Alarm status in spain required: sanchez on a frugal soil

Alarm status in Spain required: Sanchez on a frugal soil

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Once again, the Spanish head of government of Sanchez with the right Ciudadanos party is pierced and therefore sustainably impressed the left-hand supports that make a government formation

Two weeks ago, the Spanish Socialist Prime Minister built on the support of the right Ciudadanos Party (CS) to be able to extend the alarm condition. Again, he turned to the Neoliberal Party and confirmed what was already addressed at this point: that it is a strategic reorientation of the government and the right CS that will be widely located out of the alarm condition.

But Sanchez had to do concessions. The goal of the head of government was to alert the alarm at the fold relocation for a month to 24. June to expand. But the CS are only ready to give him another two weeks to the 7. June to gut.

On the morning of today it was still unclear whether there was a relocation, as previous supports had left their voting behavior before the parliamentary meeting. It was clear that the opposition drivers, the right People’s Party (PP), as well as the ultra-right VOX was voted as a third-strongest force with no. Lastly, the PP had included.

Uncertainty was above all how the Basque-Nationalist Party (PNV) was behaved: whether she gouts the new right support of Sanchez, which is martial against the autonomic rights of the Basque?

From the PNV was the coalition of Sanchez Social Democrats (PSOE) and the Linkskoalition "Unidas podemos" (Together we can / up) depending on the Republican Left Catalonia (ERC) of Sanchez has definitely been booted. The rights CS had demanded for their support to cancel the dialogue on conflict resolution with Catalonia. The dialogue was the condition of the ERC to make Sanchez to the prasident in January.

The forced dialogue had never really started anyway. The coronavirus crisis was a successful pretext for Sanchez to suspend him. Still he tries to keep the tur still open:

We maintain the obligations under government formation.

Pedro Sanchez

Ultimately, the Christian Democratic PNV and various small regional parties Sanchez secured a majority of 176 yes votes. There were 162 Neins and 11 abstentions. For the PNV is important that you are on the 12th. July the Basque elections can catch up, which had to be postponed in April. But the baskia was allowed to become uncommonly uncomfortable as Sanchez is becoming more and more clearer about the CS, which stated against the Basque autonomy and financing model.

The ERC speaker in Parliament has made it clear that the "Spirit of government formation" remained on the track, the "So gross hopes in many people aroused" and one "Rocking wall against fascism" Built, said Gabriel Rufian with a view of the Fascistoide Vox. The ERC spokesman warned the left coalition partner of Sanchez that there was continued existence to the rights. He made it clear that Sanchez can refresh himself the budget, if you do not even talk to mails in the context of a global pandemic of some.

How annoyed is the missing dialogue in the left camp, the parliamentarian of the Regional Party Compromis has made clear. "For the Funf million people in Valencia we agree with no", he explained the radical swing. So far, Compromis had been uncompromisingly supported the government.

"They were able to spend 2.1 billion euros for tanks, instead of making Andalusia, Murcia, Castilla-La Mancha, Galicia and Valencia 2.3 billion, so that they have the same resources in the fight against this emergency situation as everyone else", Was Joan Baldovi the government.

About the covenant with CS he is horrified, especially since previous supports left left. Sanchez is "Fahig to a pact with those who wash the ultrare righte", Said Baldovi with a view of the coalition governments of CS with the PP in Madrid, Andalusia and Murcia, which is even trimmed by Vox.

On the other hand, he is inadequate to negotiate with those who lifted them to his posts and so far "Support all decrees and treasures of the alarm condition", Said Baldovi, who does not want to be put into a pot with the right. It lacks money: "Healthcare Valencia is not paid with air", he referred to the "Unjust financing system", The massively disadvantaged his underfinanced region.

In any case, it is clear that in the face of the holy social system in Spain already rumort rumort. Many people fall through many rough punches, Woruber Telepolis had reported in a recent report. Thus, the spokeswoman of the Catalan JXCAT, Laura Borràs made it clear that after more than two months many people still have not received a short-time working allowance. She spoke of one "burrocracia", A pun, which means a donkey bureaucracy.

But instead of reducing the hurden and to help unabonial, a new Burocratic monster should be born. Actually, the government had spoken of a kind of social assistance in a high of 462 euros, which should be supported by one million households (about three million people). However, this was about a third of those who were already in front of the crisis or under the poverty threshold.

But now the number shrank together on one tenth and now it should only be 100.Be 000 families. When the money can be applied for is unclear; It is foreseeable, however, that it will again give a massive burial effort to turn off.

However – and that was decided quickly – is now a masking forces for this families. This is valid from this Thursday in Spain. After calculations of the consumer protection organization OCU, this means for many an additional ie of at least 24 euros per person per month with noe empty fines. For a four-headed family, the already around 100 euros were monthly with simple masks, with FPP2 masks that were even 266 euros – for persons who have no or barely income.

In any case, many the world no longer understand, because long had the government and the Minister of Health claims that the masks "On the strain are nonsensical". However, there are also a lot of taxes as subsidies also for companies that operate stores in tax paraders to avoid taxes in Spain.

All this is the reason why the left DRC of the government refuses. Their spokesman warned the left podemos in the government that "the left drabs ask, for what we are good". Rights to use the propulsive displeasure in the country. Based on the rich city of Salamanca in Madrid, where the three legal parties of 90% of the population are chosen, the protests against the government now spread over the entire country, even if the protests are still comparatively small.

However, the government is very well. Were in Spain on 1. Mai even prohibited autocorsos, go against the protests of a right upper class very backing, although not even the minimum levels are observed.

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