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MUSSen forums will be programmed soon?

Multiple there were now patents around the Smileys, the emoticons, without which communication on the Internet is no longer imaginable today. Partly as a joke, partly also meant seriously. The latest patent, which ames the electronically enamelled sauce, is sometimes misunderstood, but has an impact on existing Internet services.

Whether the British Telecom wanted to have patented the hyperlink – and thus failed if an unknown witzbold wanted to ask via spam Internet user for the use of the @ on their keyboard to checkout, whether that desperate Despair Inc. As a satire money for the use of the brand registered as a brand "Frowning" wanted to see (Mignugen is a trademark), or whether every everyone everyone is allowed to love royalty-free (me© love you®): In the case of brand and patent law everything seems possible to be possible and you dare to meet him every nonsense.

The message that emoticons are patented, ie the smiley and his various abscommers, thus reappears every few years. Microsoft was in the opinion of inventing the implementation of ASCII smileys in graphics and backwards, now the American mobile phone company Cingular Wireless wants to earn the cumbers of mobile users.

Again, it is not the emoticons themselves, which are to be subjected to patent law, but menus, which should make them easier to access on the phone. Cingular wireless is obviously the view that it is to be led to an SMS colon, dash and clamp manually. The company wants an extra pizza, no, smiley button on mobile phones and patenting. But Cingular Wireless in the U.S. Patent also filed a Patent Graphical Smiley Selection Menus. And these can be found in all striking forum systems with smileys. If the patent has existed, therefore, is actually expected with Arger.

Obviously, although the German Patent and Trademark Office is particularly contrary, on the other hand, to introduce trivial brands of webspace over Explorer to Metro, which use general terms, but the American Patent Office has the same weakness in trivial patents. The old joke, the letter e To be patented and then decreasing power, will certainly be realized one day and actually slips through the examination in the Patent Office …

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