Strategy of tension: berlusconi sings for g8

Preparations for the G8 summit in July 2009 on the Sardinian island La Maddalena

Already in the summer of 2008, Silvio Berlusconi had established the US militar usepoint expired by his process of Prodi, 2008 on the Sardinian island of La Maddalena as a venue for the G8 summit 2009. Previously, he had tried by all means to relocate the meeting to the representative Naples. He instructed the concern that the necessary, extensive structural conversion measures of the former militar systems could not be completed in time for the summit.

Strategy of tension: Berlusconi sings for G8

The main town of La Maddalena on the island of the same name. Image:

After the premier could not enforce, he ventilated absurd alternative scenarios: the G8 should cross with a ship in the Mediterranean, in his villa "La Certosa" At the mainland custody against Sardinia meet or at least hold a closing event in Naples: "Two fantastic new Italian ships, which could take course on Naples to use the presence of all blatters and television channels in the world so that the world can be presented a beauty and super clean Naples", Fabulated media tycoon and promotional gross handler in autumn last year.

The chief of civil protection and Understatemskretar of the Cabinet, Guido Bertolaso, slowly slowly and browsed themselves "a security problem". A prestige event in Naples Konne can only take place with the consent of the G8-Lander security authorities. Even the locations of the closed and expanded ministerial meetings in the run-up to the summit are coveted terrain. According to the Foreign Minister Franco Frattini Z.B. also the Abruzzo in central Italy benefit from events to the summit.

Last but not least, it was the police who have a final decision on the planning security for the "Security architecture" of the summit demanded. In September 2008, the police divers of La Spiele Diver Center CNES confirmed their preparation for La Maddalena as the first unit: "The police of the sea is involved in the cleanup of the territories", explained Italy’s police chief Antonio Manganelli .

La Maddalena: open trade routes, against pirates

The northutsey of Sardinia in the immediate vicinity near Corsica La Maddalena island with 11.000 inhabitants was used until February 2008 by the US militar as Nato-Navybasis. According to the information of the "Department of Defense" Were there next 1.300 US soldiers also 350 civilian "Workforce" Cults from Italy and other countries. The Italian Navy also stationed hundreds of soldiers on the island. As early as 1822, the United States told you La Maddalena as a stimulus to secure the trading fleet against pirate attacks on the Mediterranean. In 1972, the US militar closed an agreement with the Italian government. Against the deployment of submarines with nuclear weapons and nuclear drive on the island, it had given up to exploit protests of peace groups and residents. After the deduction of US troops, the area is rebuilt in a gigantic conversion project. The military entity offers optimal conditions for the summit due to their early use. The plant is easy to secure, the island seriously achievable, the region integrated into a security policy concept.

The scramble for the preservation of the La Maddalena site for the summit had political backgrounds associated with the deduction of the US militar. Berlusconis Procedure Prodi wanted to use the symbol value of the deduction to his covenant "peace policy" profile. If this was involved with PRODIS JUCK, the economic factor remained: US Prasence meant for numerous residents of North Sardinia work and bread. Since every fourth Sarde lives below the poverty line (PDF) (the for two persons on almost 1.000 euro is measured), the tourist appreciation of the island and the implementation of infrastructural coarse projects in the peak of the summit as an economic-demanding measures important incentives for the acceptance of the G8 is on the island.

Strategy of tension: Berlusconi sings for G8

Reception area on the ship MSC Fantasia. Image: http: // www.G8Italia2009.IT /

"Dolce Vita" For the G8

Since the beginning of the year, the overall concept of the summit is crystallized. The meetings of "Representatives" Should obviously take place on the island of Santo Stefano at La Maddalena, Santo Stefano, sadly from La Maddalena, a media center can also be placed on Santo Stefano. 3.500 journalists are taken to the places of the spectacle.

The cruise ship "MSC Fantasia" serves as accommodation, the exact mooring remains unclear so far. the "MSC Fantasia", Europe’s cruise ship for almost 4.000 passengers, 2008 was after one "Dolce Vita concept" Finished and has 99 luxury suites, six pools, "1.500 square meters of spa areas", Funf restaurants, "4-D cinema" and a casino on board. The intrusive display of luxury will be three with the label "eco-sustainable" Applied.

Property of the "MSC Fantasia" Is Gianluigi Aponte. He belonged to the companies "Mediterranean Shipping Company" and "Mediterranean Shipping Cruise". Several luxury liners under Panamesian flag, driving and container ships obedience to fleet of the shipper, whose name is associated with numerous offshore finance companies. The Italian living in Switzerland also has the "European Vision", which anchored at the G8 2001 in the Genoese harbor and served the delegates as a property.

Aponte controls considerable parts of Italian driving company and prepares the purchase of the soon no longer state seafaring companies "Tirrenia" before. Together with the German Eurogate Co, the Italian Contsehip Italia, the Moroccan Comanav and the Swiss CMA-CGM, Aponte has for 30 years the surcharge for the container terminal 2 of the port of Tangier under the "Tangermed project". Aponte obede also the in 1994 under never satisfactorily clarified circumstances undergone cruise ship "Achille Lauro".

