Climate change and capitalism: “no longer blindly trust the market”

Climate change and capitalism:'nicht mehr blind dem markt vertrauen'

Interview with the "grunn" Financial investor Jochen Wermuth about the maws against the "Exterior of humanity"

Jochen Wermuth is known for investment in ocological and climate-friendly companies ("The most radical oko in the bundle", Manager magazine). He donated significant sums for the green and he advised the Federal Government in the context of the "Fund for financing nuclear disposal" (Kenfo). Telepolis spoke with him.

Mr. Wermuth, we are in Berlin-Mitte. How do you find the air here?

Jochen Wermuth: Worse than in the countryside, but good for a big city. What motivates you to act?

Jochen Wermuth: My wife and me drives it to move a lot of capital possible for the occasion of climate change. 6 percent of the 16 trillion euros on EU giro accounts to equity to stop global climate change. The global climate problems are also trousing for escape. We have the gross opportunity to include, integrate, integrate and instruct them into the craft of energy, traffic, agricultural, construction and financial turns. You can then bring this know-how to your homeland. So we can export the sustainable economy and pound prosperity, democracy and peace worldwide. The inventor of the energy feedet law, Hermann Scheer, said: "I’m not for wind and solar, but for democracy. If every single house in the world has its own solar panel on the roof, the probability is that one of Russian gas pipelines, Saudi Oltans or American aircraft carriers for their protection is dependent, much lower. Thanks to decentralized local renewable energy supply, the likelihood is high that more democracy and more prosperity prevail." Of the lobbies, a lot of money is spent to maintain energy by means of OL, gas and coal, though solar energy is much cheaper. In Dubai, in Houston-Texas, in Chile, in Mexico, solar energy for two cents per kilowatt hour is required. Only when the OlPreis was falling to four dollars per barrel, one could produce electricity from this barrel OL. Since the price is just 60 to $ 70 per barrel, the oil produced with OL is so expensive as the solar power. There are the Tipping Points. If we exceed the crossing, the decay of the environment and thus the livelihood of humanity continues inexorably, no matter what we still do. We are in the process of rubbing some today, with others we are highly two, three years away. So it applies to act immediately and uncompromisingly. Gronland is just one example. The gronland ice shield is a three-kilometer thick ice layer resting on a rock bottom. The tip of this iceberg is still in very high, cold air zones, far above the climatic snow border, above that more snow falls as a vapor and ice formation, or at least the preservation of the ice volume, mimic. If now due to the Erderwarmung, which is already far above all in the polar area, anhint, the ice shield melts off. In the current mass loss of the glacier, the tip of the ice shield also decreases in lower, warm air zones, in which the ice is then inexorably further melts, no matter if we still brake the CO² emissions in ten years, and the Erderalmung. If the ice shield on Gronia is melted first, we alone have seven meters of ocean mirrors and billions of escape lingen alone. Thus, two-thirds of today’s dwellings of humanity were excessed. Then we did not have millions of sampled, but billions. How could you make your personal ecological footprint still green?

Jochen Wermuth: I’m trying to install electric cars in a sharing system, but the scaling is missing. At the moment we have only one electrical taxi in Berlin, but needed a hundred. Electromobilitat to share is essential. I should also eat less meat. I should use it for us to keep Tegel. Not as an airport, but as infrastructure for the hyperloop. Such a high-speed capsule ride with an eighth of the energy of an aircraft and with 1000 hour kilometers, which we could replace the flights in Europe. I only move in Europe, barely more intercontinental and trying to make video calls.

"The economy set barriers"

The Fridays for-Future movement demands a system change. This requirement is realistic?

Jochen Wermuth: The goal must be that you are no longer blindly familiar with the market. This leads to monopolistic structures like Google, Amazon or Facebook, which then also have political influence. We have to be awake as a burger and set the economy. However, I have not seen a better system than that in which there are independent press, independent dishes and an executive controlled by a parliament. We have a lot of healthy components in Germany. We have a good system in many ways, which will undermine the lobbyists. Banks have written down laws that have led to the federal government "Cum-ex scandal" robbed. The regulation of emissions at cars dictates the automotive industry. That has to stop. We need intelligent, assertive politicians who demand: if you cause dirt, you have to pay them. This polluter pays principlip is also in the emergence of the EU, the Lisbon Treaty. The paradigm shift must be, which means that one so-called "Externalities" can no longer consume free of charge, but instead be calculated at full cost for the company. So the Federal Environment Tame estimates that a tonne CO²-emitted ton of CO² is caused by the next hundred years 640 euros to health and climate costs. So we have to calculate an ier for each ton of CO² 640 euros. The money that the state ames this should be distributed directly per capita to the population. Since the interest rates are at zero today, the state can distribute the money at the beginning of the year to each burger. Since about 10 tonnes of CO² are turned out per capita in Germany, every burger will get started at the beginning of the year.400 euros overlooked. With a four-headed family 25.200 euros. If the family then emits average CO² over the year, she pays the money in the form of taxes to the state. Provides them to bike or more fruits and vegetables and thus less CO² emissions, they have to pay less taxes and has money at the end of the year. If someone likes to fly average or lobster ride, he has to pay a little bit of about. This is how we manage to keep the climate change social righteous. The already of such a CO² tax, whose revenue per capita will be handed out to the population again, is that they abolish themselves at the end. As soon as we have arrived at zero emissions, there are no CO² tax revenues and no exclusion to the burger. It seems to me that the chances of many chosen representatives are very limited to professional lobbies are very crimped. Contrast "Fridays for Future" politics drastically changed. Now we are all called to become politically active and as "Professionals" to stand at our children with advice, action, time and CO² tax aside.

"We have two, three years to save humanity before rendering"

On the day of the open door, I visited the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure Principal. It happened to me as if all the representatives at the information found in the consciousness: "Something has to change. now." This consciousness does not seem to be prasent in the Kopf of politicians.

Jochen Wermuth: Yes, it’s sad. What I watch himself with the green is concerned obedience. You may have to form a coalition with one of the other parties and therefore suggests low CO² prizes, such as € 40, the tonne that has nothing to do with full costs. And then you have the Soder in Bavaria, who gives herself grunradical than every green, but in the end no reasonable CO² prices are introduced. The statement of "Fridays for Future", There is no party that you could election is fact. There is no party that calls for a CO² prize that meets full costs. There is no party that takes the topic of climate change seriously enough, the idea of Tipping Points understood. We have two, three years to save humanity before rendering. We have to lift the CO² price. The price that the rough coalition proposed – at the beginning of 10 euros or around 3% of full costs – is far too low.

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