the radicalizing party.

Shortly before, the daily mirror wanted to find a silent, reasonable majority in the Federal Republic. The encouragement to the AFD will take the democracy in the Federal Republic "more stable than the European neighbors", So the tenor of the comment. Germany is not "Troubled, Verorbant, VersalVinit". Here in Germany Konne no Macron break, "With the danger that afterwards the right radicals come".

The little Slovenia is the next life-candidate, because the land brings his banks, instead of handling them

After Cyprus, a Marodes banking system now brings with Slovenia the next small country on crash course. The gross government banks need a lot of fresh money because they sit on lazy loans of at least seven billion euros. These are 20 percent of the total economic performance of the country. The deficit explodes and the government uses massive tax threats and savings records to avert a gear under the rescue package. However, they will continue to be severely difficult for the countryworked by recession. However, there is now time to get your money before a forced tax for banking rescue to security. Meanwhile, the Banking Union should be created that should enable direct access to bank rescue tax milliaries.

Two months ago, the new Social Democratic Minister Prospective Minister Alenka explained Bratusek: "Slovenia is stable and probably more stable than many other European countries." Maybe she meant by Cyprus, which has now started the course to Canossa and put the painful assistant application with the rescue package (ESM) with the corresponding conditions. Bratusek now seems to escape the escape forward. You relyed a maaking program to avoid the course under the ESM. But before the application, she wants to import many of the mails, which are always imposed on a country with the emergency aid. "This program will allow Slovenia to continue a completely Souveran state", said Bratusek.

Chara can be money at a distance of 16.000 kilometers still perceive

Already in November 1999, Chara (Center for High Angular Resolution Astronomy) celebrated its premiere on Mount Wilson at Los Angeles as one of six planned telescopes on test purposes in the truest sense of the word for the first time saw the light of the world. If everything goes according to plan, all telescopes are connected in the spring forest year for the first time. Then astronomers can take a look at surfaces for the first time for the first time.

Bundertelescope Chara is done in spring 2002

Prof. McAlister