Steep and persistent increase in suicide notice since 2001

658 suicide attacks were 2007, four-fifths of it in Afghanistan and Iraq

The US government sees a successful strategy in the troops in Iraq since last year, which reduced violence in Iraq. Since last year, the violence has become dramatically less, said Defense Minister Robert M said. Gates in front of a Congress Committee. The number of totete civilians was by 70 percent. However, more discontinued and struggle have been carried out in recent times and has risen the number of suicide proposals in Iraq and worldwide last year.

Suicide mattes worldwide have completed 658 Connection in the last year. At the heart of Iraq and in Afghanistan, where there was 542 connectivity. The numbers published by the Washington Post are from “US government experts” and prove that more than twice as many suicide proposals took place than in each of the last 25 years. 86 percent of the 1 carriage since 1983.849 suicide proposals have happened in the last seven years, most in the last four years. A total of suicide stopped since 1983 21.350 people killed and 50.000 injured.

On the 18th. April 1983, so exactly 25 years ago, has end-to-filled the age of the Autobombe with a tremendous blow. On this day the allegedly large nonnuclear bomb explosion. A suicide matte urge with a stolen truck, loaded with six tons of explosives, in the US military bearing at the airport in Beirut and directed with a tremendous detonation coarse destruction. For the first time, several hundred people (241 US soldiers) were killed for the first time. The suicide daist has remained unknown Bsilang. Shortly before, a suicide stop with a truck to the US Embassy in Beirut already died 63 people, including 17 Americans,.

Iraq is still the center of suicide stop. There was 920, all after the invasion of US troops 2003, in Afghanistan it had been 260 since 2001, trend rising. How many sacrifices have challenged the connection among the US soldiers is kept secret. A pentagon spokesman said that there are not the numbers out, “because this could show the efficiency of the enemies’s weapon”. At least two-thirds of suicide officers have been directed against political goals of the United States.

Only a few were identified by the attack theses: “We depend on the fact that the terror group releases public knowledge or publishes a martyrerv ido”, Terrorism expert Bruce Hoffman says. “But if the suicide matte never fingerprints were removed or a government has his gene profile, he usually remains anonymous. What makes the development of a tactic or strategy so terribly difficult are these legions of unknown soldiers who are used against us.” Against the anonymous taders, border controls and biometric ID cards were not much.

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