Animal flour in the feeding trough?

Umpacked meat in the shelves of a gross food chain, water in ham and untenable hygienic relevant in German battlethofen. The food industry, and especially the meat industry, not only ensures headlines with wage dumping in your employees.

The BSE danger is neither banned – nor are the causes sufficiently explored (prions in kidney, pancreatic drum and liver). Nevertheless, the industry already scarrows with the Hooves and tries to soften the EU decisions. In the Bundestag you get protective help from the CDU / CSU and FDP.

The shell study describes the youth as optimistic and pragmatic, a different youth study describes them as “anxiously and monster”

How studies and above all interpretations can differ. After the shell study, most of the respondents are optimistic about 12-25-year-old adolescents if they do not come from difficult social ratios. They are ready for performance, ambitious and have the desire for a family, likely to live at home and prefer to think positively, but above all pragmatic (with pragmatism to the gluck).

Only last week another study was published, which paints another picture, even if there are many cutting edges. The Youth Study of the Market Research Institute Rheingold ames that young people perceive a lifeworld between 18 and 24 years “Through a tremendous fruitness and stable preres” marked. The youth faith, you can not rely on anything left and therefore “anxiously and monster”. This basic uncertainty, which is also the own family (divorces, single parents and unconditional father), leave the youth to one “Generation Biedermeier” become, although it first looks different, also pragmatic and ambitious:

Receive performance receiving a 150 euro coupon, but you have to buy a thousand race of the highest energy efficiency class

The Federal Environment Ministry subsidizes the program of electricity-saving check plus, which was launched by the Federal Association of Energy and Climate Protection Agencies (EAD) and the German Caritas Association, the receptionist of unemployment benefit II, social assistance or housing allowance with a voucher worth 150 euros to move one to buy new refrigerator. The funds used to the national climate protection initiative should ensure that in the next two years 16.000 Gerate are exchanged.

Anyone who relates unemployment benefit II, social assistance or housing allowance and lives in one of 150 German participants (which he can see on the electricity-saving check website), which must be used for the use of the 150 Euro voucher of around 800 "Power-saving" invite to his household. Among other things, the examination of whether the existing device still works, whether it is age as ten years and whether it can be saved by the Neugent’s eye-catching at least 200 kWh electricity a year. In addition, the new device must not be gross than the old one – so you want "Avoid bumerang or rebound effects".

Evo Morales has clearly won the referendum, but also four of the opposition governors were confirmed in the office

According to previous results, there is no doubt that the Prasident Bolivia and his vice-prassident were confirmed in the Office. At the referendum (struggle for percentages and symbols), despite boycotto calls, according to the National Electoral Council (CNE), about 80% of the voters participated. Of these, so say different surveys, have voted between 57 and 66% for that Evo Morales stays in office. He has slightly surpassed by the hurde of 53.7 percent by him himself. As expected, four oppositional governors have also been confirmed, three governors probably missed the absolute majority of 50% plus a voice. The abnormal provinces have clearly encouraged their discourse after defeat.

According to the results of the electoral surveys, which were carried out directly after the election, it was quick to clear that Evo Morales has been confirmed in his office. He even emerges significantly from the referendum. He himself had laid up the hurde. He wanted to receive at least the 53.7 of the votes, with which he was chosen to office in December 2005 (repeated neoliberalism). In the opposite case he wanted to start new elections.

The American Museum of Natural History shows ‘The Genomic Revolution’

The American Museum of Natural History shows ‘The Genomic Revolution’. Where the general public is clarified, the Ubergange are lifting to art. However, the genomic worldview is not questioned.

Interactive artwork by Camille UterBack: changed head of an exhibition visit

Swiss Parlando

Switzerland happy to be confused. Screenshot: Tom Appleton

In Switzerland, I was probably pladied for the state broadcasts – in Germany I was not so sure

The only time when I applied to a radio job in Germany (Deutsche Wave, Koln, Department of English-Language Programs), was asked if I was not randomly FDP member? According to the rules of the radio proportion, there is now a human being a person with such a party shareholder. For such a person there is still a job.

Brussel: The blocking minority tipped against the demands of the improvement protection rights for music recordings

Brussel is a good place for lobbyynomics. This is also reflected in the relocation of monopoly rights for music recordings. Protection rights are covered in EU bodies in the sense of the industry. It’s only a matter of time. As is to be experienced from secure sources, the so-called McCreevy Directive, which requires a subsequent relocation of the improvement protection rights for music recordings from 50 to 95 years, no more barrier minority in the way.

The background to the Directive is a proposal of the then internal market commissioner Charles McCreevy from 2008. In it, an artist-friendly thought is recruited to demand performance rights.

Above all, more young people use the possibilities for the circumvention of controls and block significantly stronger than earlier

A study by the Cybernormal research group at the Lunds Universitet after the Swedes respond to a stronger control of the internet so that they become a customer at VPN providers. Total benefit from the nine and a half million Sweden now around the 700.000 VPN offers. 200.000 of which are between 15 and 25 years old. Compared with 2009, the proportion of this age group, which serves this technical instrument for data protection and to the circumvention of locks, increased by 40 percent.

The sociologist Måns Svensson, under whose management the investigation was carried out, sees the reason for this development supervision laws, which were decided by the EU and the Swedish Government. A special role games the FileSharing.

The SPD wants to offer co-determination against money payment

The SPD tip has ordered a concept paper at the Berlin Political Professor Oskar Niedermayer and picked up, which is currently for sensation. Niedermayer recommends that the party definitely recommend chancellor and burger masters and federal and state-owned candidates for a future through lists, on which persons without a party book signed. Whether the recommendation is implemented, the traditional bodies should continue to decide.

Model is less the American system of secret preambles and public caucuses than that of the French Parti Socialiste (PS), in which the participants will have to pay a stop and to confess to the goals of the party. At the SPD, this emotion should be 10 euros, which is why Niedermaayer himself does not expect that "Hundreds of thousands" participate in the procedure.

MUSSen forums will be programmed soon?

Multiple there were now patents around the Smileys, the emoticons, without which communication on the Internet is no longer imaginable today. Partly as a joke, partly also meant seriously. The latest patent, which ames the electronically enamelled sauce, is sometimes misunderstood, but has an impact on existing Internet services.

Whether the British Telecom wanted to have patented the hyperlink – and thus failed if an unknown witzbold wanted to ask via spam Internet user for the use of the @ on their keyboard to checkout, whether that desperate Despair Inc. As a satire money for the use of the brand registered as a brand "Frowning" wanted to see (Mignugen is a trademark), or whether every everyone everyone is allowed to love royalty-free (me© love you®): In the case of brand and patent law everything seems possible to be possible and you dare to meet him every nonsense.