Crisis not solved despite referendum in bolivia

Evo Morales has clearly won the referendum, but also four of the opposition governors were confirmed in the office

According to previous results, there is no doubt that the Prasident Bolivia and his vice-prassident were confirmed in the Office. At the referendum (struggle for percentages and symbols), despite boycotto calls, according to the National Electoral Council (CNE), about 80% of the voters participated. Of these, so say different surveys, have voted between 57 and 66% for that Evo Morales stays in office. He has slightly surpassed by the hurde of 53.7 percent by him himself. As expected, four oppositional governors have also been confirmed, three governors probably missed the absolute majority of 50% plus a voice. The abnormal provinces have clearly encouraged their discourse after defeat.

According to the results of the electoral surveys, which were carried out directly after the election, it was quick to clear that Evo Morales has been confirmed in his office. He even emerges significantly from the referendum. He himself had laid up the hurde. He wanted to receive at least the 53.7 of the votes, with which he was chosen to office in December 2005 (repeated neoliberalism). In the opposite case he wanted to start new elections.

Crisis not solved despite referendum in Bolivia

According to a wide range of surveys, Morales has recorded significant voice gains and received the consent of 57 to 66% of the population. This became his course, contrary to all reports, he was losed significantly in support in the country. Also the turnout, which the Prasident of the National Electoral Council (CNE) announced, leave no doubt about the legitimity of the result. Jose Luis Exeni explained that about 80 percent of the approximately four million voters involved in the referendum. He congratulated the National Electoral Council and the Department of Departments for her work, “which allows a really democratic festival in Bolivia”. The referendum in which the Praffects should also be confirmed in eight departments had scheduled Morales to overwind the blockade in the country (neoliberalism reproduced).

Overall, the opposition was further peaked in the vote. Although the fronds of the so-called rich semi-male in the lowlands were also buried in the Office, but the Morales opponents in Cochabamba (Manfred Reyes) and in La Paz (Jose Luis Paredes) have lost and must have room chairs. Against the basic basis Morales had once prevents the unpopular Reyes undemocratic from the office (power struggle in Bolivia). But he has now announced not to give up his post. In addition, Morales could also record clear voice gains in the rich Eastern deepland provinces, but he has no majority for his policy there. With a few exceptions, the election day was quiet, which is why the election observers of the Organization of American States (OAs) have confirmed a correct course of the referendum.

The power sample continues

The political defeat of the opposition brings you to radicalize your discourse to the central government. Particularly emerges again the sharpener of the department Santa Cruz. The Prize Ruben Costas occurred after his confirmation in office in front of his trend and called moral “dictator”. Costas of the autonomous movement, so that the rich departments can retain the richness of the resources of the country for itself, had carried out in May an illegal referendum on the autonomy of Santa Cruz (the problem Santa Cruz).

Ultimately, the referendum was also the question of redistribution of the holdings from the oil and gas deposits, so that the richness of the country benefits the poor and mostly indigenous population in the highlands. A new penalty was developed to hedge the national lizards of the Ground Cat and Land Reform. The rich deepland partitions have tried by all means to prevent the adoption of the catch. Now block the scheduled referendum with which the population should receive the last word to the text.

As a wordfuhrer of this electricity, Costas explained on Sunday in Santa Cruz: “The freedom has smashed the totalitarianism”, Although Morales has also gained in Santa Cruz to support. He announced to promote the autonomy project for the department, “where you can live without the whip of Aimara fundamentalism”. So he played on the indigenous descent of Morales. “We warn the corrupt and stallow, you should not try to impose your racist and illegal prey project”. These hard exercises made Costas before thousands of nights, which again and again “Independence, independence” shout.

As a similarly, the fronds of Pando, Beni and Tarija. The Prize of Tarija, Mario Cossio, rally, now immediately implementing the autonomy status, which had been adopted in a vote in June, but the government also described the illegal and secessionist. Cossio now wants to increase the tension and exclude elections to one “houses of Parliament” to let elections that “autonomous” Region should rule. The incurred lowlands were allowed to follow.

Moral, who, on Sunday evening in La Paz before tens of thousands of cheering approaches, called all the fronds, which were legitimated in office. to dialogue to work together for the well-being of the country. When addressing the balcony of the government seat, he explained: “We are here to further access our resources and our state-owned companies.”He announced that the fight against poverty was continued. His government was praised by the UN Kinderhilfswerk Unicef that she halved children’s mortality in two years (Bolivia are facing new conflicts). Morales referred the referendum one “Victory of the Democratic and Cultural Revolution “. That’s not just important for the Bolivians, but for all Latin Americans and dedicated the victory “All revolutionars in the world”.

Although he has now taken an important Democratic Hurde to drive his policy, but that’s not the time of confrontation in Bolivia. Now Morales can promote the referendum to the adoption of the new length with a renewed and starred legitimate, but much will stop if he succeeds in breaking the front of the opponents in the crescent. That’s why yesterday he repeated that after the decision on the new penalty also over the autonomy institute will be negotiated. Two years ago, Morales had stated in the face of claims and promised autonomy to regions where this wants a majority (Bolivia’s head of government of Moral).

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