World economic forum hack was a walk through open scheunentor

Swiss weekly keeps hair-going security by the server of the Davos prominent meeting

Many so-called "Hacks" Turn out for more closely look as a rough passability. But in no other case the discrepancy could be coarse than in the case of the World Economic Forum in Davos. The wellty police facility of the Swiss post-war history shielded the VIPs from the economy and politics of demonstrators AB (Telepolis reported), but the data of more than 100 stored on the web server.000 World Economic Forum Promis.

This found a Swiss newspaper, which is now based on coarse releases independent and self-government-operated weekly, now based on court files. Under the headline "Stupidity – a cruel, global god" Describes the Woz, like a hacker-collective name name "Virtual MonkeyWrench" at email addresses, passwords, scheduling, flights, telephone and credit card numbers of Aber thousand VIPs, including such shielded personnel of international politics such as Clinton, Arafat, Peres and not less on their privacy "Business administration", could get. The hackers had made their success in a few weeks ago by adopting the Sunday newspaper a selection of their prey on CD Rome.

In the meantime, a twenty-year computer expert was arrested, which now penetrates into a data processing system, material damaging and check and credit card fraud, which is a prison sentence of up to five years. But according to Woz, the access to the indictments received, this contained one "amazing bomb". WoZ says, emphasized from the files, the expert of the investigator is himself the big relief and his statement as a pure dynamite against the plaintiff. The network administrators had made three mistakes. First, they had left one of the ports of the server, port 1433; Second, they had copied the database in the QuickBase format from an internal server to the web server and thirdly completely unwundled this database by never changing the pre-installed standard password. A spokesman for the Chaos Computer Club is quoted by Woz with the words, the camer "invitation" same, "As a luxury sedan, a luxury sedan was turned off with a plug-in end of tuning in a dark alley". To make the case only about the media, goods "only the minimum of punishment" and "Actually, the World Economic Forum would have to thank the hackers for a free review of a very eclatant safety hole". We have nothing to do that.

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