European assistance to lust

German policies and intelligence services help with the handling of the contested protests in Copenhagen

In the run-up to the Climate Conference COP15 in Copenhagen, the Danish police have made extensive preparations for handling the expected protests. The initiated measures correspond in the procedure as it has become amphalized under European policies since the G8 summit in Genoa / Italy and was standardized in a manual.

In addition to the partial suspension of the Schengen Agreement approved by the EU Commission for re-implementation of border controls, the Danische Police has requested administrative assistance in neighboring countries, including Germany. An answer of the Federal Government to a small request of the Left Party provides information about German participation.

According to current state, the Danish Government estimates around $ 122 million (82 million euros) for securing the “Bella Center”, where the summit with 15.000 participants should be held. The landing is secured with a fence, on whose fibrous elements made of concrete construction fence elements made of metal are plugged and diluted.

Danemark only has around 6.500 police officers, of which a whisker is relocated to the capital. Happow of the militar should take over “guard tasks”, the NATO sends aircraft of the “AWACS Association” for monitoring the airspace, possibly with German staff.

Last Thursday, the police in a UBITT at a burning car with a youngly purchased water winder honed the expulsion of demonstrators. On Sunday, a “versigned object” for swirls, which was first held for a bomb, made himself as a harmless suitcase with clothes show. People and burger rights warns that the maws and their presentation should be in the media potential demonstrators.

Unlike in Italy or Sweden, the masking of parts of the face is prohibited in Danemark. The police know a low tolerance threshold and wants to access the lumbering package decided in the short-hurry, which allows activists to be able to lock activists for up to 40 days if they “hinder the work of the police”. This also falls seat blocks. Demonstrators who are a risk for the police can be recorded up to 12 hours. 37 Wire champion with eleven square meters of flat and a wooden bench serve as at the G8 summit in Heiligendamm for the overview of the prisoners. Up to ten people were involved in the will of the police in it, which, according to the Danish section of Amnesty International, contrary to the minimum standards of the United Nations to accommodate prisoners.

The Danische Police has asked for administrative aid in European neighboring countries. Sweden supplies helicopters, dog sands for tracking explosives and officials “for traffic regulation”. Schleswig Holstein helps with explosives track dogs, the Netherlands Send armored team trucks. In Germany, the Federal Police North in the Schleswig-Holstein Bad Bramstedt is integrated into the security architecture and wants to perform surplus controls and, as in early peaks, “refuse refusals and exit bans” pronounce. According to the Federal Police, the rice locks should be handled according to the experiences at the NATO summit in Strabburg in April of this year. Here, several arbitrarious decisions were ied, which were tilted to the large part of the courts – but for many sufferers to Spat.

A link ./ 31684_1.PDF on a small request The Left Party now lets more concrete jerks on the German aid to the “Crowd Control”. Germany therefore represents “30 emergency vehicles (8 seats) – without staff”, which have already been handed over. The vehicles are marked with stickers. Further support requests were “contemporary”.

The Federal Criminal Police Office has 240 records from the controversial file “IGAST” (“International Acting Tracker Storer”). Based on similar data deals, numerous travel bans have been pronounced in recent years. To be recorded in the file, often a simple control on the edge of protests, which will then be categorized as “once again in connection with summit protests”.

The Federal Office for Field Protection, like the BKA, sends its own “employee” to Copenhagen and has previously sent the Danian authorities ‘management reports’ to “coordinating meetings” as well as “further information requests” answered. Similar cooperations had also been given to the G8 in Heiligendamm.

However, the Federal Government’s answer was only allowed to show the top of the Eisberg European police cooperation. In the run-up to the G8 2007, it had existed between intelligence and police attenuation of the Netherlands and Germany’s dozens of meetings, on the basis of which about a whole bicycle caravan was fixed for one day and landing in databases such as “Igast” landed. This practice became clear, as Hollandic Burger Rights Activists, after the “Freedom of Information Act”, could take insight into up to 300-page documents in which most of the places were passed.

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