One million pensioners go to a mini-job

One million pensioners go to a mini-job

That’s 35 percent more than 2005, which “well-deserved retirement” can not be done without employment

The pension will probably become less and less what she was once, the money after geta working life to be added to his retirement outside of the working life. After the answer of the Federal Government to a question of Matthias W. Birkwald, MDB for the Left Party, almost a million people went to a 65-year-old-breasted employment in 2015.

Birkwald calls the job-bearing pensioners as “Pensioner Mini Jobber” and ames that you “not out of spab, but because the pension is not enough to live”, work. Of course, that is not said. From the numbers submitted by the Federal Government from the Statistics of the Federal Agency for Work for Work, the pension or worried people frighted and whatever they work. Without further it can not be enough that all these make this out of financial distress because the pension is not enough.

Birkwald monomes too, from the numbers let himself be deduced that “The border between employment and well-deserved retirement” Unlocked or. that this does not happen further thirst. That too is a trooted reasoning, if she does not differentiate between those who can no longer work or want, and those who do not want to do well in retirement, but prefer to continue to do something that is also paid.

It is still to be amed that a good part of the retirees with low-fidel work or a minijob, in which they would not want to earn more than 450 euros per month, should actually increase the pension or must. Birkwald has asked for the numbers of 2005, 2010 and 1015, which show that there is any clear trend upwards.

In December 2005 were from the 5.188.733 Investigently low-humored staff 698.003 over 65 years and of them 86.381 Uber 75 years old. December 2015 is the number of slightly low-intested staff easily on 5.005.164 dropped, but those of people over 65 years clearly on 943.256 risen. These are 35 percent more than 2005, while the population in this age group had increased only 7.7 percent. The number of people, which, at the age of over the age of 75, continued to have a slight attendant, has come with 175.777 against 2015 even doubled.

While the total number of the exclusively low-humored staff has remained approximately the same, the number of small-humored employees, which are two jobs or more proceedings of 1.620.412 in 2005 on 2.574.021 Powered in 2015. The number of over-65-year-old who had a part-time job has come from 6.593 on 20.609 tripled. Also 1.511 Uber-75-year-olds had a part-time job in 2015, 2005 were 407.

A regular employment subject to social security contributions, according to Birkwald, according to the BA only 203.000 Uber-65-year-old, whereby it is still busy, which have not yet reached the rule age limit exceeded 65.

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