That “ghostship” the escape debit

That'geisterschiff' der fluchtlingsdebatte

Of full boats and other facts, allegedly obliged to national self-confidence

Anyone who criticizes the escape of the German government is often the allegation, he is a world-frayer moralist and Spinner, who overlook the banal fact that not all else of this world can come to Germany. The boat is full, then the striking buzzword, with which the alleged realists want to make clear that the admission of further escape or migrants does not go, Germany is already overwhelmed and therefore to reject such claims as an illusionar or irresponsible. The state minister Horst Seehofer prints out the same facts of some fellow:

It must finally stop that the impression is awakened, only those who are for unlimited recording have a heart, and who advocates for clever, superscript, for limiting and control of migration, is a heartless inhum. I can say that for the entire federal government: we have a wide heart, but we have no unlimited possibilities to record escapeons. We have opted for a recording of a responsible number of particular protection, namely families with children, decided.

Horst Seehofer, picture on Sunday, 20.9.2020

The more or less full boat

However, if you want to know exactly where the border is located, from which the boat should be full, the representatives of this realism are difficult: the MAB of the achievement, which is specified here, is obviously very variable. At the concrete case, the untenable concluded in the camp Moria on Lesbos (the fire of Moria), that will be overall. Should first 150 unaccompanied children and adolescents be absorbed, the number of shortest time increased, but now is still far from the number removed, which the minister agreed years ago as a highest limit for Germany:

We will be less than 100 this year after this year.Record 000 migrants. This is also a reason why the solution found is reasonable. But to prevent misunderstandings: we will not reclain the number as far as the upper limit of 200 throughout the CSU.000 immigrants is achieved. The number 200.000 is not a target, but highest number.

Horst Seehofer, picture on Sunday

Why should now be at 1550 and not every 13.000 Towned in Lesbos can be accepted, but the minister seems to be able not to be fundamentally not covered: the self-resistance – which is shared by the government to the opposition of the AFD – that the "Welcome" By no means repeated from 2015, rather has to be considered as a definitive exceptional case. At that time the CSU had the number 200 then.000 arbitrarily determined as a signal namely for their objection to the Merkel line. Today, the limitation to 1550 or a different modest magnitude of the same function to make the exceptional character of an emergency.

Striking is also the language usage of the minister, which preferably speaks of migrants and the "Limitation and control of migration" Stresses – An emphasis that also prevails in the new EU migration pact (see. EU: New pact for asylum and migration policy). The Minister of the Interior thus focuses on attention on people who want from A to B, for whatever reason. While escape strings according to international agreements a need is granted, this should not apply for the majority of people who are looking for their salvation in Germany and Europe. An eye-catching angle and a language used by the press largely.

As far as Seehofer, many burgers and burgerers do not want to go in the countryside and now look at the boat as a superfull. For she is any additional foreigner who enters Germany, one too much, and they know the highest individual trap as exceptions, if it goes about the scanning of their own Bundesliga team. In doing so, they usually know exactly between foreigners and foreigners to distinguish. A wider, which invests his money in Germany and invests in undertakings, is not exposed to criticism, certainly not when he appears as a sponsor of his own team. Americans, Hollander or Australians are not in focus of the criticism – on the contrary! There is currently, at least in the affected regions, a rough regret about that 10.000 US soldiers leave their German support point and "US" in the future tenants, customers, neighbors are missing.

Of course, the number only embarrasses a concrete limit of the "Too much of" should make an idea. At each congress or festival, UBLIGEN is available foreign visitors, tourists are welcome because they bring money, there are city and regions that live there. The hostility is alone against the misery figures, which Germany does not use and not exploit from him or. Dafur were not ordered. When exploited, the demand changes with economic economies, so that intake is more or less exposed.

So it’s not about a simple quantity problem! This also shows that some "Biocut" So far, people of foreign origin, which are already integrated, want to distribute out of the country. Also there is not against the investors from Qatar at Daimler or against American companies with their staff, but against poor swallowers.

That these are too many, therefore, is also buried with arguments that have nothing to do with the pure number, rather that they take away the work the work, rents up, are criminal and undermine German morality. All the reason that belongs to the test bench!

They take us the jobs away

Goods Germany really a boat in which "we all sit", So additional hands on deck have made the work easier, and if you accepted the work, you could enjoy the sea voyage with less worries. A true win-win situation! But their annoyance does not relate from the outstanding critics from the world of seafaring, but from life in this country in which the pure existence is an insecure matter for the People who have to live from their work. But this is unfortunately usually considered the big self-resistance. Anyway, eternal existential uncertainty falls unpleasantly as soon as someone rises new to the boat.

