Bavaria: the corpse cellar of wonderland

Bavaria: The corpse cellar of Wonderland

Markus Soder on the CDU party day 2019 in Leipzig. Image: Olaf Kosinsky (Kosinsky.EU) / CC BY-SA-3.0

Bayern-saga: How to fade your own success – Part 12

Sodder: Followers Stoiber?

When looking at the success story of Bavaria, it was possible for their failures in the inexorable dead end of every capitalist growth once: "Whenever something went, came the Soder and then broken it completely".

In the course of the "corona"-Pandemic has S. Without a doubt by his authentic manager with false knowledge, failure, threats and forbidden forbidden to ensure that some are being discussed louder about it and more and more professionals write about that "virus" For some a highly welcome pretext and occasion and is to enforce your interests.

Bavaria Saga Part 11: Beckstein had to summon Stoiber’s shard

Were the factors for the dismissal of global value chains and recycling chains, for unemployment and wage reduction, for tax and social contribution prere, for rent explosion, for the destruction of vacation recovery, health care, education, family life and everyday life already recognizable, as It has not given the irritating pictures of Bergamo yet.

The collateral damage of the ruling growth model, the long-term Minister Prosident Stoiber yes to a rule rights "religion" had explained, were also created with another as the current Bayern’s President Sodder and his cabinet. But only he, M. Sodder, who, according to Wikipedia, has nothing to show a law degree than 3 years of voluntary and editorial education at Bayerischer Rundfunk, has understood it particularly well with his body style, mainly due to bodygroobe, which has become more care of immigration from other federal stations "Bavaria" against the Munchner "Ancien regime" put on.

Key cellar on the southeastern border: Altotting

Stoibbers in the art Belacheltem, his law studies and his at best naive understanding of political-economic peculiarities of capitalist "growth" Must the so-called Bavarian chemistry triangle in the Inn-Salzach area on the border to Austria appeared as a kind of industrial natural wonder – if he has ever performed it at all.

Already three decades before the rusting industrialization Bavaria by the Third Reich was in the Inn Salzach room, powered by the Chemie Group Wacker, a petrochemical cluster with today 18 companies, 20.000 worked and 10 billion. Euro sales originated.

Bavaria: The corpse cellar of Wonderland

Alzchem in hard on the ALZ. Image: tp

That such "growth" but also ecological and social collateral damage brings with him, have not been revealed in the end of 2006 environmental activists and environmental activists there.

The resulting fierce entitlement of the concealed dangers of the chemical industrialization of Bavaria fell exactly in the term of office of Markus Soder as "Minister of State for the Environment and Health" Under Horst Seehofer.2 For a solid solution of the problem of water poisoning in the chemical triangle, which continues to date and protests against the regional booklet, has M.S. certainly not contributed. Instead, there are, each with a few years distance, continue to meet horror reports on the water and bloodshades in the Inn Salzach Region.3

OMV-Rafinery in Burghausen. Image: tp

The study group for Social Research e several times quoted in this series.V. Was it that, from the year 2006, was able to inform about the slightly lower life expectancy in the chemical triangle raised over increased crabs and overhanged illnesses in the chemical triangle – thanks to the consulting order of a hospital company, who is interested in the municipal hospital in AltoTing and Burghausen.4 Soders man on site was then the Altottinger Landrat Erwin Schneider, who did not want to make the epidemiologists of the cited Institute Mundtot with objective, but with personal arguments. Meanwhile, this Lord had to "Rural council" A juicy fine for the ordinar insult to pay by other environmental activities.

And Soder, exactly to the flaring of the chemical scandal in the GroBraum Altotting "Minister" For the environment and health ? Invisible, despite 1.94 m bodygroobe.

Key cellar at the Isar: Munchen

As a phanotyping "collateral damage" The Export Championship Dogmatized by the Bavarian Prospective Prospective Prospective Championship has diagnosed the prestigious political document Martin Hopner who has been awarded in Stoiber’s Residenzstadt Munchen since the global real estate, banking and financial crisis quite undisable real estate and rent price explosion.5 Even if Stoiber Hopner had ever read analytical analysis: He probably did not understand her. That export extremism and housing providing fiscal policy, economic policy and socio-politics, especially in Stoiber’s preferred metropolises, had not been able to be accommodated in his file and cathetic people.