Strategy of tension: Berlusconi sings for G8

Silvio Berlusconi in a video for the G8 summit in Sardinia

"Law of silence" On the summit construction

Civil Prescription Chef Bertolaso is stealthy for the safety planning of the summit, is responsible for the overall planning and has the supervision of allocate and its settlement, planning contracts, construction projects, logistics and the monitoring of financial resources. The summit helps to finance an unprecedented infrastructure loss and transform the region into a luxurious holiday area. "An investment that has never been realized without the G8" Rejoices Bertolaso. "It is a significant work not only for Italy and Sardinia", Commented on the G8 tender manager Angelo Balducci.

The framework conditions for the work Bertolasos have already been created under the Government Prodi, the first financial resources in the amount of 100 million. Proved Euro. Berlusconi approved another 740 million. For the overall project and expanded the freaks Prodis . Until his jerkiness in November 2008, the Sardinian side of Multiple Millionar and Governor Renato Soru marked the premium with the government (in May 2008 SORU also bought the daily newspaper "l’unita", whose name 1991 of "Newspaper of the Communist Party" in "Newspaper Grounded by Antonio Gramsci" was renamed).

Due to the classification of the G8 event as "Major Event" Perdi had explained all Techniques Bertolasos to state secret and the simplification of the awarding of applying, their settlement and granting permits. Due to insufficient checking of those measures to the environment, the EU initiated a procedure for breachized against EU directives.

Workers on La Maddalena work 11 to 12 hours a day, 7 days in a row. "Trade union standards are applied", Criticized Lorenzo Manga from the CGIL union, the situation on the construction sites by the "Omerta" ("Law of silence" the mafia) covered.

As a trade unionist reported that no access to the construction sites was maintained to check for displayed irregularities, researched a reporter of the weekly magazine "L ‘espresso". He covered how – under the coat of secrecy – the coast part of the 300 million cake for the summit points on dubious way to a only 26 employees were awarded to only 26 employees, which is close to the family of the G8 Tender Manager Balducci.

In addition to further fragments "links" learned the journalist from the deposition of gross quantities asbestos-containing suspenders from the former militar system on a mulleta in a near a river wetland, dizzying construction costs (3.800 Euro / sqm) and artically blowing expenditure, of workers without a contract, of black coffers for financing regular overtime hours (PDF), from the evasion of taxes and social security contributions, of polishing, which manage the illegal overtime business with printerbaries and in this way together 2.6 million. Cash in monthly. Workers are forced to allow the examination of sensitive data (PDF), including associated with a religious community or a union and health, by means of a consolidation clarification to the employer,. At 19. December 2008, apartment and Buro of a commissioned office of the Fillea, which has been documented for months of irregularities on the construction sites, searched for him because he procurement of "The information concerning the national security" were accused. He was held for several hours long, the objects and documents confiscated with him.

For the landing of the delegates was the runway of the airport "Costa Smeralda" in Olbia at the Sardinian mainland for 36 million. Euro specially reduced by 240 meters, so that the "Air Force 1" of the US Prassident Can Land. The airport company, owned by Saudi Arabic "Prince Aga Khan", Just had 3.4 million. Suit, the remaining sum share the civil aviation workers and the Sardinia government. The airport should be for a course of 2 million. Travel passengers. A highway across the north of Sardinia will connect Olbia with Alghero in the west of the island. In Alghero, the construction of a bypassing strain should also be financed from funds for the G8. Alghero applies according to Bertolaso as another "Accessory" For the arrival of the delegates to the G8.

"Misconception" to the G8?

Ratselrates gives the ominose find of a folder in a Romische restaurant through a journalist. Under the title "Amore Mio G 8-Forza Europe" the report is suspected of a working group to the summit. In front of the G8 summit in Genoa, a paper was found in the president of the Ministerial President in the president of the Ministerial President, which, suitable for the air created at the time, prophesied, it can come to the use of firearms by the police.

That "Amore Mio"-Paper cites Berlusconi with the words: "2009 has to be the year of Italy, our year has to become my year. Since our nation takes over the lead the most important political association in the world, the G8, we have the chance to come into the rough major newsletters on the globe every week." He was confused to perform as Sanger during the summit on the MSC Fantasia and one "Lane show" to the G8 with "Elements of a miss choice" proposed in its three coarse television channels. In the differences of the G8 states he sees "One thing is the same in all countries: love to protect women. We have to exploit that." From the Catholic Church he feels wrongly tumbled, but is a pastry appearance: "Nevertheless, he has to go to the camera with me." The most entitled to the growing influence of Sarkozy’s in the world political bean, which was still initiated by the EU Presidency in the last half of the year: "The man from the Elysee Palace has stolen us and me already at the Mediterranean Union the show, he also wants the financial crisis A La Francaise Losen."

Foreign Minister Franco Frattini is looking forward to the 35. Summit as an opportunity for one "New Global Governance", The new relationships between the G8 and "Absproving made" mimic. The G8 should be around "Oconomic and political players" Exercise and coordinate closely with the G20 (19 industrialist plus EU) in terms of economic and financial matters, "entire spectrum" cover global affairs.

