Wrapping program for refrigerators

Receive performance receiving a 150 euro coupon, but you have to buy a thousand race of the highest energy efficiency class

The Federal Environment Ministry subsidizes the program of electricity-saving check plus, which was launched by the Federal Association of Energy and Climate Protection Agencies (EAD) and the German Caritas Association, the receptionist of unemployment benefit II, social assistance or housing allowance with a voucher worth 150 euros to move one to buy new refrigerator. The funds used to the national climate protection initiative should ensure that in the next two years 16.000 Gerate are exchanged.

Anyone who relates unemployment benefit II, social assistance or housing allowance and lives in one of 150 German participants (which he can see on the electricity-saving check website), which must be used for the use of the 150 Euro voucher of around 800 "Power-saving" invite to his household. Among other things, the examination of whether the existing device still works, whether it is age as ten years and whether it can be saved by the Neugent’s eye-catching at least 200 kWh electricity a year. In addition, the new device must not be gross than the old one – so you want "Avoid bumerang or rebound effects".

Another prerequisite is that the new device has the highest energy efficiency class A +++. The most promoting A +++ – Geratas cost around 350 euros – An ALG II receptionist will probably have difficulties to raise the rest of the purchase, even if the Ministry of the Environment attracts, he can save on electricity costs with the acquisition of 60 to 120 euros a year. In the monthly rule rate, only about 30 euros for electricity costs are included. What goes beyond, according to a judgment of the Social Court Frankfurt of 29. December 2006 (S 58 AS 518/05) at the cost of accommodation according to Paragraf 22 ABS. 1 SGB II calculated and worn by the municipality.

In addition, a consumer only receives the 150 Euro grant when proving that he has his old refrigerator "Prophecy disposed of" has, which can also draw significant costs. In addition, a prospective buyer must take into account long-term poor income prospects that newer gates are often much less long lasting than old and partly after three years warranted their minds (cf). Planned obsolescence). If she "Purse poor people" Really a refrigerator exchange "relieving" – as the Caritas General Secretar George Creamer is announced – will therefore show itself only a few years. Similarly, for the requirement of climate protection and energy transit goals, which highlights Deputy EAD CEO Rainer School in a press release.

The power saving apparatus, which examines the old and the new refrigerator, determines the consumption of other devices in the apartment of the applicant at its first home visit. In a second appointment, he brings energy-saving lamps, switchable connector strips and flow limiter (which does not have to pay the performance receiving) and teaches about "Energy-efficient behavior in everyday life".

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