The mars comes!

There was something over-driven to claim that friends of astronomy since 60.000 years have been waiting for this day. But after all, at the 27th. August a spectacle, which could last observe the Neanderthaler

On the 27th. August Mars and sun stand straight against the earthly sky to form the so-called Mars opposition. This constellation comes about every two years, but this time the red planet reaches the near his sun’s tight spot, is then “only” still 55.76 million kilometers from the earth and should be particularly good because of the new moon.

Since June, the Mars can already be observed from the earth from the earth, but in the days around his robbery approach, the chances of taking the planetary neighbor to take a closer look into it. The Association of Star Friends E.V. (VDS), an association of Uber 4.000 Amateur astronomers, has the 23. August therefore explained to the first Germany-wide astronomet day. Around 200 observatory, institutes, planetaries and private individuals are involved in him.

However, the participants invite interested parties not only to the Mars observation, but also to be presented and further advising events. Wolfgang Steinicke, press spokesman of the VDS, explains on request from Telepolis:

In other countries, astronomy days have been ualical for many years, and there is also a day of the tree, a child’s day and so on and so on. We react to the gross interest in the population and try with our actions to raise awareness of astronomical questions.

The planner Impetus gourds, on the one hand, with the regrettable circumstance that many people still confuse astronomy and astrology and keep heavenly observers for esoteric specialties. For this situation, however, a fundamental knowledge deficit is responsible, which in blatant contrast to the importance, which could have space and space travel for humanity of the future: “The Mars is therefore actually just a prominent rider in order to raise awareness of this topic for this topic.”

Finally, the procurement with astronomical phenomena ies from the position of man in the cosmos up to problems of air and light pollution. But research and science also want to benefit from the visit of the Red Planet, if not in the immediate corner of earth.

The European June launched European “Mars Express” Should Christmas reach its destination and discontinue a ride on the Mars. A similar goal of pursuing next to a temporary Japanese flight body, also the two room probes “Spirit” and “Opportunity”, who were sent by NASA in July. When a manned Marsmission will be possible, but is currently still in the stars, even if the European space organization wants to realize this ambitious goal of explanation in the next 30 years. Hopefully, humanity will not have to wait until an even coarse adoption of Mars.

Because that will only become for the 28. August 2287 expected. Then the distance is “only” 55.69 million kilometers.

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