In a city such as Munchen, the decades, social democratically ruled, was fixed on export locomotion and financial concomity, the real estate and rents price exclusion and the associated expulsion of the working and the powerful population from the city had to show the wall, in front of which the Munchner "growth" was landed. Although the share of the real estate benefit receivable of the Munchner population was lower at the highlight of the real estate, banking and financial crisis of the past decade, as in comparable cities – because of the high cost of living, especially the high rental costs, the state capital had to be particularly high due to the low pensions at the same time Appayments for the growing number of oldines in poverty.6

Bavaria: The corpse cellar of Wonderland

Prime Minister Horst Seehofer and Minister of State of Finance, for state development and home Markus Soder. Image: Freud / CC-BY-SA-3.0

At the later "Minister" u.a. for "homeland" Sodder went over these circumstances and developments in the basement compartment of the Bavarian metropolis. He executed Stoiber’s heritage by ignoring Stoiber’s heirs. And the so-called "Home minister" went on: Instead of the semi-unauthorized housing company GBW, which had to be sold because of the Landesbankdebakel, for the public hand back to buy, Uberlieb State Minister M. S. this rental apartment inventory of a private "Patrizia AG". This then changed the former rental in condominiums, the rentals increased dramatically etc. and solved a Bayern-wide protest tower.7

Instead of born in Munchchen in Nurberg and gone to school enough, as the case Soder shows, truly not, for the economic and social problems of the growth hotspot Bayern as "homeland" to be competent. What Stoiber broken here has made Soder really broken.

From Soders Agitation against a statutory minimum wage, against the flat-rate agreement and against solid employment and from Soders against Hartz Vi-recipient, apart from 8 – the Lord Minister of Applifements has totally maddened the very large corner of the economic Wonderland Bavaria, Namile Munchen,.

It was u. a. Again the research center of the German Paritatical Welfare Association and again the study group for social research E.V., which have shown how the "positive" Economic growth factors of the metropolis munchen at the same time their "negative" have highlighted social crisis factors.9

In this together, for one of the West German metropolises, just the state capital Munchen, a regional social budget was calculated. From this could be seen for the first time what role also from Rest Bayern to Munchen "Social transfers" have played and playing for the growth of this city, but also make those arms there too poor.10

Key cellar in the city center: State Chancellery

The Wikipedia Text for Personality and Policy Style by Markus Soder Alone, when considering the large number of and arbitraries, rapidly changed ministerial media at the same time as the invalescent prerequisites primarily as opportunists, less than populists, such as his non-party, ecclesiastical and rather conservative-burgeral critics claim, appear.

Political mega glitches such as the misschinated crucifix campaign or the proceedings VirusTest actionism does not just ray the authenticity, which does not miss the Franz-Josef Straub, which Soder Hochweiwunderte Franz-Josef Straub does not miss. However, this could, as well as the rendering preference of the wall son Markus Sodder for a carnival trim as "King" Ludwig or the meeting with the elaborist Merkel in Schloss Herrenschiemsee in the trash – if there is not the, but shrinking, approval of Soders Feldebelpolitik in things "corona" were.

The characteristics of the economic growth sequence of Bavaria found a barely braking spread between the growth rooms Munchen-Upper Bavaria and Nurberg-Furth-Ertingen on the one hand and the problem zone North and Eastern Bavaria on the other hand. The study group for social research E.V. has already diagnosed in its 2008 Manor Health Report for Bavaria against the background of the estate, banking and financial crisis at that time at the high point: "Bavaria: A manner-judged growth model runs out" and also the psychological and physical stress of this crisis is also called for the mannequinization.11

The next coarse crisis, which has been discussed in the specialist media since two years, puts manners like women, albeit from different reasons, in displaced anxiety. The associated search for protection, combined with willingness to subjugate, is a mortal rights for opportunists such as the opposite Ministerial Prosident Soder "Noise".

The associated at least temporary starting just a self-recognizing Christian Social Union (Z.B. "Dr." Scrub !) However, costs a tremendous price: Already in 2007, the Berlin Institute for Volkening and Development Indicators developed, collected and evaluated. From the territory scattering of these indicators, the institute derives the pioneering of the regions in Germany. The institute ames that prosperity is increasingly gained from know-how and intelligence in the evolving knowledge companies, decreasing from raw materials and mass products. At the same time, global networking makes openness against new and foreign unauthorized. For his study on pioneulousness also the German Federal Stander uses the Berlin Institute three top criteria: talents, technology and tolerance.12

At this point, it becomes clear that a Minister Prosident Soder does not expect its cabinet for Bayern. The techno-dogmatism that is driven by the pre-procedure Stoiber is still a part of the future capital of Bavaria. The danger is Real that Soders’s knowledge-resistant feline policy in terms "virus" Bavaria just weaken in the fields, on which there is already bad maps from the point of view of the Berlin Institute – in education and openness.

The Berlin Institute no doubt that Bavaria can only turn off his potential to technology if it can not only fetch Munchen or Nuremberg, but in the flat talents and creative. That’s exactly how it is prevented by Sander. The man hurts the land and his burgers.

According to the amendment of the police task law (PAG) to be responsible by Sodder with his burger law restrictions, it seems as if for the former minister and current ministerial prospects "homeland" is equated with "Police station".

Albrecht Goeschel, Year of 1945, taught in colleges and universities in Germany and abroad company and economics. Long years of scientific director of the study group for social research e.V. Member of the Prasidium of Accademia ED Istituto Per La Ricerca Sociale. Advisor to Ministries, Organizations and Companies in Germany, Italy, Russia and Angola

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