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Lech Kaczynski from the right party law and justice (PIS) is new Polish prasident

Once again, the demoscopes belong to the losers. In all surveys, before the second round of the Polish prasident elections, the Liberal Conservative Donald Tusk was slightly in place in front of the National Conservative Lech Kaczynski. Others predicted a head on head race between the two candidates from the right party spectrum. But now Kaczynski has clearly won the elections with only 45.53 percent with 54.47 percent against Donald Tusk.

Lech Kaczynski

Thus, the right-hand conservative party law and justice (PIS) not only occupies this with significantly more powers than in Germany Prasident Office. The PIS is also the strongest ruling party and will in future be the Prime Minister. Origent was provided for this office of the party chairman Jaroslav Kaczynski. The twin brother of the designated prasident renounced for a few weeks in favor of a hinterbanker from the ranks of the pis on this post. He wanted to increase the choice chances of his brother at the prasident election, because the twin brother in the highest state stores of Poland may have quenched some Poles. It is possible that Jaroslav Kaczynski strives for the prime minister after president choice. In any case, he will remain the true strong man of the government.

At least it was striking that the coalition language will rest until Sunday and now resumed. The coalition is placed by the two parties that still approached against each other in the prasident election. So it’s a coalition between a right and a matter of law, where the latter is stronger and has gained even more influence through the victorious choice of prasside.

This shows the abrasion of the right-hand prere in Poland. The art prasident has taken care of as a campmaster of Warsaw through its minority politics internationally for headlines. For example, he had forbidden a demonstration of homosexuals, rushed against cultural minorities and has dotted with the demand for re-importation of the death penalty in the right side of the lawymilieu.

However, political observers emphasizes that the PIS is a party that can still be moved to the field of European conservatives and can not be compared to legal populist parties such as the now split FPO of Jorg Haider. The big difference to the Burger Platform (PO) of its competitor Tusk is mainly found on economic policy territory. While Tusk sees his role model in Margaret Thatcher and admits a consistent neoliberal economic program, the PIS confesses to the old social conservatism. Accordingly, the Deputy Reservoir is also different. The educated Neoliberal in the coarse beads, who hoped for a close covenism with Western Europe chances, adopted the PO. The population in the livelihood, which pays to modernization refiers, rather sat on the butt.

The half of the voters remedied the vote remote. That was certainly because in the runoff only two candidates of the right. The left had already gone out in the first round. In addition, serious errors have contributed to their last reign. Social Democrats had made themselves for the support of the restructuring of the economy and were considered by many modernization filters as a trager of neoliberalism. In addition, their past as a state party is not forgotten in the nominal socialist Poles. Especially the PIS could win with her fight against the power of the communists Wahler.

Stronger distance to Germany

In Germany, especially the AUBENPolitic ideas of the PIs have been observed exactly. Finally, the prasident determines the guidelines of the Aufspolitik. So it was already registered that the PIS refused in the election campaign to meet with a German political delegation together. Thus, the party in front of the electors could greatly celebrate better than a fitter for the Polish interests against Germany and Russia.

The German-Polish ratio was certainly not better under a prassident Kaczynski. Even in EU policy, the stronger emphasis was allowed to stand national interests on the agenda. Unforgotten is still the hard attitude of Poland on the summit of Nice, which was developed by conservative politicians. By contrast, relations with the US were allowed to improve. The designated president has already brought the proposal of a referendum on the introduction of the euro into conversation.

The excitement of allegedly explicitly anti-German measures of the new prasident, however, is interested. So he had to put heavy criticism in German media because he had commissioned a study on the destruction of Warsaw during the German occupation time, which was published a few days ago. You have to ask why such a study was not created earlier. Especially since Kaczynski pointed out that he became the question of a dechipement for these damage only to the agenda if some displaced functions should continue to use the Proubian Treuhand’s project to remove prere on Poland. It testifies to a selective perception, here to the Poland to the Black Peter. Not about the German-Polish ratio, but probably about the rights of minorities in Poland you had to worry if the PIS has the propaganda of your 4. Republic into action.

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