The technozoosemiotic

Artificial life or universal language?

The French artist Louis BEC has been experimenting practically and theoretically with the perspectives of artificial life for years. For him, it is not primary about the creation of digital life or intelligent robots, but about the invention of a universal language for communication between people, animals and machines. In his work, he examines the spectrum of the forms of communication – and artists becomes a poetic science or science to empirical art in simulated worlds.

Louis BEC

The artificial life – a swimming

We have been able to exchange artificial life, from the project of modeling the living through the living, which is brought into play by the Kl into play.

Many of us believed that the artificial life two mainly

The Technozoosemiotic

All pictures come from the series of the Upocrinomenes of Louis BEC

Legitimize research directions. It was convinced that the demururgical project, which gains in force to the creation of the living, thanks to these two directions and is already waiting for his hour, that it is always better on the one hand through the known paths of the technique, bioinformatics and robotics and on the other hand the genetics and their “Possible manipulation” was realized.

– The first approach amed that that Life, as one Organizational form and not considered as a result of intrinsic properties of matter, could encourage biomimetic models to enrich certain areas of theoretical biology.

– The second, much more demanding approach opened by growing the biological, technical and imaginative findings the perspective of modeling a life, as it could actually occur. This was the production of a almost living In view, which develops in enemy and other environments evolutionar and subordinate to paradri-reed evolutionary forms through advanced behaviors and hitherto unknown morphological forms.

But that was just a swimming. The Zoosystematiker was already underway when he explained in September 1995 during the international symposium on electronic art in Montreal that the artificial life had arrived at a dead point.

It became more obvious that it becomes more and more banal. By putting on repeatable emergency treatment of characteristics of the living, the project seems to empty its essential interests.

The artificial life has, perhaps without knowing that, a for the human genus, as it seems, more important project withdrawn the glances.

This project aims to, to enable general communication between the living organisms of biomass through the technologies of the interface, and it is probably still further by using relationships between others “natural or artificial” Intelligence forms on other porters of life want to realize.

The Technozoosemiotic

The artificial life has therefore become an adjustment.

It has turned out to be a pretext entirely in secret, and you can define it as a subordinate branch as an outline of the Technozoosemiotics.

Maybe it will be necessary to present the game’s application in communication between species, in the center of scientific, technical, communicative and artistic findings, in the form of a living similar appearance, in pseudobiological structures and technomimetic behaviors.

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