The ghosts that called me: luigi’s mansion 3

The ghosts that called me: Luigi's Mansion 3

On the Nintendo Switch Luigi goes on ghost hunt for the third time, and the hotel is significantly gross than the Spukhauser in the first and second part.

The invitation to the luxury hotel was too true. Luigi, Mario, Peach and three toads are looking forward to a relaxing holiday that unfortunately expects them as little as at the time on the dream island in "Super Mario Sunshine". The evil is less surprising for the players than for the heroes at night and in the ghostly shape of Konig Buu Huu. The familiar opponent Luigis wants to banish friends for all times in Gemalden.

Only the fearful Luigi escapes the attack and takes heavy courage the fight with the spirits to free his friends. For Gluck is Professor I. Gidd not far: The inventor of the ghost vacuum Hear-u builds his portable laboratory in the underground car park of the hotel and supplies Luigi with information and usual objects.

The ghosts that called me: Luigi's Mansion 3

On the run before Konig Buu Huu

The story serves as in most luigi and mario titles only as a background for the actual gameplay. Of course, rough turns or epic depths are not to be expected, but at least offers "Luigi’s Mansion 3" Always nice references to movies and video games – partly obvious, in other places rather subtle.

On in the fight

Thanks to the Schradweg FL-U, who acted in the first part like a tribute to the Ghostbusters movies, Luigi can influence. With the sucker alone, however, it is not done, as the wipes ghosts do not let up so easily. First, Luigi must shut her with his flashlight and then use the short shear torque for the sacriff.

Compared to the first "Luigi’s Mansion", which appeared over 17 years ago to the start of the Gamecube, and the second, which came out in 2013 for the 3DS, Luigi has a few new tricks in stock. He owes her to the inventive spirit of prof. I. Gidd, and the scarf FL-U gets some skills only in the course of the game. The initially extremely innovation is a hearty jump, with which Luigi on the one hand woes the environment and ghosts and dodge to the other floor attacks.

The covers of the game shows the perhaps the most interesting assessment of the third part: Fluigi is more or less a clone that comes from the ectoplasma – or what else has landed from the Ghosten in the fear of FL-U. The slimy image of Luigi can glide through grids and pipes and thus reaches areas that remain closed to the human hero. However, Fluigi has a rough weakness: when working with water, he lost himself.

The ghosts that called me: Luigi's Mansion 3

Grid are no obstacle for Fluigi.

Single player switch over a touch of a button between Luigi and Fluigi, and the two can also be controlled with a second controller in the team. Some puzzles set to the interplay between Luigi and Fluigi are reminiscent of THQS Action Adventure "Sphinx and the damned mummy", recently published as a new edition for the current console generation. So Fluigi glides through the aerial bay, and Luigi must align the pipes otherwise or redirect storey water to free Fluigi the way.

A high hotel

Not only in terms of skills, but also in the circumference, Luigi’s mansion has grown significantly against the two transactions with the third part. Overall sixteen floors, the hotel and apart from the first hotel corridors and the underground car park often await great worlds as a simple hotel days, love: a pyramid with a custodian landscape, a pirate ship in the sea or a giant plant pushing through the ceiling.

The design of the levels is one of the big strong the game: every floor has its own atmosphere, specific spirits and one thematically matching boss opponent. The puzzles are tailored to the respective scenario. In the pyramid Luigi has to escape the numerous traps – from poison arrows over torsion sand to spiky ceilings, which are slow, but for sure certainly.

The ghosts that called me: Luigi's Mansion 3

The floors of the hotel are amazingly quite a lot.

In the world of illusions, tars did not lead to the expected room, hen beds on the ceiling or a mirror shares the room. In the heating cellar, Luigi must cross the superfluous floor on a rough swimming. The scarf FL-U serves as a drive, prickly buoys and ghostly sharks as obstacles, and Fluigi OffNet Goals to progress. Different settings are waiting in the world of film, and in the museum, it haunts between souring skeletons.

Repeatedly surprise the grun-dressed plumber ghosts, which also have their own abilities and require different strategies before washing out. Some protect your eyes in front of the betubing flash from Luigis flashlight, other diving out of nothing and scare the plumber dubbing that he is briefly accurate. Some big ghosts can only be washed away from the back and praised hiding artists are looking for Luigi out of the cover with counter. The regular struggle against the ghosts are too easy, but still make it again because of the appearance and the lane resistance through the vibration of the controller again and again.

