“Eyes and ears in iran, iraq and syria”

Seymour Hersh over the “Plan B” The Israelis in the Kurdish areas

The rough man of American journalism, Seymour M. Hersh (cf. Rumsfeld and the super-resistant Pentagon department), has again unpacked something, which adds a new variable to the complex force game in the post-war dirak: According to Hersh information, Israeli intelligence services and militars are to be quiet in Iraqi Kurdistan, as well as in Kurdish parts of Iran and Syria secret operations Imploting in a coarse mabboat.

Already in July last year, Israeli secretions had warned Americans, the 900 kilometer border between Iran and Iraq “every price” close close; Otherwise, Iranian side continued to get into the country from the Iraqi opponents of Allied troops for the Iraqi opponents. The crew soon became opposed to a threading resistance: more bombing and more assassination.

The Americans love the border open. They decided to allow a high-ranking American source of Hershs to give the contact between Iranian pilgrims and Iraqis, because they thought this was useful. In addition, you did not want to isolate the Iraqis. On Israeli side, this view contradicted violently. There were gross concerns that these laxity was very useful especially for Iran to create social and beneficial organizations in Iraq, under whose camouflage people could be recruited, which were then involved in armed funding against the Americans.

Israel needed other options

In fact, from August 2003, the series gave warnings before an escalation of resistance. At that time, Hersh quotes an Israeli secret service officer, the Israeli guided came to the conclusion that the US is not willing to engage in a confrontation with Iran. Months later – the US had drilled in their solo – came to even duster conclusions: At the end of the last year, Hersh learned in a series of interviews with officials that Israeli guided did not believe that the Bush government could do it was to provide for stable or even democratic matters in Iraq. Israel needed “Other options”, Since the war started to cause damage to the strategic position of the country.

Since in Israel, especially by Iran, whose position had been strengthened by the war, the long-term relations with the Iraqi Kurds was threatened threatened “and created a significant prasence on the ground of the half-autonomous Kurdish region”:

Israeli intelligence and militaragents now operate in Kurdistan in Kurdistan, form Kurdish limited partnership units and, most important from Israeli perspective, secret operations drove within the Kurdish areas in Iran and Syria.

Sensitive stress

Because Israel does not herself according to the specifications of the American Prasident Bush “active” To participate in the war in Iraq, these are particularly tricky, especially as the operations within Syria and Iran – apart from border violations – sensitive to slightly inflammatory tension mixtures. Clear that the findings of the American journalist be denied by official site. “Just wrong”, commented the spokesman for the Israeli Embassy in Washington; Kurdish representatives refused the comment requested by Hersh. The spokesman for the White House as well.

But Hersh would not be Hermsh when he chat with it. A CIA man has confirmed him in an interview last week that Israelis were active in Kurdistan; They had the feelings that they had little choice: “You believe that you have to be there.”

“Plan B” Should the decision for a stronger starting position in Kurdistan, which logically leads to the fact that the ratio between Israel and Turkey with rough stresses recharges – and how it is in the Hersh report – “a new alliance between Iran, Syria and Turkey, who all have a bayful Kurdish minority provoked”.

The three countries flavored that the Kurds in Iraq, dissatisfied on the non-awaring of their vetor’s right against the catch in the new Iraq Resolution (cf. In addition, unanimity for the Iraq resolution), their independence towards the “Residual” explain and thus create a situation reminiscent of the Balkan conflict. It is mainly streamlined that the Kurds the Ol Emke Kirkuk “engage”. The escape of allegedly more than 100.000 Arabs from the region around Kirkuk in recent weeks do not reduce these launches.

Although the ratio between the three countries is marked with each other of tensions and animosities, Syria, Turkey and Iran were able to set their tensions with each other to each other against the Kurdish ambitions. If Israel sets his alliance with the Turkey because of the Kurds, Hersh quotes a European Minister of Aufs, the ware of a severe jerking for the whole region.

Real policy

According to information Hershs, the Turkish Aufem Minister Gul is said to have uplowered against the activities of Israel in connection with the Kurdish ambitions on autonomy that you have no real choice between survival and alliance.

Israel’s goal after the 30.June, the date of “Power” In Iraq, it is to train Kurdish commands as far as they could offer the Shiite militia, especially in the south of the country’s paroli, a source of Hersh.

The Israeli support for the Kurds should be repaired that they can do what American units could not do, namely in the leaders of the Shiite and Sunnitant uprising, to collect information and drove to the dead.

Israel already supported the Kurds as a counterweight against Saddam in a Machiavellist manner. It is “Real policy”, such an Israeli ex-secret serviceman opposite Hersh. If Israel with the Kurds compare, web israel “Eyes and ears in Iran, Iraq and Syria” – Above all, what the Obskure nuclear program is concerned. According to this, Israeli agents have already crossed the border with Iran with Kurdish commands in order to install sensors and other tracking devices that have the Iranian nuclear facilities – the biggest worry of Israel.

According to German secret agents, it has evidence that Israel has the influence within Kurdistan and Kurdish communities in Iran and Syria for “Intelligence and operational purposes” take advantage of. Syrian and Lebanese official believe that the Israeli secret service played a role in the violent protests center Marz in Syria, where Syrian Kurds had played together with Syrian troops.

Israeli representatives had explained to him against it, that they were nothing in Kurdistan, which the Turkish interests undermine, he should not worry, reports a Turkish representative and adds.

If it gets publicly known what they have done, it will bring their government and our in a difficult position. We can accept Kurdistan as long as Iraq remains intact; But nobody knows the future, not even the Americans.

According to reports of the Israeli online magazine Israel insider and the Jerusalem Post, the spokesman of the Buros of the Minister Prosident Demonstrated the Hersh report. He has no idea about the report, it is called. “I do not know if he is true or not. We read the report (!) And no (in the Buro of the Minister President) answers.”

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