The role of the G20 under the financial crisis was allowed Berlusconi considerable head break. Still, it is not important to what role the G8 will play course. Suddenly Italy’s Minister of Economic Minister Giulio Tremonti recognizes that the G8 is not a committee that can express the world’s volcanist, because she "merely merge the half of the global gross national product". The early Prime Minister Massimo d’Alema also sees the G8 as "Old-fashioned instrument". Berlusconi in turn scolds on the G20 as "Round table where the drivers are almost always prepared talking". At 19. February travels Gordon Brown to Rome to determine the final content of the G8 and G20 meetings with Berlusconi. Afterwards both meet "coordination" with Sarkozy and Merkel in Berlin.

Italian model? "regulation" and control of the Internet

Berlusconi announced that the Italian government as "avant-garde" For another "regulation" want to use the internet. In the Romian Restaurant Kladde "Amore Mio G 8-Forza Europe" he describes that G8 Summit are ideally suited to take over a wiring role with extra-habitual suggest. "For example, I decided to regulate the Internet and free from children’s porn and similar". An international agreement should be implicated under possible discussion, criticism and controversy. The G8 are DAFUR "a better podium than the UN", whose "Variety of states could not agree", As usual, Berlusconi brings the policy of G8 to the point.

In Italy, far-reaching legal restrictions of the Internet access by censorship of government critical websites. Bloggers criticize the progressive centralization of Berlusconi’s media power and have started protest initiatives, more should follow.

The Italian "Ministry of Public Administration and Innovation" and the Sardinia region in October 2008 in Cagliari ied an Internet Governance Forum and Dialogue Forum on Internet Rights to involve all "stakeholder" (Governments, civil society, private companies, research, trade associations) to develop proposals for the G8 Directive. Participating delegations from France, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Indonesia, Sudafrika, Poland, Bangladesh, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Togo, Ukraine, Liberia and Albania. The results were on the "Internet Governance Forum" introduced in Indian Hyderabad.

An similar event had already taken place in Marz in Naples before G8 2001, organized by OECD and World Bank, sponsored by Microsoft. At that time there were massive protests against the "Forum for information technology", the both from demonstrators and the police as "warmup" to be understood for the G8 summit.

The proposals for more control and sanctions on the internet were allowed to stob in the interior ministers of the G8 on open ears, especially as an action plan for better combating the internet criminalitat and an EU-wide reporting date for criminal activities on the Internet, especially under the French EU prasidis, were adopted on the EU level and an EU-wide registration office for criminal activities on the Internet became. In perspective should within the EU "Extravors remote searches" be introduced by computers in which Europol was allowed to play an important role.

Agenda setting and "zero negative influence" The G8

The EU is granted an important role in the agenda setting of the G8. Frattini Kundig to meet in early 2009 with anle ministers of other EU countries to exchange. Summit themes apply "terrorism", Nuclear waste as well as interventions in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Africa. In addition to the "Reforming" Des Bretton Woods Systems want to develop the G8 tarpaulin and agreement on energy shortages, water, climate change and food security. From February, the ministerial meetings begin to G8. At 13th. and 14. February confer the Finance Ministers, Central Bank Chiefs and Government Chiefs in Rome, on the 29. and 30. Marz The Ministers for Work and Social Policy. Follow Meeting of Ministers for Agriculture, Environment, Development, Energy. On 12. and 13. June the finance ministers gather a second time, on the 26th. June The Aufem Ministers.

The meeting of the internal and June Ministers on 29. and 30. May should take place originally on the island of Lampedusa, however, was, probably because of the tense situation and the protests of escape in January, was relocated to Rome in January. Thousands of people have fled to escape camps in January.

Berlusconi complained to have enhanced the extension of the G8 to the Lander China, India, Brazil, Mexico, Egypt, Sudafrika: "In Japan I proposed a new format for the G8, for whose chair I will take responsibility for the third time." About Egypt Pride: "Invited to my suggestion for the first time." On the third summit’s day, more countries are to be hinted, in the conversation are Australia, Thailand, Sudkorea and Indonesia.

In June, a Trieste takes place "Advanced Foreign Minister Meeting" to which China, India, Brazil, Mexico, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Turkey are involved. Frattini as a focus on the "Stabilization of the Central Asian region, starting with Afghanistan" at.

The summit is designed by using solar technology, recycling and electro-caddies "zero negative influence" have on the environment. On Sardinia and African countries, trees are to be planted to clean up the carbon dioxide balance sheet. Not paid in this propaganda trick are probably the thousands of flights of the delegates, journalists and the militar.

As since the G8 in Gleneagles 2005, a Junior 8 summit will take place in parallel. Children and adolescents are invited to focus on global topics in words and image. The winners are flown to the summit, and thirst for hundreds of journalists Berlusconi shake hands.

Frattini wants to integrate non-governmental organizations into the G8 summit. At the quarry conference of the "Network of food firms" Terra Madre in October last year he turned to the members of the convention with a video message. Her representatives were invited by the Italian government to the summit, he promised. Protection ended in the tumult.

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