Master of elevator knife

Despite the coarse selection of spirits, the strategies against most opponents are quickly learned, and in the course of the game is little to the basic techniques. It looks different with the bossons, which take up to the end for variety. The fight shows clear that Luigi’s Mansion is an adventure game and no classic platforms like many Mario titles. For the victory, the recognition of the strategy, the skill of the players plays a subordinate role. In addition, almost all Bosskampen get rich hearts that restore part of the lost life energy.

The ghosts that called me: Luigi's Mansion 3

Also gross ghosts are not a rough playful challenge.

The bosses are the masters of elevator knife. Each of them has torn a button in itself, the Luigi finally preserves as a reward for the victory and thus unlocked a new floor. Luigi’s Mansion 3 is a classic rectilinear game that leads from Level to Level, which the plumber roams from the elevator star to the boss and in the same case.

Open worlds as in "Super Mario Odyssey" and "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" Does not offer the hotel. Already completed levels, however, Luigi may visit again to collect missing estate. In addition, occasional surprises like one after his rescue again disappeared toad or a thieves ghost cat, the constant advancing from floor to floor.

overflow to overflow

The scarce Fl-u not only takes spirits, but Luigi can thus suck everything that is not riveting and nail-proof. Tablecloths, curtains, crockery and spiders swallows the special vacuum. In addition to the amusant rabbit, the cleaning of the cleaning of the plasters includes money: everywhere munzes, bills, pearls and even gold bars only wait for Luigi to take them, and with the time comes together a stringer summale.

The ghosts that called me: Luigi's Mansion 3

Where are pirates, please wait.

Unfortunately, however, there is a lack of attractive offers, for the Luigi can spend the collected money. The prof. I. Gidd from the ground stambled shop offers three different items and no longer. A bone is quasi as an extra life: Polterpinscher, Luigis ghostly companion in dog shape, eats the treat if Luigi’s energy drops to 0 and sends the plumber to the end of a completely cured back to the action. In the course of the game, Luigi may bear more bones at the same time and thus improve his (boss) fighting opportunities.

In addition, another object helps finding jewels. Each floor offers six of these small treasures that are more or less hidden and often require additional tosswovels or the skillful use of Fluigi. Finally, a BUU Huu is hiding on each floor, for which the players have to interpret the vibrations of the Gamepad properly – or just another helpful item buy that simplifies the search.

At the attention to detail the developers have put in Luigi’s Mansion, the question remains why prof. I. Gidd does not offer a pair of jewelery items. That an upgrade of the sucker The Balance Stort, is lacking, but new doing, a fancy scarf FL-U or a private hotel room for storing collection items have been a beautiful extension.

May be something more (player)

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is like the two transactions in the core a classic solo title. However, it offers a few options, in the team or against each other on ghost hunting. A second player can take over the control of Fluigi at any time, but what is due to the game structure only Mabig profit and spabbring.

Original parts are the multiplayer sections: in the Wirrirrurm, up to four ghost Jagen on online or locally under time prere by funf or ten floors. Some obstacles require teamwork, and the figures can fall in cases from which others have to free them. Polterpark is a kind of party fashion for up to eight players on a switch console.

The ghosts that called me: Luigi's Mansion 3

Teamwork in the Wirrarrturm

The multiplayer grants are nice, but can not keep up with real multi-player titles like the color battle in Splatoon.

Good spirits, good mood

"Luigi’s Mansion 3" Is a great already and extensive solo game. Each floor brings something new, so it will never get boring about the numerous play lessons until the end. The atmosphere is largely – not least thanks to the magnificent, albeit usual economical synchronization of the title hero, which merely "Ah"-, "Oh"- and gives a tender lute of himself, whose minimalism Nintendo’s regular synchronizer Charles Martinet almost raises the art form. Despite the scary topic and at first sight "The Shining" Linked setting in the hotel Luigi’s Mansion remains cuddly and child-friendly.

The Ratsel consistently make SPAB and bring a regular change to the action. Although the ruins of the shot route FL-U received with the time do not improve the fighting power, but expand the spectrum of the possibilities and thus the kind of the Ratsel. A strong vacuumer goods anyway too much of the good, as the normal struggle is consistently easy and the boss struggles as in all video games are primarily a question of the right strategy.

Those who grew up with Marios’s brother or had his spab at the first two titles of the series, Luigi’s Mansion 3 not only finds a successful sequel, but the most entertaining and extensive part of the ghost hunting series.

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