Now it may be that an employer releases a German and at the same time a foreigner to retain his job or establishes a foreigner instead of a German. And there is also – see above – foreign employers on German ground that do the same. Only trade those who decide on attitude or along, not as a foreigner or German – according to their passport – but as bosses of companies, the other only and pay if it is worthwhile. This makes it apparently no difference, which passports the shareholders at VW, Daimler or Siemens, the return must be right – and accordingly is set or released, quite regardless of the nationality.

But on the other hand, the foreign-out representatives just do not want to turn! Even if they occur with their indictment roughly lane, they see themselves rather than those who are dependent on the decisions of the massive business bosses and discovered just in those who rely on work as they are, the dangerous competition that one’s life hard. Quite as if the competitors had in their hands as to whether a German can deny his livelihood through work or not.

The Burger, which occurs as realists, turns rapidly as a worldless types, their ideas from the national acquis of the workplace as a highest naive (cf. Workplace – The Test). And on the part of the companies it is no longer able to alone the alternative, whether a foreigner comes to Germany to work here, or whether he remains away. Because the famous boat is German politicians as entrepreneurs have long been too small.

The policy of all governmental parties has made sure that German companies are open to the whole world as investment and sales policy. You can use the workforce in as good as all countries for yourself and play against each other. And then German burgers are coming and want to clean their village of foreigners to defend their workplace!

The bustle prices high

Even with the housing question – according to the German Interior Minister one of the coarse social questions of the present – it does not look different. What an apartment costs do not decide those who have to lie down the big part of their income for rent. The same, which nationality of the homeowner or landlord is always, he decides on the high of rents to achieve a potential high rent from his possession. Again, the critics do not turn against the real decision makers and their return calculations, but against those who act as competitors around an apartment .

And what should the different passport for a role be played? If there are few apartments and the landlords can drive up the rental prices with the authorization of the government, then it does not matter whether a dozen German or a dozen competitors – from German and foreigners must be mixed in the case in question -.

The foreigners increases the criminal

That the proportion of foreign fellow citizens in the crime in the country is high than their share of the total taxation, can be already. That would not be surprisingly. Already the escape is an illegal act, you can hardly come to the country as an escape, it needs visas that you do not easily receive, etc. pp. And as well as a tolerated and approved asylum, it is not the paradise open, even here is the compulsion to somehow get money, whether one has a work permit or not.

That part of the recorded and approved that attempts to the illegal tour, as many German too, is not surprising and makes those who have decided on this way, certainly not to pleasant contemporaries. Although their procurement criminalitat has slightly small-cared for in comparison to the natives Cum ex-crime with their billions in the state budget. Satisfied, the outstanding critics were probably not, even if the towered people were equally criminal like the Germans. Nevertheless, the higher number of crimetat should be an argument. If the criminal titat of part of a group is to give an argument for leaving the country, then the remainder must also leave German German, a not insignificant part is criminal criminal.

The undermines our morality

The fact that outlanders undermine our ductor morality is another accusation, but it poses the question, which means that "our" Moral? Here is aware of the Christian-Occuting tradition, which is extremely strange. It is usually not the churchgars who reserve against the presence of foreigners, but people who have nothing to hat with Christianity, while the Catholic or Protestant Bishof, but also mass-like Christian laymen open their heart of the welcome culture.

The same accusation, which is usually directed against people who felt the Islam, only shows how little idea have the outstanding critics of those who criticize them. Are many Muslims far more moral than their critics – what should not speak for them. But it makes it clear which stupidnesses are self-reliable, if one with the "Questionnaire" deals. Finally, alcohol and drug use in Islam is packed, the family values are held up, the mosque visit is obvious to the normal duties.

And that in this culture, women play a subordinate role, no critical reason can give for those who themselves as macho, or for those who – see the AFD with their appeal to the traditional family values – the whole gender buttons, the homos and lesbians also protect. And who at the veil Stort, was able to take the same on weddings at the bride, or at nuns get upset that they do not want to do without this curious clothing butt.


Good arguments for their German and their foreign feast does not seem to find themselves, otherwise the critics did not have to bring them to the hair. Your prejudice is not therefore that you regularly study labor market or crime statistics or go to the sense of morality. Rather, they weigh in safety that Germany "your" Land is.

Your dream of a real folk community is only if you refrain from all existing opposes and differences in the German population. What do the Meiers and Supils already have with the Aldis, Schaeffler, Quants and how the clans all year together? Who have a need to watch how they come with their income through work on the rounds, while the others let their money work and live in luxury.

The commonality of these very different social characters is in the German passport – a commonality, which is regulated by laws, ie violence. And that should form the positive basis for a community? Where you feel very native and is the familiar handling of its kind? Really there is already the picture of the community, which is intended to assert itself in a boat on the high seas against the adversities of nature – a picture that also looks like from the real differences on a ship. Because there are some on the bridge and commands, during the incurable on or under deck rowing or. have to work. The nationalist community dream demands in fact a lot of real estate!

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