Cheap work: prisoners instead of immigrants

After the sharpest immigration law in the US has entered into force in Colorado, the lack of “Illegal migrants” as cheap workers in agriculture

The US wants to reduce the stream of migrants from Mexico with the construction of other safety fences, electronic monitoring, drones, the National Guard and more border guards. Controversial is still how to proceed with up to 15 million illegal migrants who have come into the country. The Bush government represents the economic activity under the prere of the economy, which wants to secure the cheap workforce, the politics, immigrants who have work, and pay a penalty, a temporary residence and work permit and after a few years also an exporter overlook. The controls in Germany should be stanned at the same time and the deportations are accelerated. So it should be found a compromise between a (unrealistic) mass displacement and a (politically non-enforceable) amnesty for all.

Model for a border fence plant. Image: Phil gingrey

The conservatives criticize this plan, argue with the threat of workplaces for Americans and demand a possible comprehensive deportation and a consistent punishment for the procurement of illegal immigrants. Since the controls and deportations have already been excited, there are already followed for the economy in the states that lie on the border of Mexico, in which many illegal immigrants were busy or exploited. Dramatically this seems to be especially in Colorado, where recently August Knight, a Democrat, ruled as Governor. Last year a strict immigration law was adopted, the 1. January came into force. For example, adults have to prove a residence permit if they want to receive support or medically treated by state bodies. Above all, employers have to ensure that their workers are legally in the country and their social security numbers are checked. The police run through raids, with infringement threatening sensitive fines.

The prere on the immigrants and the employers seems to have worked quickly. Especially in agriculture now lacks the cheap working fuel. On this month, you will therefore want to counteract the shortage of work with the launch of a program once in the USA, which runs from the custody attack Colorados. Instead of the illegal immigrants, prisoners should be sent under guard to the fields. In Pueblo, the beginning of several farms should be made. The Democratic Member of the Dorothy Butcher, initiator of the program, explained that the maaking has the aim of supporting the farming deficiency. Farmer say they were less installed or equal to agriculture. The prisoners, according to the funeral of politicians, could be used to be used by the program in hard work and learning things that they need after their detention for reintegration into society. So goods from this view of the economy and prisoners helped.

Prisoners who are not classified as dangerous can apply to work and get 60 cents on the day to harvest or plant melons, onions or other fruits or plant. The supervision of the working groups with 10 or 20 men must be paid by farmers, but can be negotiated. The travel expenses from the prison and back and the meals must be paid by the employers. In conversation, $ 9.60, the farmers were committed to numbers, all costs inclusive, more than the minimum wage, which is located in Colorado at $ 6.85. The farmers already complain, the Los Angeles Times reports that they are more expensive to stand, as if they work illegal immigrants. While farmers are evidently negotiating to reduce costs, they basically buried the program, finally prisoners are better than no workers and favorable as a durable leaning. On sharp criticism the plan of other side stabbed. “If you do not get slaves from Mexico, you want those from the cogs”, For example, Criticizes Mark Krikorian from the Center for Immigration Studies.

Criminals instead of helping cheap illegal immigrants, could become an expanded model, finally sitting in the US relative to the population more people in the cogs than in any other country in the world. It is already talking about a prison industry system, as privatization is far progressed and the construction as well as the operation of cogs became a sector (the prison industry boomes, four strategies for subsequent prison costs). In 2005, almost 2.2 million people were imprisoned, tendency continued to rise. 737 out of 100.000 people are sitting in the custody, in the seeds are 393 per 100.000 Prisoners, at Latinos 957 and the black 2.531.

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