If the AFD is actually already on the descending AST, as discussed in the face of falling survey values? A comment

The weekly time the time asked on the 30. January, whether the AFD has already crossed its zenith. The clashes between CDU and CSU are finished, with Angela Merkel stalk a central enemy figure of the new right, the escape crisis is no longer the dominant topic. In addition, there was any examination of the AFD by catching protection "moderate" Stretching the radicalizing party.

Shortly before, the daily mirror wanted to find a silent, reasonable majority in the Federal Republic. The encouragement to the AFD will take the democracy in the Federal Republic "more stable than the European neighbors", So the tenor of the comment. Germany is not "Troubled, Verorbant, VersalVinit". Here in Germany Konne no Macron break, "With the danger that afterwards the right radicals come".

Good government work, "Tags are good kita, good education, good work for good wages", Let the satisfaction increase in the population again. The conclusion of the comment: "Never existed, in the way, historically a better Germany than today." It is a reasonable majority of "85 percent of people in this country", to which the comment is aimed at – by taking care of the apparent descent of nationalist parties to national self-recovery. Because the bill does.

The above reasoning is crooked – which is characteristic of the Burlich-liberal opposition against the new rights – through their lapping of the crisis process as well as the socio-locomotive dimension of the rise of right population and extremism. Lander like Hungary, Italy – also France – after the crisis outbreak in 2008, saw long-term periods of social degradation, recession and / or stagnation, which were not least deepened by the European austerity policy of Federal Finance Minister Wolfgang Schauble. The United States, in turn, have experienced a massive melting of the middle class after bursting the real estate bubbles, in whose strand of the political Borderliner Trump could move into the woman house.

Fascism is thus a crisis idol, which gains momentum in response to capitalist crisis course, as an extremism of the center,. In the Federal Republic, however, there were no comparable sociooconomic distortions like "At the European neighbors" or the US, since in this country the debt export via Auberhandelsuberschussen leaded to a special economy. Consequently, it would be honesty to claim that the Federal Republic is less relevant for legal populations and right-wing extremism as Austria or Switzerland, where there was no strong oconomic distortions in the retirement of the last crisis. Sleight of hand.

Fear of descent

Nevertheless, the crisis – more concrete: the fear of the crisis – also a central role in the rise of the AFD. As a reminder: the AFD drifting in the right-wing extremism was originally as a right-wing populist "Professor party" of figures like Lucke and Henkel Grounded on the euro crisis in classic prosperity vinish manner with nationalist "Eurocritics" reacted to roll off all crisis sequences on the sad periphery of the eurozone. The fear of the middle class before the capitalist system crisis, the ideologically in the construct of the "lazy sudlander" was personalized, formed the morace from which the AfD originally sacred. The right-wing extremists puzzled only in the course of the escape crisis.

The mid-class fear transformed in hate prior to the consequences of 2007/08 "transatlantic" Real estate bubbles in the US and Western Europe, before social descent and paperization, thus formed the fuel in the formation of the new rights in the Federal Republic. An even more similar, potentially even strong crisis thrust is again, since the gigantic liquidity bubble, which was initiated in response to the crisis boost of 2008/09 by the central banks, is now threatening to burst after a narrow decade to burst.

This time, it does not seem to be able to roll out the crisis consequences again on the periphery of the EU, as it could be a black outbreak of the euro crisis of its austerity policy. The middle class in the Federal Republic is all likely to be collected in two ways from the coming crisis boost. On the one hand, by the consequences of the burdocking economy as soon as the increasing protectionism in a global recession continues to reach around. On the other hand, by the aspirations on the devaluation of the value, for the evaluation of the Gigantic debt mountain, which the capitalist world system has been due to crisis-based crisis in recent decades.

Social descent and loss of value of its own savings and decreases in money or securities form, this is the emerging crisis perspective for the middle class – only in such a sociooconomic constellation it will prove to be whether the democracy in the Federal Republic is just as strong as in Greece, That was done by Schauble for years, without drifting in fascism.

Resistance to the right of the export industry and the liberal burger

In addition, the opposite stagnation of the new rights is mainly due to a power factor: the opposition in the main group of German economy. The German function elites in the export-oriented economy are now criticizing the rise of the new rights now, such as BDI boss Dieter Kempf:

The jerk into the national is no alternative for our country: the AFD is in the core against what Germany has made strong and must continue to make strong.

Dieter Kempf

This critique is thus carried by an economic logic, as it is the export alignment of the German industry, the Germany "powerful". The BDI is clear that the increasing protectionist tendencies, which accompany the rise of the new right, with a part of the German export industry withdrawn the business basis. But as soon as in the wake of the next crisis chest, the commercial wagges should break away, the export economy bursts, this manageable motivation for the economy was omitted to oppose the rise of the new rights. Especially since Deutsche Manager never had problems with making synonymous with anti-democrats and autocrats blinding shops.

In parallel with this opposition within the export industry – parts of the middle class and the family entrepreneur, on the other hand, sympathize with the AFD – developed a superficial, bourgeois-liberal antifascism, as it is about moving and coarse demonstration "Indivisible" manifested.

The economic and social dimension of the rise of the new right, the systemic crisis process hides here, it continues to dominate the slogan of the "We can do it!", which ultimately meant the integration of the escape in the German labor market, which suffers from expert deficiency. This economic, some dowel labor market policy calculus will also be blown up on the upcoming crisis boost. The liberal opposition against the new rights will thus break away the most important arguments: the export fixing of the "Germany AG" and the lack of suitable "Have" For recovery in the German labor market.

New rights needs the new crisis thrust

Because in fact, the new rights to a good part has simply scored to death – it needs the next crisis impact to get politically again upswing. On the one hand, the AFD has become politically largely enforced: the boundaries are dense which aboves asylum law as far as possible. And there, on the other hand, the crass public discourse shift to the right since the crisis outbreak that was already initiated with the Sarrazindebatten. As a result, civilizational barriers also seem to fall in the middle of society; Even with the honorable liberal media, which have already been discussed on the separation of escape strings. On this barbarization of the public discourse, the new rights will also be able to build on the art.

And finally, there are hardly serious aspirations within the state function elites to promote a basic work-up of the intentional brown networks in the state apparatus. Instead of a primary parliamentary examination of the alleged "Black Reichswehr" In the special units of the Bundeswehr and the police, state bodies seem to be based on the undergoing, cover-up and an internal procedure against individuals.

The structures and personal networks that produced potential uniformed legal terrorists remain so remain. It could happen so smoothly the suspicion that in times of crisis on the bellows of manners, the death lists of political opponents should not waive as a precaution.

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