Sweden: vpns are becoming increasingly popular

Above all, more young people use the possibilities for the circumvention of controls and block significantly stronger than earlier

A study by the Cybernormal research group at the Lunds Universitet after the Swedes respond to a stronger control of the internet so that they become a customer at VPN providers. Total benefit from the nine and a half million Sweden now around the 700.000 VPN offers. 200.000 of which are between 15 and 25 years old. Compared with 2009, the proportion of this age group, which serves this technical instrument for data protection and to the circumvention of locks, increased by 40 percent.

The sociologist Måns Svensson, under whose management the investigation was carried out, sees the reason for this development supervision laws, which were decided by the EU and the Swedish Government. A special role games the FileSharing.

One of the VPN offers, which are happy to be used in Sweden, is the 2009 by the Pirate Bay in response to Directive 2004/48 / EC "Protection of intellectual property rights" (Ipred) Ipredator launched. The service currently costs 15 euros for a three-month subscription that can be paid via PayPal or credit card. However, he does not use OpenVPN, but only the PPTP protocol, which is why some services should be disabled on Windows computers, because third parties can otherwise find out the user’s actual IP number.

Other VPN providers include Relakkks, Prq, Ivacy, Linkideo Perfect Privacy, Surfonym, SwissVPN, Cinipac, FlashVPN, Torrentprivacy, Trilight Zone, Strongvpn, Vpnuk, and the free Hotspotshield service, which provides the user an American IP number in Germany is happy to look at US series on Hulu.

A disadvantage of all VPN solutions is that the provider knows the actual IP number of the user. This was a member of the hacker group LulzSec in the last year. The company UKVPN, which also the Vursonst-Proxy Hide My Ass! operated, his IP number continued to a court order, namely to the law enforcement habits, which for the arrest of "Recursion" through the FBI leading.

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