Membership light instead of the area code

The SPD wants to offer co-determination against money payment

The SPD tip has ordered a concept paper at the Berlin Political Professor Oskar Niedermayer and picked up, which is currently for sensation. Niedermayer recommends that the party definitely recommend chancellor and burger masters and federal and state-owned candidates for a future through lists, on which persons without a party book signed. Whether the recommendation is implemented, the traditional bodies should continue to decide.

Model is less the American system of secret preambles and public caucuses than that of the French Parti Socialiste (PS), in which the participants will have to pay a stop and to confess to the goals of the party. At the SPD, this emotion should be 10 euros, which is why Niedermaayer himself does not expect that "Hundreds of thousands" participate in the procedure.

He apparently expects significantly less than the 502.063 members who still had the SPD at the end of last year. However, the number of members was Fruher once at a million. And during the late 1980s, 4.2 percent of the Wahlers were organized in political parties, this value is only 2.5 percent today. A reason for this is the realization that the willing formation within parties only theoretically from bottom to top and practically more likely to be described in the British series yes ministerly entertaining. In addition, the archaic duty to physical presence and discussions without ignore list is cooperating in most parties only people with a lot of time and patience.

Membership Light instead of the area code

Photo: Arbeitsgemeinschaft of the Young Socialists and Jungsocialists in the SPD in North Rhine-Westphalia. License: CC-by 2.0.

The General Secretaries of some national associations such as North Rhine-Westphalia and Hessen concerns stained that the option could make membership even less attractive than before. In fact, the new one "Membership Light" (Even if there are many votes) significantly favorable than the full, which costs depending on the income between 2.50 and 245 euros per month. Niedermayer sees in it rather a possibility, sympathizers, from which later could become a full member of the full members, approaching the SPD supplements.

That many national associations propagated against the propagated by General Secretarin Andrea Nahles and the Federal Chairman Sigmar Gabriel was allowed to cooperate with that another part of the reform package is the reduction in the party executive of now 45 on course about 30 people. Due to the numerous odds, above all, the largest country associations were affected, which has been more than one representative in this body to date.

Pioneer of the opening for non-members is the Sigmar Gabriel’s home circle Goslar: There, in the case of Landratskandidatenkur 2006 in FUNF imagination rounds in various places of non-members were coordinated and won the election, as the Federal Chairman always emphasizes, "in the first ballot" and "Against the trend in Lower Saxony". Responsible with Dafur could be the rough attention that the SPD got at that time.

A slightly different experiment, the Bavarian SPD has been explored: she wants to occupy (also for lack of suitable and willing personnel) lists for city community and district council elections in a way of course very strong with persons without party book. Whether non-members can also vote on these lists, it is expected to be decided in December. Until then, the discussions about the ten euros expensive recommendations should be terminated nationwide and a party congratulation of the regulation.

Under the potential SPD chancellor candidates, so far from Sigmar Gabriel for the new one "Priminal election" a. Open, however, if she was really more beneficial to him than others: Bundestag fractions Frank-Walter Steinmeier, for example, lost the last choice in Bausch and Bow, but in Sunday questions as SPD chancellor candidate regularly cuts significantly better than Gabriel. However, laughing third parties could also be the former Minister of Finance Peer Steinbruck, who brought himself to the game two weeks in the Hessischer Rundfunk himself as Chancellor’s candidate and underlined in a star survey Chancellor Angela Merkel in direct comparison with 35 to 40 percent, but better section As Steinmeier and Gabriel, which only brought it to 32 or 22 percent. However, the party leader is even more clearly when SPD appeal is asked for her desired candidate: Here Steinbruck wins 38 percent before Steinmeier with 32 and Gabriel comes only to 8.

The farewell to the Basta Politics of the ARA Gerhard Schroder, postulated by Niedermayer", the reform "signal" should, no one of these candidates really convincing – what reminds of yes minister, where the Sir Humphrey Appleby played by Nigel Hawthorne explores that it is only important to make it look like a supposedly made of the hand to make it look like someone has a choice that does not really exist because, for example, pretentially unattractive alternatives.

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