Bush versus kerry

Elite universities and faith communities in the US are not only rough donations collectors, they also like to give something back. In the Prasidential election campaign 2004, the sympathy points have so far been clearly distributed

Donkeys are stupid, so the vernacular. But elephants are credible? For the gross tension of the donors in the US Prassidal election campaign 2004, the meaning of the coat of arms of the Groben American parties is rather adequacy. In any case, the rich elite universities and their relatives do not want to scare off the allegedly underexposed coat of arms of the Democrats. They donated flammy for a whole group of top candidates, with the preamble of John Kerry as the most recovering outlet. The republican elephants are preferred by religious groups and faith communities, with George W. Bush Traditionally in Personnel Union as an exercising prasident and top candidate, the application to the United States Office.

So far, as classic supports of the respective side were mainly weapons lobby and industry as well as trade unions and environmental associations. Recently, however, other groups occur: Universitar excellences and religious associations hope through donations on the representation of their interests. Nevertheless, parties financed with without public funds are dependent on these donations. The educational sector expects higher government donations, for example in the form of education loans and scholarships: millions are paid out to the students and spread the universities in the form of studders. The high of these and other grants for universities will be in "Higher Education Act" Regulated, who should be updated this year.

Classic association representatives like the teacher union "American Federation of Teachers" Fun here as a lobbyist. Such institutional representations do not feel as supersimposed, unlike, for example, the university rectors conference in Germany, but also relate financially to their positions. Even university employees try through party donations "Your mental home", Of course, the universities are meant to support. The professors in the US represent an important source of donation through their relatively high salary. From the three universitarian top donors University of California, Harvard University and Stanford, the parties were endowed until April of this year with far above one million dollars. Overall, the donation sum from the universities is revealed to over $ 13 million until the mentioned time.

Of these, the Democrats received 69%, the Republicans 31%. This division can also be found in the top receiving. The first FUF of the most powerful donors from the educational area have with George W. Bush only a Republican among themselves, but as a second place. 1.5 million dollars). Before him is with a clear lead John Kerry in Guhrung (CA. 2 million dollars), followed behind the three Democrats Howard Dean, Wesley Clark and John Edwards in the race for the Prasidential Candidature. All Funf Streb (t) en the prasident office, only then receptioners are canted, which run for the US Senate. Also in the donations for this-year senate elections, the democratic candidates are in front: they received almost 3.5 million dollars nearly ten times as much financial encouragement as the Republicans.

Despite these sectoral differences, the reigning prasident (CA. 215 million dollars) in the total of all donations clearly before his democratic countercanning candidate (good 117 million dollars). From the classical republican electoral clientele, the industrial and financial sector, the most and large donations come for George W. Bush. For the average Europe a little strange, but not unusual, are political donations from church and credible communities. Because communities like the "Episcopal Church" or the "Park Meadows Baptist Church" Even donation-financed groups are, but only one relevant small donation amount from this sector (just under $ 700,000). The five coarsent donors with reliable cover loves without exception the party of Prasident Bush your money sends your money, the Democrats went empty. Although 55% of the Republicans and 45% for the Democrats, the overall picture is relatively balanced. In the personal comparison, the lead of Bush (172 $ 114 dollars) can be recognized on Kerry (54 060 dollars) but Prableerzen.

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