Working for nothing

As the agency for work was supported

Promise with the Loben to create pleasure workplaces in the field of advertising design, a Troisdorfer Kaufmann elicited the employment agency authorizations for so-called “Exercise measures”. For the entrepreneur a fine thing: his new workers did not cost him a cent.

Up to two months, the Federal Agency paid for work the unemployment benefit, so to speak as a wage replacement, as well as a travel allowance of 36 or. 40 cents per kilometer to the “Workers for the test”. In this way “procured” The company Prodemis in Troisdorf alone this year over Traft persons. For zero Euro. The case became known only now because former employees now informed the media. The reason – three of them received an employment contract beyond the trial period subsidized by the employment office, but no money. It also became known that the company was at least March 2004 in 2004 at the employment office – nowhere registered, neither in the commercial register nor at the state-of-the-art Gewerbeamt in Troisdorf. Nevertheless, the employment office mediated nationwide “Employee” for this “company”.

In some cases, the workers, like Helene S. from Bornheim near Bonn, committed by the employment office to accept the activity at Prodemis. Because they made them in January of this year “Offer of a job” was associated with a legal consequence instruction in which it is called: “If you do not accept or do not compete or do not compete for the procurement offered to you without any important reason or prevent the statement of employment by your behavior …meets a blocking time.”

Mrs. S. So had no choice and joined the job. After three months she received a 1. APRIL 2004 also an employment contract, which you prefer not signed, but first of all of a lawyer looked at. The expertise gave her right. Quote:

In return (whereas) for their work performance, the employment contract does not provide any payment of a minimum wage. In § 3 it is determined that they had to work for free the first eight weeks of the employee ratio. Even thereafter, the contract sees only exceptionally a remuneration if your monthly minimum turnover 27.755,00 Euro “net” achieved. For them, in this context, there is also the difficulty of judging what “net” mean.

In summary, the lawyer comes to the comment: “That you can not enable you to complete the present employment contract.” Mrs. S. renounced such a work restriction.

RAINER S. From Lennestadt dear after a multi-week, funded by the employment office “Exercise” to 1. April and is waiting for his reward until today, since he got the place of the employment office, he asked his claim via 2.256 euros to the employment office. But the Federal Agency for work considers himself unanimously and as a completely innocent of the misery of her “mediate” Customers.

The executive manager of the agency for work in Siegburg, Gudrun Klenke, wrote to the RAINER S: RAINER S:

If you have no financial expenses for your work performance have been reimbursed by the employer, I regret that. In this case, it became a job rights dispute between workers and employers who are not involved in work.

The agency has allegedly no damage arose

Nevertheless, the Spokesman of the Bonn Agency, Paul Moser Presuppy Telepolis said: Companies were offered by a workplace the possibility of training sessions. These have then realized by respective return question with their mediation specialist in the agency for work this offer. It is therefore not true that forced to participate in the maaking was removed from the agency for work Bonn / Rhein victory.

What is interested in the owner of a crisis-proof workplace paid by BAT or Civil Service Law, who is doing exactly what is driving with the same money managed by them?. The fish stinks from the head – and are not the chefs in Nurberg who have been fooling for years, as wonderfully strange people lit money: Nurberger stories.

For example, the agency for work does not see any attention to the responsible person of Protemis, Konstantin S., to replace the travel costs and others payable by the agency. The health insurance companies must also see themselves how they come to the, also not paid contributions. For example, the BARMER replacement fund warned at your member Rainer S. On the 7.7.2004 the contributions still outstanding from its employees at Protemis, ” The through the FA. Protemis to this day is not done”.

Calculations of the – not only in the Koln-Bonner room, but also in Hesse and Sudsutschland recruited – “Employee” According to the months only for travel costs several thousand euros were paid by the Federal Institute. The agency, so her Bonner Spokesman Paul Moser opposes Telepolis, had no damage caused. Moser: “The company itself has not received a financial requirement.”

No, Protemis has no money directly from the Federal Agency – only free workforce and a considerable private “Fleet” obtain. Because their car had to get the thanks to the Federal Agency free staff himself. Of course, the travel costs incurred in the eubendand were also not replaced.

Amazing, because already on the 12th. November 2003 Raphael Warda, the then right hand of the company owner, held in a memorandum for his boss S. the contents of one before with one “Mr. Lange employment office Bonn” Fested phone. In this text, this gentleman for a long time as a very imperidant human – anyway, opposite the company Prodemis. In the note it is called:

Mr. Lange just shared me that it from several people not to be named by him Morquile Complaints Available Protemis S. gave, which contain that it is a Protemis S. For a UNERIOSE SCHAFFIRMA handle, which your entrepreneurial risk was financed by the employment office in the form of so-called training measures. However, these complaints have been communicated by Lord for a long time or not communicated to his supervisor…

According to the role of this Lord, the Employment Agency has held in silence. That’s not really amazing – it seems to have given some private-service connections between the relief of the employment agency and the company Protemis. So it says in a complaint letter to the employment agency of 15.8th.2004:

Which employees are all involved in the case, I can not tell you, but only so much – I know additional employees of the employment office Koln, who in a private personal ratio to S. Stand and to him even without knowledge of your service in many cases “help” (to have). The help was certainly not always legal.

Thus, the public prosecutor Bonn can now work. Under the file number 554 JS 243/04, not only managed, but even determined.

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